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The ultimate boxer briefs fabric guide

The boxer brief is the gold standard in men’s underwear for a reason. They’re versatile, stylish, and offer plenty of coverage and support to keep you and your outerwear protected all day long. But with so many fabrics to choose from, you may struggle with a bit of decision paralysis. 

Choosing the fabric for your undies is one part personal preference, and one part preparing for the day you’re going to have. So before you start shopping, take a few minutes to get to know our collection. This handy guide will give you the jumping-off point you need to upgrade your bottom layer and rock your boxer briefs no matter what the day has in store for you. 

Cool Cotton

Designed for everyday wear, the Cool Cotton collection is a great choice if you’re on your feet all day at work. The fabric is designed to give you the soft feel of cotton, but with enhanced breathability and far superior moisture-wicking. That means you stay up to 3 times cooler, while your boxer briefs dry 5 times faster than standard cotton undies. The fabric also stretches right where you need it, so you can bend and move without worrying about wedgies. This underwear is the most versatile of our offering, so if you’re trying Tommy John for the first time, it’s a good stepping stone. 

Second Skin

When you’re looking for unbeatable softness, the Second Skin collection offers fabric that you’ll want to live in. Silky smooth and soft, this underwear is the perfect choice for lounging around or keeping you comfortable under formal attire. We love the feel of silk as much as the next person, but the moment it gets wet it’s unbearable - and it can trap odors that won’t come out wash after wash. Second Skin is a micro modal fabric sourced from beachwood trees, and it can give you unbeatable luxury without suffocating your crotch. It doesn’t get softer than this, so if you plan to be comfortable all day, these should be your top choice when you’re getting ready in the morning. 


Our Air collection is about as close as you can get to going commando while still wearing underwear. The ultra-lightweight material lets you put it on and forget. These undies are perfect for a long day of traveling. Cleaning them is as easy as washing them in the sink and letting them hang dry for 4 hours, so you can save space in your luggage without running out of underwear choices. 

Go Anywhere

Our Go Anywhere boxer briefs are extra durable, and perfect for those days when you’re in it for the long haul. This versatile fabric is stretchier than our cool cotton and offers added anti-microbial and moisture-wicking capability. This fabric is comfortable enough for daily wear but can keep up with you when you’re expecting to be more active. The wrinkle-resistant material will prevent pulling and bunching whether you’re hiking the trails or strolling through the office. 

360 Sport

If you’re gearing up to hit the gym, our 360 Sport Boxer Briefs will be your new best friend. These sports underwear offer unbeatable coverage and support so you can jump, squat, and sprint without worrying about chafing and excess bouncing. The design incorporates mesh cooling zones that act as a personal AC on your private bits so you can work up a sweat without soaking through your undies. The stretch fabric is meant to perform under pressure without giving out or riding up, and the anti-microbial and anti-odor technology means you’ll spare your gym bag from the stench. Just make sure you pack an extra pair to change into after you hit the showers.

Cotton Basics

For the diehard cotton lovers out there, we offer our spin on classic cotton undies. These boxer briefs offer the fit and feel of cotton, with just a little bit of extra stretch for a comfortable wear and special features that prevent moisture build-up in the wrong places. These undies are anything but basic, and just like all our premium fabrics, they come with our Tommy John adjustment-free guarantee. That means no wedgies, no sagging, and no rolling waistband. 

Ready to dive in?

If you’re looking for the most comfortable underwear on the planet, you’ve come to the right place. At Tommy John, our philosophy puts function, form, and fabric first, and we’ve put love and care into creating underwear you love to wear. We’re so confident you’ll adore our underwear, it’s backed with our hassle-free guarantee: If you don’t love it the first time you try it, it’s on us.

And hey, while you’re shopping, you may want to check out some of our other styles. You can treasure those boxer briefs and still enjoy lounging in boxers or donning some trunks while you sport your shortest shorts. 

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Top tips for banishing panty lines (hint: you don’t need a thong)

It’s morning. You’ve styled your hair, picked the perfect outfit, and are about to step out when you spot them in the mirror: panty lines. Sound familiar? It’s a struggle as old as time (or at least as old as underwear).

Visible panty lines (VPL for short), are a faux paux for professional attire, and it can ruin the sleek look of tight clothing. Even long flowy dresses can show VPL if you’re not wearing the right underwear. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep your panties discrete, and you don’t necessarily need a thong to do it. These underwear tips will prove that you don’t have to go commando in your yoga pants to avoid VPL.

Match your underwear and outerwear

Hiding your panty lines can be as simple as picking the right kind of underwear for your outfit. Lets cover the basics:

Loose skirts or flowing pants

Slip shorts work to contour your hips and prevent chaffing in flowing clothes, and the smoothing effect means no one will spot any panty lines. Better yet, slip shorts let you keep your modesty no matter which way the wind is blowing, and prevent skirt wedgies from ruining your look.  

Skinny jeans

Boyshorts offer full coverage for your hips and thighs so you can protect your skin from denim, and the leg openings sit right under your curves to minimize pantylines no matter how tight your jeans fit you. Boyshorts also happen to be the perfect defense against sweaty thighs and chaffing. 

High-waisted bottoms

Whether you’re rocking high-waisted shorts, pants, or a skirt, if your clothing rides high, you want your waistband to follow suit. Low rise panties are much more likely to create unwanted creases or lines, so you’ll want to bust out your favorite pair of high cut briefs.

Yoga pants and leggings

Here’s where things get tricky. It’s hard to hide anything under skin-tight clothing, for obvious reasons. Slip shorts can minimize the effect because the leg band is much lower, but a thong is much stealthier. In this situation, the key to banishing VPL is choosing ultralight, seamless underwear.  

Blending in seamlessly

With the right fabric and design, you can wear your favorite style of underwear regardless of the outfit you’re choosing. Seamless underwear is hem-free for a sleek, form-fitting style that will stay out of sight no matter what you’re wearing. So if you really want to make VPL a thing of the past, it’s time to invest in some seamless skivvies.

Tommy John has perfected the art of quality underwear by sticking to the three Fs: Fabric, fit, and function. Our VPL-proof materials give you the flexibility to flaunt your favorite style of underwear so you can look good without a second thought. Our Air Invisibles collection wears like you’re not wearing anything at all, and the seamless design is guaranteed to be invisible in leggings, jorts, skinny jeans, or dresses. The feather-light material wicks-moisture away from your body and dries incredibly fast. 

For shapewear that’s actually comfortable to wear, try our Comfort Smoothing collection. The laser cut seams are truly invisible no matter what you’re wearing, and the form fitting design will flatter your natural assets with a subtle smoothing effect. The material is soft and light so you can stay cool and avoid irritation common with restrictive shapewear. 

Reconsider the thong

Okay, you don’t have to wear a thong to ditch unwanted underwear lines. But they can be useful! After all, a high-quality thong can boost your confidence and let you flaunt your natural curves with an absolute minimum of fabric.

