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How to Drink Whiskey Like a Gentleman

Whiskey has long been considered a gentleman’s drink, but how well versed are you when it comes to this distilled delicacy? If you’re unsure what distinguishes an aged scotch from a sweet bourbon, then it’s high time you learned. 

While you won’t become a whiskey expert overnight, learning more about the history of whiskey and how it’s made will certainly help. Keep reading our guide and check out the infographic below for some quick pointers on how you can finally learn how to drink (and enjoy) whiskey like a true gentleman.

But before we go any further, will you take that neat or on the rocks? 

The “Explain It Like I’m Five” Whiskey Runthrough

In case you didn’t know, here’s the skinny: whiskey is a spirit made from grains that are first fermented and then distilled. Whiskey is traditionally made with corn, rye, barley or wheat, and must be at least 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) before it can be bottled. Most whiskies are aged in wooden barrels, though when and for how long varies depending on the distillery and region. 

For some historical context, the distillation process dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and spread to Europe, Scotland, and Ireland by way of travelling monks. The oldest licensed distillery in the world, Old Bushmill’s Distillery in Northern Ireland, was founded in 1608. 

Lastly, is it “whiskey” or “whisky”? Both are correct, but the main difference is geographic: “Whiskey” generally refers to spirits distilled in America and Ireland, while “whisky” refers to spirits made in Canada, Japan, Scotland, or anywhere else. 

A Quick Tour of the World of Whiskey

For the sake of simplicity, we’ve broken whiskies down into five types based on region.  

1. Scotch whisky 

Single Malt Whisky: The term “single malt whiskey” is often associated with single malt Scotch. “Malt whisky” refers to whisky made from malted barley. What makes it “single” is the fact that it is distilled in one location. Single malt Scotch, then, is single malt whisky distilled in Scotland using a pot still distillation process. 

Aging requirements: Scotch whisky must be aged in an oak barrel for at least three years and one day, but many are aged much longer.  

2. Irish whiskey 

Unmalted barley: Irish whiskey uses unmalted barley and usually incorporates other grains as well. It is also distilled three times, which gives it a smoother taste, unlike Scotch, which is distilled twice.  

Single Pot Still: This type of Irish whiskey consists of both malted and unmalted barley.  

Aging requirements: Irish whiskey must be aged at least three years in a wooden barrel. 

3. American whiskey

Bourbon: Must contain 51 percent corn and 49 percent malted barley, rye or wheat.

Rye:  Must contain 51 percent rye and 49 percent malted barley, rye or wheat. 

Tennessee whiskey: Essentially the same as bourbon whiskey, but filtered through charcoal at the end of the distillation process. It must also be distilled in Tennessee.  

Aging requirements: Both bourbon, rye, and Tennessee whiskey must be aged a minimum of three years in new, charred oak casks.  

4. Canadian whisky

Rye whisky: Corn is the majority grain used in Canadian whisky, but people still refer to it as “rye.” 

Aging requirements: Canadian whisky must be distilled in Canada and aged in wooden barrels — old new, charred, or uncharred — for at least  three years. 

5. Japanese whisky 

Single malt or blended: Japan took their whisky cues from the Scottish and started distilling and selling both single-malt and blended whisky in the 1920s. 

Multiple varieties under one roof: Scottish distilleries generally make one type of whisky, hence the need to use multiple distilleries to produce a blended whisky. Japanese distilleries will combine several stills in one distillery, allowing them to create different varieties in a single location. 

Aging requirements: There are no strict aging laws on Japanese whisky. 

How to Drink Whiskey Like a Sir

Now that you have a better understanding of whiskey and the distillation process, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff: how to drink it. And no, you don’t swill it back like an ice-cold draft beer. 

There’s a few ways you can drink whiskey, and we’ve highlighted them below: 


How you should enjoy your whiskey is still a contentious point with the connoisseurs out there, but one thing is certain: when trying a new whiskey, you should first try it “neat.” If you’re unaware of this term, it just means taking your whiskey without ice or mixers and at room temperature. This allows you to experience the beverage’s flavor profiles in their purest form.

