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Men's 360 Sport

Ready to bring the heat? Our 360 sports underwear collection offers unrivaled comfort and protection through every rep and every step. Tommy John athletic underwear is designed to move and stretch with you so you can get the most out of each workout - or blast through the workday with no sweat, chafing, or odor to slow you down. And like all of our men’s underwear, it’s satisfaction guaranteed.
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Men's 360 Sport

Durable 360 stretch avoids
distractions in your work out.

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Men's 360 Sport

Ready to hit the gym? Put those cotton undies back in the drawer. Built for performance and durability, our 360 Sport underwear is designed to protect you (and your gym bag) with advanced, moisture wicking fabric and built-in anti-microbial and odor-control technology. This fabric can keep you cool and dry by offering unbeatable breathability without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. Designed with a supportive fit and stay-put elastic waistband, these undies can guarantee an adjustment-free workout no matter what moves you’re throwing into the mix. 

So which style of workout underwear works best for you? Here’s a quick benefit check:

The boxer brief is the go-to choice for many athletes, thanks to the extra support and coverage which keeps chafing and bouncing under control. If you want to go all-in on the support, you can upgrade to the hammock pouch, which provides a cozy little nest for the boys to keep them off your skin. 

The mid length boxer brief comes midway down the thigh, offering plenty of protection without showing under your running shorts. Our Men’s Brief, on the other hand, offers minimal coverage for your leg. That lack of fabric can help keep you cool on the hottest days - or give you more leeway for more dynamic movements and deep stretches. 

Leggings can provide added compression to ease swelling after a long run or reduce muscle fatigue so you can push harder for longer. They can also provide support and stability, as well as help your muscles build back stronger when it’s time to recover. 

No matter which shorts you’re packing, our 360 Sport collection can help you reap the benefits of a high-intensity workout without any underwear mishaps to cut it short.