Given how many bad thongs are out there, it’s understandable why so many people avoid them. Many thongs are designed thoughtlessly and wear like a permanent wedgie. But not every thong is created equal, and Tommy John has crafted a thong that’s a dream to wear. It will stay in place where you need it to avoid whale tail and butt floss as you bend and move. 

So if you’ve written off the thong after a few bad experiences, we get it. But maybe it’s time to try again with a lovingly crafted, high-quality thong.

Discrete, comfortable underwear by Tommy John

If you don’t love your underwear, why bother wearing it? Upgrade your top drawer with panties you’ll look forward to slipping into each day. With styles and collections for every occasion - whether you’re hitting the gym or lazing around the house - you can lay a perfect foundation for every outfit, every day.

And if you’re not satisfied with your new undies, don’t fret. Our no questions asked return policy offers free exchanges or a full refund the first time you buy, so if you don’t love them, you won’t have to pay for them. 

6 Reasons diehard briefs fans are making the switch to trunks

It’s been a few decades since boxer briefs made their debut, throwing a wrench into the famous boxers vs briefs debate. They’ve since seized the crown as the go-to choice, with more men choosing boxer briefs than the classic styles. 

Trunks are a more recent fashion advancement in men’s underwear, designed to split the difference between briefs and boxer briefs. And while they haven’t overcome boxer briefs just yet, more and more men are choosing trunks for their preferred underwear style. Here’s why.

They’re more comfortable for desk jobs

Working in an office (including your home office) involves a lot of sitting, which can lead to uncomfortable chafing as the day wears on. With trunk-style underwear, less fabric means more freedom, so you can stay comfy if you’re stuck at your desk all day. 

Tommy John has crafted underwear that’s truly hands-free, so you’ll never have to sneak off to the bathroom to make adjustments. Wedges, bunching waistbands, and tangled leg openings are a thing of the past when you’re wearing our premiums undies. Our Second Skin collection is the perfect choice for office attire - soft, luxurious fabric that makes you feel right at home wherever you’re wearing them.

They’re great for stretching

Another added benefit from just a little less fabric? Trunks will give you a full range of movement for yoga sessions, while making lunges and mountain climbers that much easier. They’ll simplify your flexibility training so you can enjoy your stretching exercises without feeling constricted. While boxer briefs are typically better for high intensity workouts, especially running, trunks still offer plenty of coverage and ample support so you can minimize the chafing and bouncing that can make workouts impossible.

Need even more support? Consider the ball hammock. Our 360 Sport Hammock Pouch Trunk will lift and separate your goods for a low impact workout that will put batwing to an end. The fabric is designed to stay in place no matter what pace you’re moving at, and the anti-microbial and moisture-wicking fabric will handle sweat and prevent you from stinking up the locker room. 

They’re cooler in the summertime

The hotter it gets outside, the less you want to wear. Trunks have less fabric to maximize breathability and minimize sweaty fabric on your skin. While you could say the same about briefs, you also run the risk of getting heat rash without any protection on your thighs, and no one wants to walk around bow-legged so they can stay comfortable. 

The Cool Cotton collection is great for everyday wear, especially in the summertime. This advanced fabric dries faster than standard cotton and can keep you up to 7X cooler on those days when you need all the relief from the heat you can get. 

They let you rock your short shorts

If you like to wear your shorts a little shorter, boxer briefs can be an issue. The lower leg can peek out, and that’s not a good look on anyone. Trunks solve this problem. They stay discrete but still offer you enough coverage to protect your thighs while wearing your favorite pair of track shorts or denim cutoffs. 

You can show off those thighs

When your hard work at the gym starts to pay off, our trunks are more than happy to let you show off those muscle gains. After all trunks ride much higher on the thigh than boxer briefs, which means you can strut those thighs around in full view.

For this same reason, boxer briefs aren’t always flattering on shorter men. They tend to make your legs appear shorter because of how far down the leg they run. With men's trunks, you can feel confident with the way you look in your skivvies. The form-fitting cut will give your rear end a nice boost and streamline your legs and belly, enhancing your natural physique. 

They’re fashion forward

Trunks are like boxer briefs’ flashier little brother - and the way their popularity is growing, they might even give boxer briefs a run for their money. The square cut offers a modern look that won’t be mistaken for your dad’s tighty-whities, while still showing just enough skin to be more risque than boxers or boxer briefs. 

But hey, your underwear doesn’t own you. There’s no reason you have to commit to one style or another when it comes time to buy new underwear. Every time you dress for an occasion, you can start with that most important bottom layer. So expand your underwear collection and give yourself as many options as you like! Whether you’re feeling flashy or just want to chill out in the comfiest pair of boxers you’ve ever owned, we’ve got you covered. And as always, if you don’t love your first pair of new Tommy John undies, you won’t have to pay for them.

Loungewear vs Pajamas: The undeniable winner

Nothing brings the day to a close quite like slipping on the comfiest thing you own and sinking into the couch. And here’s where the great debate gets started: does that mean pajamas or loungewear? Which is truly the best comfy clothing for a relaxed, open-ended day?

If you ask us, the answer is clear-cut. While pajamas are designed to enhance your bedtime experience, loungewear is presentable enough to go back outside and meet up with friends, grab a drink, or pick up take-out and head right back home with it. And the cherry on top? The best loungewear is cozy enough to sleep in, too. 

So just how versatile is a well-stocked wardrobe of loungewear? Let’s take a closer look at how this functional fashion trend holds out against pajamas.

Last-minute meet-ups with friends

Imagine it’s a quiet Friday night. You don’t have any plans, so you put on your coziest set of clothes, plop on the couch, and switch on the TV to catch up with your current obsession. When one of your friends hits you up to hang out, the invitation sounds enticing. Of course, if you’re wearing your jammies, you’ll have to put on something a little more functional to leave the house. (Or give in to your laziness and decline the invite.)

If you’re wearing loungewear, on the other hand, you can stroll out of your house without a second thought. Loungewear can be soft and luxurious, but you won’t feel underdressed if you’re hitting up a local pub or meeting your friends for brunch. Lounge Henleys for men and women add a certain class to your casual attire that perfectly blends the worlds of comfort and style.

Greeting the day

Some of us aren’t ready to function before coffee, and wearing loungewear to sleep means you can roll out of bed and leave the house with minimal effort. Everything else (including getting dressed) can wait until you’ve had caffeine. We’re not saying you can’t leave the house in your pajamas, but you may turn a few heads and give your neighbors a cause for concern. 

Our lounge joggers for men and women offer unbeatable comfort, whether you’re sprawled out or strolling around. The tapered cut and tri-stretch fabric give you a full range of movement and a flattering fit. They even feature pockets to stash your stuff in, which frees up your hands for coffee and something from the bakery. 

Holidays with the family

When you’re staying with your relatives, loungewear gives you the freedom to lighten your luggage with versatile, cozy clothes you can feel at home in wherever you are - be it at a beach house, a trip to the city, or a stay at the in-laws house. When you’re comfortable, relaxing is so much easier, and you can have an easier time handling the little annoyances that can come about when you’re far from home. 