With water

It’s not uncommon to add a bit of distilled water to your whiskey. To do it correctly, use a straw to collect a splash of water and drop it in. Adding water dilutes the alcohol content and makes the initial swig more palatable so you can taste more flavors. 

On the rocks 

“On the rocks” just means adding ice. If you want to offend a whiskey snob, this is how you do it. If you’re going to commit the atrocity, though, you should at least do it with style. Rather than using crushed ice or multiple ice cubes, throw in an ice ball or a single 1.5- to 2-inch ice cube instead. 

Whiskey cocktails 

Whiskey cocktails mask the flavor of your whiskey, but they’re a great option if you want to try something different. Some of the most iconic whiskey-based cocktails out there include an Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Boulevardier, and a Whiskey Sour. These concoctions blend ingredients that complement the flavor profiles of the whiskey, making them great to sip on in any setting. 

The art of drinking and enjoying whiskey is not something you should rush. Take your time with it and learn what you like and why. Eventually, your palate will mature and you’ll be on your way to becoming a whiskey connoisseur! 

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What Lies Beneath: 68% of Women Don’t Care What Their Partner Thinks of Their Underwear Choices

Ladies, when you go shopping for underwear, who are you really buying for? Are you more concerned about finding the perfect boyshort for wining and dining yourself in bed, or is getting your partner’s heart racing more your speed? 

While there’s no right or wrong answer, we were curious to see what lies beneath women’s underwear choices. To find out, we asked 1,000 women how much their love interest’s opinion influences the underwear they buy — and practicality definitely tickles their fancy.  

Keep reading to learn what women really want when it comes to their underwear, which includes: 

  • What motivates women’s panty preferences 
  • How age influences how women buy underwear
  • How pop culture has impacted women’s tastes and public perception


2 in 3 Women Aren’t Concerned About What Their Partner Thinks of Their Underwear 

No offense, but when it comes to underwear she’s just not that into you. At least, it seems that way after we asked women whether or not their partner’s preferences had any say in the underwear they put on — and 68 percent of respondents answered with a resounding “no.” 

With the rise of women’s empowerment movements over the last decade, women are more interested in finding underwear that’s equal parts comfortable, fit, and functional than buying the most revealing pair out there for their love interest. 

That doesn’t mean that all women feel the same way, though. Thirty-two percent of respondents admitted that they do care. In particular, younger women between the ages of 18–34 are the most concerned about their partner’s opinion. 

So why are younger women more concerned about the opinions of their love interest than other age groups? One reason might be the fact that young adults are less likely to have a steady romantic partner: recent data shows that 51 percent of young adults ages 18–34 are unattached. This means that singledom could be a driving force to look your best — both in the streets and between the sheets — for young women and men alike. 

Women Care Less About Their Partner’s Opinion of Their Underwear With Age

If younger women are the primary age group hung up on the opinions of their love interest, then older women — that is, women ages 35 and up — are the exact opposite. 

According to our results, 74 percent of women ages 35 and up said that their love interest’s opinion doesn’t influence what type of underwear they wear, which makes a lot of sense. As women age, they typically have more structure and stability either in their family life, career, or both, making them less likely to fret over the sex appeal of their underwear. Women also become more comfortable with themselves and their choices as they mature. 

The Cultural Shift from Sex Appeal to Comfort

The 90s and early 2000s celebrated barely there underwear and petite-bodied women. Fast forward to 2019 and it seems that women are less caught up on the skimpiness of their skivvies and more focused on feeling comfortable. 

In fact, according to a study conducted by The Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, 70 percent of women say that they purchase underwear based on comfort and practicality. This isn’t to say that women don’t want to feel sexy — they just want to feel sexy on their terms. 

In a recent article, Heather Gramston of Selfridge’s Body Studio said that “the definition of sexy is now defined as how a woman feels when she is wearing something — as opposed to what she looks like in archetypal lingerie created with men in mind.”