Quality loungewear also happens to be a great gift for hard-to-shop-for relatives, and the relaxed fit means it’s much easier to get the size right. Some people prefer to sleep without pajamas, but anyone can use something cozy for laid back time with the family. Tommy John makes returns stress free with free exchanges on unopened products and a full refund if you don’t love your first purchase. 

Remote work

If you’re new to the WFH crowd, you’re just now becoming aware of how seamlessly your workday blends in with your “me time.” It’s not ideal, but it’s par for the course as you get used to the new lifestyle. If you’re going to be checking your work email before bed each night, you might as well be comfortable during the day with functional, stylish loungewear that won’t raise any eyebrows if you have to jump on a video call. 

With pajamas, on the other hand, you aren’t really dressed for anything but bed. Loungewear offers the versatility to let you stay comfortable whatever's on your docket for the day - whether it’s sneaking out of your home office to catch up with friends or taking a few minutes to catch up on sleep.

Don’t retire your jammies just yet

Listen, pajamas still have their time and place to shine. There are those days that you know nothing’s going to get between you and your bed the moment you get home, and it is nice to have some truly dreamy sleepwear to curl up with. Our pajamas are designed for beauty sleep, and we’ve got options to keep you stocked for every season. These pajamas aren’t box-shaped - they’re designed to fit your body without the fabric bundling or sticking as you move throughout the night. And our advanced, wrinkle-resistant fabric won’t shrink or pill. Come see what we have to offer!

The best stressbusters you can do in your loungewear

Stressful times call for relaxing clothing - and nothing can beat out premium loungewear when it’s time to unwind. But sometimes, wearing the sleekest, comfiest clothes on the planet isn’t enough! Here are 5 activities to bring those stress levels down and get energized while you rock your favorite loungewear.

Get moving

Exercise is the ultimate dopamine boost. If you’re feeling a little ragged, one of the absolute best things you can do for your mental and physical health is to get your heart pumping and your body moving. Dancing, running, and even weight lifting will keep your body healthy and your mind happy. Yoga and stretching are especially great ways to relieve tension caused by stress and put some positive energy into your body. 

Intense exercise, even for a few minutes, can also help focus your brain. If you’ve got a huge deadline coming up and a mountain of work, try stepping back and running around the block. It can help you see past the stress and take your project one step at a time. 

Start baking

Working with your hands to create some culinary joy is another perfect way to distract yourself from the problems of the world. No surprise, then, that baking became one of the world’s choice pandemic activities! Whether it’s a sourdough loaf, a batch of snickerdoodle cookies, or something savory like pizza from homemade dough, baking asks you to focus on what’s immediate and physical - with the added bonus of something tasty to sink your teeth into. 

Baking is also a sensory experience, loaded with smells, tastes, and textures that can delight your body and alleviate stress. The sense of smell in particular can transport you back in time, and is often associated with special people or places that make you smile. 

Create art

Drawing, painting, knitting, molding clay, and just simple doodling are all fantastic stress-slayers. When you dive into the creative process, you’re engaging the problem-solving side of your brain. Once you get lost in your creation, your mind enters a mild trance state that can boost your mood and help you fight depression and anxiety. This is that same state of mind that gives you all those great ideas in the shower. 

Making art can also help you process difficult experiences. Starting a journal or working on your sketching skills can give you a new outlook on the things that are bringing you down and help you overcome them - as well as uncover some things you’ve been avoiding that are affecting your well being. 

And the best part? You don’t need professional materials to make art! Whether you’ve got colored pencils, watercolors, children’s clay, or just a pencil and paper lying around, you can jump right in with almost no preparation.


It’s not just a saying. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. Funny things pull you out of your head so you’re truly living in the moment. Whatever happened yesterday or may happen tomorrow doesn’t have any space when you’re tuned in to your favorite comic, watching a silly movie, or just goofing around with your friend. Sometimes you just need to be intentional about making space for laughter.

Can’t find anything funny? Try laughing anyway. Even fake laughter can reduce stress hormones and boost your mood, and after a few moments of acting ridiculous, there’s a good chance you’ll have yourself a genuine chuckle after all. 

Take a nap 

When toddlers start acting grumpy, it’s time for bed. But nap time is no less important for adults than kids! Giving yourself a little time for extra shut-eye can make a world of difference for your stress levels. A great deal of hormone regulation happens in deep sleep, and if you’re tossing and turning a lot of the night your body’s stress levels can skyrocket. So set your phone on airplane mode, put on your comfiest clothes, close your eyes, and let the real world melt away for a bit. Your body and brain will thank you for it. 

Dress for stress

Transition rituals are a great signal to your brain that it’s time to move on to the next thing, and changing into your jammies is the perfect way to remind yourself to leave the woes of the day behind you and settle in for a night of self-care. After a few days with your new ritual, you’ll start to notice the difference. 

Tommy John’s men’s and women’s loungewear is designed for comfort and functionality, so you can feel equally at home lying on the couch or going for a jog. The Second Skin lounge hoodie is like a warm, never-ending hug you can sink into, and the Quick-Dry shorts are built to withstand sweat while you work through your stress. Give them a try and let us know what happens to your daily stress levels.

Underwear Size Chart

Knowing your underwear size isn’t always easy and can lead to many purchases that quickly end up in the trash. From fit preferences to appearance, sometimes you really don’t know what looks and feels right until you try them on. Men’s and women’s underwear sizes aren’t universal and like a bra or T-shirt, can vary by brand or style. If you’re on the brink of giving up and going commando we have the solution for you.

To help you find your dream fit every time, we created an underwear size chart with measuring tips and a fit guide to help you know your specific measurements no matter what brand or style. 

How to Use the Underwear Size Chart

The first step in using our underwear size chart is knowing your body’s measurements. Knowing your body’s measurements is important for finding your perfect fit since sizes can vary. Women and men's underwear sizes and fits are very different so we’ve broken down measurement tips to help you find the perfect size based on your body type and preferences. 

Grab your trusty measuring tape and away we go! 

Women’s Underwear Size Guide: How to Measure

When it comes to measuring for women’s underwear sizes there are a few tips to keep in mind to determine the right size. 

Measuring at home before you shop can ensure you know your correct size and fit before going into the store or shopping online. You will get the most accurate measurement if you measure in your undergarments or tight fitting clothing. When measuring, stand up straight and if possible, on an even surface. Put your feet together to measure and keep your body tall and relaxed. Ensure the tape measure is level all the way around your body and if you’re in between measurements, take note to size down! 

1. Measure Hip Size 

How do I measure my hip? Your hip measurement should include the fullest part of your hips and butt. Hold the start of the tape measure on one hip, wrap it around your butt and around your other hip, and then back to where you started. If you prefer a looser fit, insert your forefinger between the tape and your hip to allow space. 

2. Measure Waist Size 

How do I measure my waist? Bend to the sides to reveal the natural crease in your waistline. Measure around your body along that line for your natural waist measurement. 