In other words, society’s definition of “sexy” is changing, and women are less afraid to embrace trends that were deemed a fashion faux pas in the past. With the rise of athleisure and body acceptance, underwear that would’ve been shunned in the 90s, such as boyshorts or high rise briefs, are now all the rave. After all, beauty is about being comfortable in your skin — so learn to love your body and buy the underwear that makes you happy. 

America’s Dirty Laundry: 45% of Americans Wear Underwear for Two Days or Longer

Tell the truth: What’re your underwear hygiene habits? 

Are they clean and by the book, or would they make your mother cringe? Since underwear hygiene is typically kept behind closed doors, we were curious to see the habits of Americans — and air their dirty laundry. 

To find out more about the intimate hygiene habits of America’s, well, intimates, we surveyed 2,000 men and women to see how long they wear and keep their underwear. Spoiler alert: America could use an underwear overhaul. 

Read on to learn about the state of underwear hygiene, which includes: 

  • The dirty truth about how long Americans have worn the same pair of underwear 
  • America’s unhealthy mentality when it comes to keeping underwear
  • The importance of buying new underwear to improve your overall hygiene 


1 in 2 Americans Have Worn the Same Pair of Underwear for 2 Days or Longer

Conventional wisdom — and basic common sense — tells us that we should change our underwear every day, or at least wash them after every wear. But how many people actually follow this golden rule? After surveying 1,000 Americans, we found that this basic standard of underwear hygiene is definitely not universal. 

In fact, just over half of respondents say that they change their underwear on a daily basis. Forty-five percent admitted to having worn the same pair of underwear for two or more days, while thirteen percent claimed to have worn the same pair for a week or more. Talk about a dirty little secret.

So, who are these repeat offenders? Perhaps unsurprisingly, men are the ones skimping on changing their skivvies — they’re 2.5 times as likely as women to wear their underwear for a week or more. 

46% of Americans Have Owned the Same Underwear a Year or Longer

When it comes to your underwear, here’s a hard and fast rule to live by: swap out your old underwear for a new pair every six months to a year. To see how Americans measure up to this standard, we asked 1,000 people how long they’ve kept their oldest piece of underwear. 

The dirty truth? Forty-six percent of Americans have owned the same piece of underwear for one year or more, and thirty-eight percent claimed that they have no idea how long they’ve had their underwear. If the thought of old underwear brings up images of ratty tighty-whities, think again: These results were split fairly evenly between men and women, which throws any theories out the window that women are more hygiene-conscious than men, or vice versa.  

If you’re part of the one-third of Americans that haven’t bought new underwear in a year or longer, you may need a refresher course in the health risks that old, dirty underwear pose. Here’s a not-so-fun stat: a recent study found that clean underwear can contain up to 10,000 living bacteria — even after being washed. 

Over time, underwear accumulates various types of problematic microorganisms and fungal germs that can increase your susceptibility to certain illnesses, like yeast infections and urinary tract infections, among others. 

Bottom line? Old underwear isn’t just cramping your style — it’s hurting your health. It’s crucial to update your underwear wardrobe every six months to a year to ensure you’re protected from harmful infections and health risks. Women should be especially careful, as they’re more at risk than men to experience health issues due to unclean underwear. 

The Importance of Underwear HygieneJust like brushing your teeth or taking a bath, changing your underwear on a daily basis is a must — and making sure you maintain your underwear wardrobe by swapping out old pairs for new pairs is just as important. Additionally, you should keep enough pairs of underwear on hand to last you up to two weeks — that’s 14 pairs in total, for those keeping track.

Since you’re already cleaning out your drawers, why not upgrade? This means finding the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Ideally, you should opt for breathable, cotton fabrics, since these will help wick away moisture and decrease the chances of bacterial infections. They’re also more comfortable for daily wear. 

For men, anything from boxer briefs to trunks are solid go-to choices, whereas women definitely have more underwear options to choose from. Whatever your preference, it’s important to wash and maintain your underwear properly. 