3. Find Your Underwear Size 

Once you’ve located all your measurements, the hard part is over! Use our women’s underwear size chart below to locate your proper underwear size. 

What if I’m Between Sizes?

If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing down. To hear what customers recommend around sizing, view reviews of specific products

Women’s Underwear Size Chart

Tommy John uses letter sizing for our panties.


Dress Size 





24 - 25”

34.5 - 35.5”



26 - 27”

36 - 37”



28 - 29”

38 - 39”



30 - 31”

40 - 41”



32 - 33.5”

44.5 - 46”



37 - 38.5”

47 - 48.5”

Men’s Underwear Size Guide: How to Measure

When it comes to measuring for men’s underwear size there are a few differences than for women. Since men’s underwear hits at the waist level, there’s no need to measure at the hips. 

1. Measure Waist Size 

How do I measure my waist? Start at the top of your hip bone, then bring the tape measure all the way around your body, just above your belly button. Make sure it's not too tight and that your measure is level all the way around your body. Take a deep breath to ensure your measurement will fit comfortably.

2. Find Your Underwear Size 

If there's one thing on your body that should fit you like a glove, it's your underwear. Use our men’s underwear size chart below to locate your proper underwear size.

What if I’m Between Sizes?

A smaller size is best if you wear slimmer, more tailored shirts or pants. If you prefer a looser fit, size up.

Men's Underwear Size Chart

Tommy John uses letter sizing for our underwear. 













How to Know If You Have The Right Underwear Size

By obsessing over every detail in our fabric, fit, and function, we have reinvented men and women’s underwear to overcome the uncomfortable. That being said, it’s important to know how your underwear is supposed to fit and feel on your body.

Use our fit guides below to know how your underwear should fit properly. 

Women’s Underwear Sizes: Fit Guide 

  1. Waistband: A waistband should be snug but not tight and lay flat on your waist.
  2. Back/Butt: The fit should feel covering and comfortable. Fabric should stay in place, and shouldn’t ride up or sag. 
  3. Legs: Leg openings should be evenly arched on both legs and the fabric should not bunch or twist. 
  4. Crotch: The crotch should fit naturally against your body and there shouldn’t be any excess fabric drooping down.

Women’s Underwear Sizes: Fit by Style + Type

Knowing your underwear size and how to convert your measurements in an underwear size chart is the best way to make sure you’re wearing a pair that will fit comfortably but what about different underwear styles and types? Explore our fit by style guide below.

  1. Brief: Should give you full, soft coverage and support.
  2. Thong: May be backless but it has your back (it’s so comfortable you won’t even feel it). 
  3. Cheeky: Has coverage that meets you in the middle- not too much fabric, but not too little—just a peek.
  4. Boyshort: Gives you full coverage, plus hip coverage—pairs well with sleep, lounging, and flowy dresses in the summer. Should feel comfortable and not pinch in the crotch area (otherwise go up a size). Leg openings should be evenly arched on both legs.

Men’s Underwear Sizes: Fit Guide 

For men’s underwear, fabric, cut and fit can all impact the way a specific underwear size can look and feel. However there are tell-tale signs whether undies fit or not. 

  1. Waistband: The waistband should lay snug but not tight on your waistline or leave any red marks. If the waistband cuts your body at all then you should go up a size.
  2. Back/Butt: Fabric and fit should feel snug around your butt but not tuck or ride up. The fit should also not sag or else you should go down a size. 
  3. Legs: Edges should fit loosely around your legs and should not ride up. 
  4. Crotch: For optimal comfort, fabric should fit close to the skin without being constricting or binding. 

Men’s Underwear Sizes: Fit by Style + Type

From boxer briefs to trunks, every underwear style offers differences in fit. Explore our fit by style and type guide below.

  1. Boxer Brief: Provides the fullest amount of coverage and should lay snug on your body. 
  2. Relaxed Fit Boxer: Lays looser against the body for a more airy fit.
  3. Trunk: These boxers hit right at mid-thigh, creating a modern yet classy look for everyday wear. 
  4. Square Cut Boxer: These men’s briefs hug the body tight while giving off a contemporary appearance. 
  5. Brief: Offer minimal coverage while giving the most support.  

Underwear Size Chart: FAQs

How do you determine underwear size?

All you need is a soft tape measure! Bend to the sides to reveal the natural crease in your waistline. Wrap the tape measure around your waist where you typically wear your pants. This number, in inches, will give you your underwear size. For a more detailed breakdown, refer to our chart and step by step guide above. 

What size underwear do I need?

After taking your measurements, refer to our men’s and women’s underwear size chart above!

Should you size up in underwear?

If your underwear squeezes your waist, your skin bulges or you get constant wedgies then you should probably size up. Also, a smaller size is best if you wear slimmer, more tailored shirts or pants. If you prefer a looser fit, size up.

Now that you are well equipped to find your perfect pair with our underwear size chart, branch out and try something new! Our focus on fit and function assures that whatever style you choose, you’ll feel comfortable and ready to take on the day. Our underwear doesn’t ride up or roll down, and we have a wedgie-free guarantee!

7 signs you need to upgrade your loungewear

There’s nothing quite like slipping into something comfortable after a long day. For many of us, that means a ratty old t-shirt and beat-up sweatpants. But just because you’ve owned it for years (and years) doesn’t mean it’s the best you can do! In fact, it might be even more relaxing to wear something clean, new, and well-fitted. 

So how do you know that battle-tested loungewear is past its prime? Here are the undeniable signs that it’s time to toss old comfort items and invest in your comfort:

1. It won’t stay on anymore

It’s hard to stay comfortable when your comfy clothes keep falling off. If the elastic is busted or your drawstring is out of order, you need to replace your bottoms with something that will stay on your waist instead of falling down to your ankles. Your lounge bottoms should have a slightly loose fit around your legs and thighs, and a good set of joggers will hug your ankles so you can walk around without stepping on your hems. If they’re wearing out or if they don’t fit right, it’s time to shop for something new to unwind in.

2. It’s itchy or uncomfortable

It doesn’t matter how nostalgic they are. If those old jammies are itchy, rough, or give you a rash while you’re trying to relax, show them the door. Loungewear is the comfort food of clothing, and if you don’t love it, you don’t need it crowding up your wardrobe. Tommy John’s Second Skin collection is a silky soft, tri-fabric blend that will move with you and stay in place - whether you’re lazing around the house, or going out to face the world during your off hours. 

3. It’s covered in stains

There’s nothing wrong with cozying up with a fresh pizza on the couch. But if you’re like most of us, wearing ragged or stained clothes to relax in doesn’t actually help you relax. After all, looking good can help you feel good. And looking a little gross can have the opposite effect. So if those old sweats are looking like a Jackson Pollock canvas, upcycle them into the rag they’ve already become. Find yourself a new set of loungewear that you can feel at home in wherever you roam.