Here are some easy steps to keep in mind next time you’re washing your underwear to make sure they’re clean as can be: 

  • Tumble dry your underwear on low heat for 30 minutes after washing. This will minimize the amount of bacteria your underwear gathers after a wash. You can also iron if that’s more your speed!   
  • Don’t mix your underwear in the same load with your significant other or children if they’re sick. Doing so only increases the amount of bacteria hanging out in your washing machine. 
  • Avoid washing contaminated underwear with other pairs and clothing. This is especially important for those who have bacterial infections. 
  • Wash your underwear separately from clothing containing other bodily fluids. If any article of clothing is stained, it’s better to wash it separately from your underwear. 

“You do you” is a great motto to live by — but not when it comes to your underwear hygiene. Remember to wash your underwear after every wear and replace your old collection with new underwear every six months to a year. Mom would approve. 

Long sleeve t-shirts: 5 times they’re your secret weapon

The standard, short-sleeve t-shirt reigns supreme. It’s the world’s most popular garment, and a virtual fashion panacea. But today, we’re going to show a little love to its rarer cousin - the long-sleeve t-shirt.

Does uttering the words - “long-sleeve t-shirt” - conjure up images of chunky 90s-wear that you wouldn’t be caught dead in? If so, we’ve got some surprising news. Today’s long-sleeve tees are a world away from your old Space Jam duds. The best new long-sleeve Tees are form-fitting, sharply cut, and made with advanced new textures and materials. They might just be the most underused tool in your style arsenal.

Here are 5 occasions where a long-sleeve tee is exactly what your wardrobe needs:

1. For ‘in-between’ seasons

Late spring and fall are famously tricky to dress for. There can be huge temperature swings from the heat of the day to the chill of the early evening. In September, a short-sleeve Tee might be great around noon, but leave you shivering as the shadows grow and the wind picks up. For a chilly March morning, on the other hand, a sweater might feel perfect… until the clouds burn off and you start itching and sweating.

During these in-between seasons, a long-sleeve t-shirt is your best friend. The additional arm coverage can make a huge difference in holding your body heat when the temperature dips - but you still won’t find yourself cooking when the sun beats down. You can even roll up the sleeves for extra cooling. For windy and hot days at the beach or in the mountains, there’s really no better gear.

2. When you need a touch of snazz

When you’re dining at a hip restaurant with a ‘smart casual’ vibe, the standard t-shirt can look a bit sloppy. Similarly, a chill date night (think gallery hopping, drink-and-draw, or shooting pool) might not exactly be a ‘crew tee’ affair. On the other hand, going with a full button-up can leave you feeling overdressed. 

Here again, your long-sleeve tee is the perfect middle ground. With a form-fitting cut, it’ll help you look put-together without quite veering into ‘formal’ territory. If you’re palling around with buddies or spending time with a crush, this is the perfect way to keep a foot in both the formal and informal worlds. “I’m here to have fun,” the long-sleeve tee says, “and I dressed for the occasion.”

3. For smart layering combos

For a new and stylish spin on your usual look, try layering up a long-sleeve t-shirt with some outerwear. Denim jackets, biker jackets, overcoats, flannels... The combinations are endless, and can enhance your style in astonishing ways. 

Layering also offers you the versatility and flexibility to adapt to various climates and social situations. Heading to the coast for a windy, overcast day? An overcoat can keep you extra toasty. And remember our ‘date night’ scenario above? Throw on a sharp blazer over that long-sleeve tee and you just bumped up the formality another couple grades. This kind of layering would never work with an old-school, short-sleeve t-shirt - but a stylish and form-fitting long-sleeve tee is a whole different animal.

4. When you want to go retro

OK, so we cracked a Space Jam joke in the introduction… but you know as well as we do that 90s fashion is making a mini-comeback. If you’re ready to experiment with some bold, Seinfeld-era styles, an oversized long-sleeve tee could be just the ticket. 