4. You can’t be seen in public wearing it

If you’re wearing your comfy clothes and you have to “get dressed” to grab a bite to eat or run a quick errand, it’s time to retire those duds. Think about it: Loungewear isn’t just for feeling comfy - it’s for low-effort days where you don’t need multiple wardrobe changes. Clothing that can only be worn around the house can end up being more trouble than it’s worth!

With the Tommy John lounge hoodie, you can even hide your bedhead if you want to duck out for coffee after a long night. Better yet, with some thoughtful styling, your loungewear can keep you comfortable for low key hangouts around town - and no one has to know that you’re basically rocking premium pajamas. 

5. It doesn’t have pockets

It’s much harder to relax when your hands are full, and far too many designers have neglected pockets on their relaxation-wear. The best loungewear will let you roam around hands-free, so you can stash your wallet or keys without a second thought (and without lugging a handbag). Tommy John is committed to providing functional clothing that looks great and feels amazing to wear. And our pockets are big enough to hold your cell phone and other gear without sacrificing any comfort or freedom when you move. 

6. You’re working from home

Remote work is the perfect opportunity to invest in a new work wardrobe that you can sink into. Sure, you may have to smooth down your hair for a video call, but that doesn’t mean you have to put on real pants! Our selection of men’s and women’s lounge bottoms will make sitting through Zoom meetings much more bearable. (Can you write off new loungewear as a necessary business expense? Hey, maybe it’s worth asking.)

7. You don’t own any

If you’ve made it this far without something cozy to slip into after a long day at work (or beforehand, for you remote workers), you’re missing out. To put it simply, loungewear belongs in every wardrobe. It’s essential to help you stay comfy and functional while you de-stress. Our loungewear collections for men and women offer a variety of styles and premium fabrics to help you make the best of your evenings and weekends, no matter the season. 

Of course, loungewear isn’t designed to replace underwear. If you’re not already thrilled with your collection of skivvies, we can help you there, too. Come see what we have to offer.

7 undeniable benefits of sinking into a lounge hoodie

The hoodie is evolving. 

While hooded clothing has been around for thousands of years, the modern-day hoodie made its debut in the 1930s. Hip hop culture helped transform it from utilitarian to fashionable, while the tech industry’s laissez-faire dress code turned it into respectable office-wear. So what’s the next great leap for the comfiest and most versatile piece of apparel?

That would be the lounge hoodie. With a zipper-free design and subtle fitting that keeps you stylish (and never sloppy-looking), the Tommy John lounge hoodie is about to shake up your wardrobe. Here are 7 reasons to pick one up today.

1. It’s evergreen fashion

If the last few decades have proven one thing, it’s that hoodies are here to stay. Whatever your personal sense of style, you can feel confident wearing a hoodie out and about - this year, next year, and for decades to come. And while bold colors can help you stand out, you can also go with a simpler color pallet to blend in wherever you find yourself. The pullover style of Tommy John’s lounge hoodie offers you a smarter look to make mixing and matching all the easier when you’re trying to keep your day casual and stress-free. 

2. It simplifies layering

Hoodies are perfect for layering up on days when the weather won’t make up its mind. Whether it’s an overcast spring morning or a brilliant autumn afternoon, the lounge hoodie will meet your needs and help you change up in a flash. It’s also a great foundation for your winter wardrobe when you’re transitioning between hot and cold environments at work or school. 

3. They make naptime magical

The soft, cozy hood is a wonderful place to rest your head when you’re ready for a catnap on the couch, in the car, on the beach, or wherever you happen to be. Even if you’re an ‘anywhere, anytime’ power-napper, the extra touch of privacy you get from your hood is a game-changer. Just pull it on, snuggle in, and start catching those precious Zs.

4. It’s like a security blanket for adults

When kids feel stressed or overwhelmed, they always have their blankie to turn to. Adults, on the other hand, tend to rely on unhealthy habits to cope with difficult days. But instead of reaching for that second glass of merlot, consider the lounge hoodie. It’s a great way to soothe yourself (imagine a nonstop hug) that gives you something soft to run your hands against while your mind drifts off toward more pleasant things. Sink into it while you’re binge watching something on Netflix, or take it out into the world with you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You can always hide your headphones underneath the hood so you choose your own soundtrack while you go about your business.

5. They can hide your bed-head

People have used hoods for hundreds of years to remain discreet while in public. (They were used by lovers in the Renaissance to avoid scandal during nighttime rendezvous, for example.) And while the public attitude has shifted significantly since then, hoodies are still useful for hiding gnarly bedhead when you just need to get caffeinated before you start the day. Plus, a cozy hoodie can make it easier to handle being out in public if you’re feeling a bit grouchy. Throw on a mask and some sunglasses and it’s like disappearing in plain sight!

6. You can enjoy them year-round

Tommy John’s Lounge Hoodie is made from our Second Skin fabric, an innovative tri-stretch material that’s incredibly soft and breathable. That means you can comfortably sport your hoodie year-round, no matter the weather. Equally cozy on a cool summer morning or as a comfy bottom layer for your full-on winter gear. Of course, fall and spring are when your hoodie can truly shine, so you can regulate your temperature through the fickle weather changes without a moment’s lapse in style.  

7. You can wear them virtually anywhere

Unless you’re headed out to a black-tie event, showing up in a hoodie is almost certainly a safe fashion choice. (And hey, if you can make it work at a fancy gala, we salute you.) Whether you’re embracing athleisure wear, donning a leather jacket, or featuring it in an unassuming layered look, you can hit up parties, neighborhood bars, or show up to work looking the part. Paired with an unstructured suit, you can feel cozy while meeting the less formal dress code at a wide range of events. 

Tommy John is committed to crafting the most comfortable, stylish clothes on planet Earth. In fact, we’re so certain you’ll fall in love with your first lounge hoodie that we offer a no-questions-asked return policy. If it’s not the best you’ve ever worn, you can return it for a full refund or trade it in for something you like more.

4 Awkward problems with one solution: The ball hammock

What’s in a name? Well, if you’re talking about the ball hammock… pretty much everything. These undies give your sensitive bits a relaxing pouch that’s like an afternoon siesta in your trousers for all-day support and comfort. 

But despite the slightly silly branding, ball hammock underwear is so much more than a goofy trend. It’s a game-changing underwear design that solves the most common (and awkward!) underwear mishaps. Here are 4 classic skivvy problems that Tommy John’s Hammock Pouch undies can help you avoid completely:

1. Swamp Crotch

Swamp crotch is a painful rash that erupts on your thighs when excess sweat meets broken or irritated skin. Beyond turning even a light stroll into a walking nightmare, it goes hand in hand with a powerful odor that can force people to keep their distance from you. There are plenty of powders and ointments that can treat swamp crotch once it’s in full swing, but isn’t prevention the best medicine?

The hammock pouch is worth a pound of cure when it comes to long days and hot summers. The Air Mesh pouch is designed to keep you cool and dry, and the moisture-wicking fabric can stave off irritating, odor-causing microbes. And of course, it will prevent visible crotch sweat from soaking through to your outerwear (an embarrassing visual that no one should have to endure). Once you try it, you won’t want to leave the house without it. 