Try layering a short-sleeve t-shirt on top of it (perhaps a band tee if you’re really going for it) or some grunge-lumberjack flannel for extra warmth. Retro styles aren’t for everybody, and the moment won’t last forever. But the window is still open if you’re daring enough to revisit the heyday of highschool couture.

5. For versatile travel gear

When you’re trying to keep your bags light for a long weekend getaway, every piece of clothing you can leave behind counts. After all, carry-on beats checked baggage and daypacks trump rucksacks any day of the week. 

That’s why the humble long-sleeve t-shirt is an outstanding addition to your travel gear. It covers a wider range of climates than a standard tee (including excessively-air-conditioned airports), but can still be balled up and tossed in your bag without wrinkling or rumpling. Bonus points if you learn how to fold it the Marie Kondo way!

Panties for women: 5 high-tech features you'll see by 2020

Like all forms of fashion, women’s underwear have evolved over time to match our changing lifestyles and preferences.

Panties might seem simple, but consider for a moment everything we ask of them. They’re really a multitasking technology which have to ensure our daily comfort, safeguard our health and hygiene, and contour the body to make outerwear more flattering. Meanwhile, we expect our panties to deliver a flirty wink in the direction of our romantic partners (and a confidence-boosting high five back at us in the mirror).

Increasingly, we also want panties to be eco-friendly and ethically produced. We want them to reflect our values as well as our full range of moods: upbeat and fun, luxe and stylish, cozy and reliable, and up for everything we put them through – from office chairs to errands to weekend camping trips. 

Different cultural moments have sometimes emphasized one purpose over the other, and individual women have different priorities and preferences. Your drawers are complicated!

The good news is that there’s never been a better time to expect overachievement from your underwear. Technological upgrades are making your panties even better at delivering on all your demands. Here are five high-tech features to look out for in 2020.

  1. High performance fabrics. Most of us are trying to move more these days, whether we’re weekend warriors on park trails, regular after-work yogis, or super-busy moms squeezing in 10,000 steps a day between lunch breaks, errands and making dinner. We expect our clothing to keep up with our active lifestyles. That means panties designed to move with us: waistbands and leg openings that stay in place, with fabric that breathes and flexes without bunching, riding up or rolling. Design is part of the solution, but so is the quest for great fabrics that stay comfortable no matter what we put them through. Cotton blends typically provide great cooling and breathability, while incorporating fibers that enhance movement and stretch. Increasingly other natural fibers are making an appearance too, with properties similar to cotton but with other appealing attributes. Beechwood tree fiber, showcased in Tommy John’s Cool Cotton, is key to our blend that keeps you 2-3 times cooler than cotton, dries 4-5 times faster and is silky-soft to boot. Look for more high-performance fabric blends in 2020.

  1. Designs tailored specifically for different body types. Women are demanding a greater variety in sizes and styles throughout the fashion industry, to better suit our full range of body types. Brands are facing increasing demand to offer a full range of sizes and styles, with some styles specifically cut to flatter and fit comfortably on different body types. Tommy John’s currently carries sizes XS-XXL and five styles that look and feel fantastic on a range of figures: boyshort, high-rise brief, brief, thong, and cheeky.

  1. Panties that help you through your period. Most women already have period underwear, whether or not they were designed or marketed for that purpose. During our periods, we often reach for comfort and practicality: thicker, more absorbent linings to keep any leaks discreet, darker colors and busier patterns to hide any stains. Recently some brands have targeted this function specifically, creating period underwear meant for that time of the month in that they actually double as hygiene products, absorbing blood flow. It’s not an idea that appeals to everyone. These specialized panties tend to be pricey and the designs are still in their early stages. But depending on whether the trend proves durable and the technology proves reliable, this could become a more regular feature of women’s panties in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Natural and sustainable materials. Consumers are increasingly demanding more sustainable products, for a gentler touch on the environment. When it comes to materials, this can mean a few things. A higher percentage of natural materials often means less harmful waste at the end of a product’s life cycle. Materials that are sustainably sourced from plants that can be easily replenished. And higher-quality, more durable materials last longer, reducing a consumer’s overall waste production. The beechwood fibers in Tommy John’s Second Skin Collection are a great example of the kind of sustainable natural fiber we’ll be seeing more of in 2020.

  1. “Smart” panties! The jury’s still out on whether women actually want their panties to record and collect their health data, but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t trying to sell them on it, for eye-popping prices. Ultra-expensive “smart” underwear promise constant detection of your body’s activity that can help you tweak your workouts and sleep schedule, or even possibly uncover underlying health issues. We don’t think these are a substitute for your annual physical just yet, but who’s to say it’s not smart to throw down a few hundred bucks for a week’s worth of thongs, if they can yield spreadsheets worth of data about what your body is up to? 

Clearly, high-tech upgrades aren’t just for software…they’re for our softest wearables, too. And we’re proud to say that Tommy John’s women’s panties are pushing the limits of technology in design, materials, construction, and more. If you don’t think your first pair is the most advanced and delightful underwear you’ve ever worn, they’re completely free.

Stop settling! The best men's underwear is here & it'll change your life

What college should you attend? Are you cut out for parenthood? Should you move across the country for a new job? And most crucially, what brand of underwear should you buy?

Life is full of hard questions. Fortunately, one of them is now a lot easier to answer. Spoiler alert: You should only wear the best underwear, aka Tommy John. Read on to understand how and why this became the easiest ‘hard question’ you’ll ever have to answer.

Underwear: The Old Days

If you’re a millennial or older, here’s the underwear-shopping experience you grew up with:

  1. Go to a department store.
  2. Buy a 3-pack of boxers or tighty-whities.
  3. Wear them and be mildly annoyed.
  4. Throw them away and return to step 1.

Of course, your buying options were limited to whatever underwear brands the store happened to carry. The styles were boxers and briefs, period. 

And as for quality? Let’s just say it was far from perfect. Old-school boxers tended to ride up until the waistband was at your navel. Chafing, wedgies, and constant adjustments were a simple fact of life. The only thing less comfortable was death-grip of standard-issue tighty-whities. Wearing them meant squeezing and chafing, to say nothing of overheating issues.

You’ll notice we called them the old days - not the good old days.

The Explosion of Digital Drawers

In the 21st century, underwear (like everything else on the planet) was turned inside-out by the web. New brands started popping up left and right. Fly-by-night retailers sold direct-from-overseas goods and ‘fast fashion’ brands slapped fancy-looking labels on skivvies of dubious quality. 

Suddenly, the consumer dilemma changed. No longer were we stuck choosing between a few mainstream brands at the department store. Instead, we had the opposite problem: Too many options

When thousands of styles, makers, and materials are available with a swipe and a tap, picking the perfect underwear brand seemed nigh-impossible.

Tommy John: Dawn of a New Age

So how - in that wild-west underwear era - did Tommy John gear come to be heralded as revolutionary? Why do we consistently make the cut when undergarment aficionados assemble their ‘Best Of’ lists?

It’s not magic - we’re just obsessed with creating truly high-quality products. That means:

    • Premium materials: Made with high-quality, contouring fabrics that wick away heat and moisture while staying cool, light, and breathable.
  • No-roll waistband: Our innovative design stays put, and never rides up or bunches.
    • Contoured pouch: Supports your stuff without squeezing, chafing, or crushing.
    • Horizontal Quick Draw® fly: Gives easy bathroom access without compromising comfort.
    • No-wedgie guarantee: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. If you love wedgies, you’ll hate Tommy John.

    Styles For Days

    Of course, it’s not just premium materials and groundbreaking design that makes our underwear unbeatable - it’s the incredible range of styles.

    Want a no-frills pair of world-class underwear? Try our standard Cool Cotton model, made with soft, high-quality pima cotton. Looking for something extra-smooth, luxurious, and comfortable? Try our Second Skin underwear, for an unbelievably velvety feel and body-hugging comfort. Or maybe you want something ultralight, ultra-packable, and ridiculously breathable? In that case, go for the Tommy John Air. And if you’re looking for something extra-durable and designed for exercise, choose the 360 Sport model. 