2. Batwing

Leather seats are the worst in the summertime. As soon as you start sweating, you have to peel your skin off the chair every time you move. Unfortunately, that same phenomenon can happen in your underpants, and it’s common enough to have earned its own name—batwing. This is much more than just a nuisance—it can be downright painful. When your skin is stuck to your leg, every move you make adds tension and friction to the most sensitive part of your body.

The hammock pouch makes short work of batwing by lifting everything off your legs and putting an extra layer of smooth, clean, dry fabric between them. In other words, this pouch is designed to keep your bats in the cave where they belong until nightfall. 

3. The not-so-subtle adjustments 

If you think you can reach into your crotch to shift things around without anyone noticing, we’ve got news for you: you’re not as slick as you think. When you’re trying to carry on a casual conversation with someone, the last thing you want to think about is what’s going on in their underwear. (And vice versa.) Fortunately for everyone, our Hammock pouch undies are truly adjustment-free. 

Not only will these skivvies keep you from getting tangled, but they’re also wedgie-resistant and plumber-crack-proof. The non-rolling waistband stays put throughout the day whenever you bend, or move, and the form-fitting fabric is designed to stretch where you need it to and stay in place no matter what you’re doing. So put on your underwear and forget about it. The only time they’ll cross your mind is when you’re pondering how damn comfortable they are. 

4. Aftershock 

There’s no subtle way to put this: Bouncing hurts your balls. If you’re one to take the stairs or move around all day, or if you spend a lot of time in the gym, the bouncing can leave you seriously sore.

The hammock pouch is the underwear equivalent of a sports bra - designed to keep your junk in place so it won’t bounce every time you do. This added support can spare you a lot of pain after your workout, but it can also enhance your comfort throughout the day. That means you can skip the elevator and get some extra steps in whenever the opportunity arrives. Be as active as you like; we’ve got you covered.

Advanced fabrics make the best undies

Tommy John is committed to crafting the very best men's underwear on the planet, and our hammock pouch undies are precision-designed to give you an incredible fit that will enhance your natural appeal when you’re with someone special. 

The ball hammock is available in two styles, boxer briefs or trunks, with three incredible fabrics to choose from. The Cool Cotton collection is everyday wear designed for maximum breathability to keep you cool throughout the day. Our Second Skin collection is luxuriously soft to keep you cozy and breezy, especially if you’re stuck in an office all day. And when it’s time to turn up the intensity, our 360 Sport collection can keep up with you via advanced anti-microbial and anti-odor technology and durable fabric. This sports underwear can bend, stretch, and move with you. 

No matter which undies you choose, they’re backed by our guarantee: If you don’t love your first pair, they’re on us - no questions asked.



5 Times You’ll Be Thankful You Brought Your Ball Hammock Undies

Underwear covers your most sensitive bits, so why is it so hard to find a comfortable pair? It doesn’t have to be this way! Tommy John is dedicated to making the most comfortable underwear on the planet - and the ball hammock is another step forward in our mission. Even so, if you’ve never tried hammock pouch (aka ball hammock) undies, you might be a little reluctant to take the plunge!

First, some basics: This style of underwear comes with a separate pouch in the crotch to lift your goods off your legs (like the name suggests) and keep everything cozy in place. The ball hammock is the upgrade your underwear drawer is waiting for, and it can make all the difference on a hot day. Bouncing, sticking, and chafing can all become a thing of the past when you’re rocking the ball hammock.   

So when should you wear your hammock pouch underwear? Any day is a good day to enjoy the benefits of the comfort and support they provide, but there are several occasions where you’ll be especially thankful you grabbed your hammock pouch undies from your top drawer. 

1. At the gym

Ball hammock undies are the gym rat’s best friend. With normal shorts, all the bouncing from plyometrics, running, or stairs can leave you sore. But the ball hammock will keep things gently nestled into place and reduce impact. The pouch will also give your legs plenty of room to lunge, stretch, and squat your way through your session. 

When you’re planning to go all-out with your workout routine, choose the 360 sport boxer briefs. This sports underwear provide maximum coverage and unbeatable moisture wicking to keep your thighs dry and prevent any rubbing. The fabric and fit of this underwear is the ultimate protection from crotch rot, no matter how much things heat up. 

2. Backyard BBQs

As soon as the weather warms up, backyard parties and BBQs are a great way to spend the weekend. When you wear your ball hammock undies, you can kick back and relax with your friends while your undercarriage stays dry and cool (no matter how hot the summer sun gets). To make your weekend hangs even simpler, all of our hammock pouch undies come equipped with a horizontal Quick Draw® fly for easy access when you need a bathroom break.

3. Formal events

When you’re dressed to impress, the right underwear can make all the difference - especially when it’s time to shake a leg on the dance floor at a wedding. When everything stays tucked in place, you can slide, dip, and twirl without getting tangled up in your leg band. These form-fitting undies will also stay close to your body so no one will see your underwear while you’re catching up with old friends or getting to know someone new. 

Our Cool Cotton collection is cozy enough for everyday wear or formal occasions, and it can help you stay cool and dry in your slacks. It will also help protect your Sunday best from getting sweaty, and keep stiff, scratchy fabric off your most sensitive bits. 

4. At the office 

There’s no better way to look unprofessional than adjusting your underwear at work. 

Tommy John’s underwear is totally hands-free. That means you can shift in your seat during never-ending meetings without tangling your skivvies or dealing with wedgies. Our stay-put waistband won’t roll no matter how much you bend, stretch, or yawn. The Second Skin fabric is silky soft, and airy, and they can help you stay comfortable throughout the day and even after hours when you have to pull some overtime.

5. Date night

If you dress to impress, you need to make sure all your layers are flattering. Not only will the hammock pouch keep you comfortable wherever your night takes you, it will also ensure you look your best if someone happens to see them. Whether you’re working on making the ultimate first impression or adding some spark to an old flame, hammock pouch undies can enhance your natural appeal while you strut your stuff for that special someone. 

So which underwear style will help you look the best? It really depends on your unique needs. Trunks are a great way to show off the definition in your thighs, while boxer briefs can help streamline your appearance. Both of them will give you an excellent lift on the backside, and the hammock pouch provides a major confidence boost front and center.

The Tommy John guarantee

Still not sure you’re ready to give ball hammock undies a try? We’re so confident you’ll love our men's underwear that it’s backed with our guarantee. If you don’t love your first pair, you can send them in for a free exchange, or we’ll foot the bill. 

Men's trunks: 5 things to know before you buy

Curious about the trunk? If you don’t already know this style, it’s time to get acquainted. This relative newcomer to the world of men’s skivvies combines some of the best attributes of other underwear styles to create a well-balanced, versatile, and on-trend option.

Given those strengths, it’s not surprising that this men’s underwear cut is getting very popular, very quickly. But it’s also underappreciated - including by many guys who wear trunks all the time. How is that possible? Well, lots of men don’t even realize that their go-to cut is in fact the trunk. 

There’s a lot of confusion around terminology here, so let’s get clear on what we’re talking about before we dive deeper.

What makes a trunk?

The trunk is basically a boxer brief with a shorter inseam. Like the boxer brief, the trunk combines the form-fitting support of a brief with the fuller body coverage of a boxer. But while the boxer brief traditionally extends all the way down the thigh, the trunk inseam is significantly shorter. (Tommy John’s full-length Boxer Brief has an 8” inseam, our Trunks feature a 4.5” inseam.) 

Plenty of men who wear trunks just call them boxer briefs. If you happened to grow up in the era of boxers vs. briefs, then this makes intuitive sense - anything that combines the form-fitting nature of the brief with the leg coverage of a boxer is a boxer brief, right? 

Again, not quite. If you want to get technical about it - and at Tommy John we tend to do that about all things underwear - the shorter leg length is really its own innovation. So this cut has earned its distinct name: the trunk.

5 things to know before you buy trunks

If your current go-to underwear cut is the boxer brief, the shorter inseam length of the trunk may seem like a minor difference. But the truth is the difference in thigh coverage makes the trunk a distinct option with its own special place in your underwear drawer - and life. 

Whatever underwear cut is your go-to choice right now, if you’re interested in trying the trunk, here are the five things you need to know before buying.

1. Trunks keep you cool

You adjust the rest of your wardrobe to fit the season. If your underwear drawer doesn’t offer its own flexibility for maximum comfort in different weather conditions, it might be time to expand your collection. With their shorter legs, trunks are obviously a breezier option than boxer briefs. 

So whether you live in a warmer climate, need some options better tailored to summer heat, or you just tend to overheat easily, trunks will keep you cool and dry in any situation.

2. Trunks are trendy

Trunks can keep you cool in more ways than one. This cut is a youthful and of-the-moment option, without being overly flashy. Trunks are a great choice for men of all ages to demonstrate they’re up-to-date on current fashion trends. A trunk in a bold, masculine print or a classic color like navy or black balances trend with tradition perfectly, for a look that says you’re in-the-know without getting too showy.

3. Trunks work well for moderate exercise

With their form-fitting shape, trunks offer as much support as a brief plus a bit of leg coverage to boot. This makes them suitable for moderate exercise. For an intense workout, many men prefer full-length leg coverage for greater protection against chafing and irritation. But if you’re the sort of guy who bikes to the office and always opts to take the stairs, trunks might be the perfect choice for your active everyday lifestyle. 

4. Trunks can make you look taller

Exposing more of your leg creates a longer, uninterrupted vertical line that can make you look taller. So whatever your current height, if you’d like to emphasize that visual dimension, know that the shorter the inseam the more pronounced the effect will be. Trunks are a great choice if briefs aren’t your thing and a square cut (with a shorter inseam than a trunk) still leaves you feeling a little too exposed. 

5. Great for dates

Trunks are a great choice for date nights when you want to feel confident and look well-styled - but not like you’re trying too hard, either. Trunks let you show off a little thigh without being too attention-grabbing or highly exposed. This cut is a perfect blend of what you’re likely aiming for in your whole date-night outfit: bold, assertive, and in touch.

The bottom line

There are plenty of reasons to love this cut. Overall, trunks are a great everyday option because of the way they balance practicality and style. They provide all the support you need for an active lifestyle, a smooth look under fitted pants, and moderate thigh coverage that works well for most seasons and situations. 

For next-level trunks in a range of luxe fabrics, bold and classic designs, and no-budge comfort, check out Tommy John’s amazing trunk selection

Cheeky underwear vs. bikini: 5 key differences

Cheeky or bikini? If you’re not sure what the difference is between these women’s underwear styles, you’re not alone. At first glance these cuts might seem similar - the bikini and the cheeky are both versatile options that are great for everyday wear. 

However, there are some distinctions that make each of these styles unique and might lead you to prefer one over the other for different outfits, occasions, or moods. If this sounds complex, don’t sweat it! As experts in all things underwear, we’re here to break it down.

Here are the five key differences between the cheeky and bikini cuts to help you ensure perfect panty precision for any situation.

1. Rear coverage

Bikini panties offer slightly less coverage in the rear than a brief. In other words, they keep your tush tucked away pretty thoroughly. Cheeky panties earn their name thanks to their cheekiness in both attitude and cut. They feature narrower fabric across your bum than a typical bikini cut, but significantly more coverage than a thong. The cheeky cut creates a flirty, playful look that still offers moderate coverage. 

For many women the cheeky is a happy medium between the full rear exposure of a thong and the full coverage of a bikini or brief, adding up to practical, versatile comfort with a splash of sexy sophistication. A perfect panty balancing act, in other words. 

2. Rise 

The bikini cut is known for its minimalism in the front, with a low rise that places the waistband closer to the hips than the waist. Cheekies, meanwhile, do their flirting from the other direction, leaving more of your cheeks exposed than a bikini cut but providing more modest coverage in the front. 

You can find cheeky cut undies in special high-waisted or lower-cut styles - but a mid-rise waistband is typical, since it compliments the overall balanced look, medium coverage, and versatility of this underwear style. 

3. Side coverage

The bikini cut is most famous for its skinny side panels - or in the most extreme version, strings - that show maximum skin around the hips. The cheeky cut tends to have wider side panels for more coverage at the hips. This can help these panties better stay put without digging into your sides, since the wider fabric band distributes the pressure to a larger area of your body. 

4. VPL potential

If you’re self-conscious about Visible Panty Lines - VPL - but don’t like to wear thongs, the cheeky might be just what you’re looking for. Because the back panel is narrower across your bum this cut is more likely to disappear under pants and skirts susceptible to VPL than a bikini cut panty. 

Even if you do break out a thong from time to time to avoid VPL, the cheeky cut offers an option that’s more comfortable and practical in situations where you need to move more. Either way, if you’re concerned about VPL, the cheeky cut is a useful addition to your underwear inventory.

5. Fashion-forward style

Bikini panties - especially string bikinis - were all the rage in the 1990s, when the definition of chic jeans seemed to  be, “How low can you go?” Bikini cuts were a natural match for super-low-cut pants styles. 

While bikini cut underwear have endured, most women seem to appreciate a bit more hip coverage than the string style offered, since wider side panels (much like wider bra straps) tend to cause less pinching and bulging and help the whole garment stay in place better. (Anyone who’s worn super low-cut jeans and undies knows the annoyance of constantly yanking up your drawers - so much for a chic look in that case).

Cheekies are a more fashion-forward option these days if you want to add a little flirtation to your underwear drawer. And fortunately for many women they’re a cozier choice over bikinis, too. 

The Bottom Line

Despite the five key differences we just outlined, the cheeky and bikini actually do share something in common. Both of these cuts offer a medium-coverage option between the brief and the thong. Both styles have a flirtatious attitude but express their playfulness from (literally) different directions, with the bikini baring more flesh in the front and sides and the cheeky offering a cute glimpse of your buns from behind.

The mid-rise waistband, medium hip coverage, and moderate cheek peek combine to make the standard cheeky cut an overall balanced, go-to style for everyday wear - and a fun choice, too. If this underwear cut is new to you, we think you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

Choose from Tommy John’s breathable Cool Cotton, our exceptionally soft Second Skin micro-modal, or our ultralight Air mesh fabrics. And of course, all Tommy John Cheeky panties are covered by our “Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear or It’s Free” guarantee.

The Best U.S. Cities for Breast Health

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an opportunity to spread awareness about breast health and celebrate cancer survivorship. 

This year has been a powerful reminder that we are all in this together, and that our choices and actions have the power to protect others. From practicing self-care to checking in on others, we all need to do our part and help those in need. The same holds true when it comes to breast cancer.

About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime resulting in it being the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women besides skin cancer. Men are also prone to get breast cancer and it is estimated that there will be 2,620 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in males in 2020.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to increasing awareness of the disease and encouraging others to join in the cause to help men and women in need. To contribute to this conversation, we ran a study to identify and celebrate the top cities in America who best advocate for breast health. 

Hold onto your bras ladies (and gentleman) and join us as we rank the best U.S. cities for breast health!

Ranking The Top 50 Cities for Breast Health

In order to identify the best cities for breast health, we pulled the top 50 most populated cities in America comparing them across a total of seven metrics that indicate support for breast health and breast cancer survivorship. Each metric was assigned a weight and summed to equate each city's overall score. With these scores, each city was assigned a rank of 1-50 (50 representing the most allocated resources and advocacy for women’s breast health). For a complete breakdown of weighted metrics see our methodology below.

5 Cities That Were Better Than the Breast  

Big, small, saggy, bosoms, knockers, boobies, bazookas —whatever the size, shape or name you have for them, sometimes all they need is a little support. Just like your favorite bra, we all need to lift eachother up, so today we are celebrating the best cities for breast health. 

These five cities ranked highest in total score for breast health and resources. We’ve also rounded up resources to encourage you to donate towards, spread awareness of and learn more about breast cancer and breast health. 

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is well known for advances in technology and science which makes it a worthy winner of our study of breast health friendly cities. Some of the innovation friendly factors include cultural assets, education centers and transportation however one cannot forget the world-renowned research institutions like MIT, Harvard, and Tufts. 

The city has received almost 70 research and health professional training grants from the American Cancer Society, seven specifically for breast cancer and offers almost 40 Federally Qualified Health Centers to underrepresented communities who need access to health services. There are almost 900 oncologists according to the U.S. News and World Report website, in this city and it comes as no surprise that their new breast cancer cases cap off at a low 2,431.

The city is also well known for promoting a healthy lifestyle. The American Fitness Index named the city in its top ten fittest U.S. cities citing "more public parks, playgrounds, and farmers markets per capita than [their] target goal for a healthy city."  Studies show that men and women who get regular exercise have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who are not active which might also contribute to their low number of new cases.


  1. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 
  2. Boston Cancer Support 
  3. Breast Cancer Support Groups 

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Next on our list is Baltimore, Maryland known for its vibrant character, unique sites, activities and don’t forget crabs. With a smaller city population of roughly half a million people, Baltimore packs a punch with big city amenities in terms of health centers and cancer treatment support. Three of Baltimore’s medical centers were awarded the 2020 Women’s Choice Award®, America’s trusted referral source for the best in healthcare and have over 400 oncologists working in their small city. 


    1. Greater Baltimore Medical Center
    2. Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center
    3. Mercy Medical Center
    4. Survivorship Resources
    5. Breast Cancer Resources 

      Houston, Texas

      Houston, Texas wins spot number three! Houston wowed us with its significant number of different health care centers and resources. With over 800 oncologists, 60 mammography facilities, 77 FQHCs, five planned parenthoods and three breast care centers awarded for excellence it’s clear Houston prioritizes breast health. 

      Houston isn’t a stranger to accolades! The city is also known as the world capital of space exploration, the world capital of air conditioning, the world capital of the international energy industry and the world capital of petroleum exploration.


      1. Houston Methodist Hospital
      2. Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital
      3. The Woman's Hospital of Texas
      4. Susan G. Komen Houston 
      5. The Rose Breast Cancer Support Group 
      6. Breast Cancer Resource Center

      New York City, New York 

      Next we have New York, New York! This city offers men and women more than streets full of American history and big city dreams. With over one thousand board certified oncologists, and 61 mammography facilities, New York keeps up with the number of resources needed for its almost 8.5 million in population. As the largest city in the U.S, funding and resource allocation can play a large part in promoting breast health. The city has received almost 50 research and health professional training grants from the American Cancer Society, four specifically in the field of breast cancer and offers 126 FQHCs.


      1. New York University Langone Tisch Hospital
      2. New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center
      3. NYC Health + Hospitals Bellevue
      4. Breast Cancer Resources
      5. Breast Cancer Support Groups 

        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

        Philadelphia ranks fifth in our study and is best known as being the birthplace of America, and home to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and other historical documents. Greater Philadelphia is the second-largest medical research and education center in the U.S. (Milken Institute in 2009) and the region ranks third in the country for the number of health professions and related degrees conferred. Philadelphia boasts more than 100 hospitals, 150 research labs, five medical schools and four specialty hospitals doing research in pediatrics, cancer treatment and ophthalmology. 


        1. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
        2. Jeanes Hospital
        3. Pennsylvania Hospital
        4. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

        Resources for Breast Health

        To provide a snapshot of how the cities with the highest number of breast cancer cases compared to their resource score given in our study, we pulled data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and broke new cases down by county. 

        Now that we’ve briefed you on the best cities for healthy boobies, we want to make sure you’re well equipped all year long. Peruse our resources below for supporting women’s breast and mental health! 

        1. Understanding Women’s Breast Cancer
        2. Breast Cancer Statistics 
        3. How to Give Yourself a Breast Exam
        4. How to Check for Lumps
        5. Breast Cancer Screenings - FAQs
        6. Mental Health Toolkit 
        7. Breast Cancer Forum
        8. Cancer Support Groups
        9. How to Donate


        In order to determine the best U.S. cities for men and women’s breast health, we compared the top 50 most populated cities across seven relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights.

        • Number of Federally Qualified Health Centers per capita — Weighted 15% 
        • Number of Planned Parenthood facilities per capita — Weighted 15% 
        • Number of Mammography facilities per capita — Weighted 20% 
        • Number of oncologists per capita — Weighted 15% 
        • Number of races/walks for breast cancer — Weighted 10% 
        • Number of breast cancer research and health professional training grants — Weighted 15% 
        • Number of Women's Choice Award "Best Breast Care Centers" — Weighted 10%

        We’ve shown you the best now the rest is up to you! Join us in the fight against breast cancer by spreading awareness and doing your part this October. Whether you wear a pink T-shirt or bra, or donate your time or money every act counts towards ending breast cancer! 

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