    You can also choose from a huge range of cuts, including standard briefs, boxer-briefs, trunks, relaxed fit boxers, and square cut underwear. The combinations are virtually endless, so you’re sure to find something you love.

    Of course, if you want to look good in your skivvies (and what kind of maniac doesn’t?), then Tommy John has you covered. We carry an endless selection of snazzy looks, from single-tone to colorblock to fabulous pineapple print.

    Instant Faves, Guaranteed

    We know buying underwear sight-unseen is a bit of a gamble, so we do everything we can to make the whole experience stress-free and painless. That’s why your Tommy John underwear comes with a "Best Pair You'll Ever Wear or It's Free" Guarantee.

    In case that isn’t self-explanatory, here’s how it works: If your first pair of underwear isn’t your top-notch absolute favorite, for any reason at all, you don’t have to pay for it. Just let us know within 30 days if you don’t love it, and we’ll replace it with something better or refund your money completely. 

    Pretty simple, no? The thing is, We don’t just want to tell you that Tommy John makes the best underwear. We want you to agree. And if you don’t, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

    Women's underwear: How to choose from the (many, many, many) options

    Let’s face it: Finding and buying women’s underwear you really love can be complicated. With so many options to choose from, by the time you get around to considering practical things like perfect fit and breathable fabrics, you may just be over the idea of underwear shopping completely. But it doesn’t have to be totally overwhelming. 

    Here are some pointers you can use to develop your basic, minimum standards to quickly spot the duds, eliminate the guesswork, and find some skivvies you adore: 

    1. Know your measurements

    Depending on the way your body is shaped, some underwear styles may feel more comfortable than others. It’s important to know your waist and hip measurements for finding the best fit. Measure your natural waist (find it by bending sideways and checking where your waist makes a crease at the bend). Then measure your hips while keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground. Keep these numbers handy when shopping. 

    Even with the most thoughtful collections that fit just about any woman comfortably, you should know your measurements so you can be as discerning as you like when looking for the best fit. This way you avoid unnecessary tugging, sagging, and rising from underwear that doesn’t quite fit your size or shape. You’ll definitely enjoy more freedom to explore other styles and options. 

    2. Find a brand you actually trust

    Look for a designer that provides honest and detailed narratives, reviews, and support about panty fit, fabric, and comfort. Designers with at least five styles in their collection and a clear willingness to stand behind their products is the only way to go when it comes to finding the best panties available. You don’t want any rolling or bunching but you also want to look out for the best cotton in a range of styles that offer no VPL (visible panty line). 

    By the way - if you don’t love your first pair of Tommy John underwear, we’ll replace it with something you do love. Or we’ll give you your money back. That’s our guarantee.

    3. Always put comfort first

    No matter how good you look, you probably won’t look your best for long in uncomfortable undergarments. Always put comfort before fashion - because if you feel good, you’ll have that extra boost of confidence that enhances your natural charm. Thankfully, with Tommy John panties, you have multiple options to choose from that prioritize comfort without compromising on style. 

    When you have a brand that uses science, engineering, and design, they converge to not only create the best fit, but properly frame your delightful derriere and allow you to comfortably move throughout your day. With Tommy John, you have your choice of Boyshorts, High Rise Briefs, Briefs, Cheekys, and Thongs. And they’re are all made from breathable cotton, designed to wear like they’re not even there.

    4. Keep a variety of styles on hand

    Don’t own a thong because you hate the riding up your backside? Or do you prefer thongs to all other underwear because it’s the only thing that hides your panty line under certain clothing? When it comes to minimizing panty lines, rolling, sagging, and bunching, Tommy John has thought of every detail obsessively to provide the best designs that come in an array of colors and patterns to go with everything in your closet.  

    We recommend having a few of each style on hand to work with all your wardrobe needs. After all, skirts and trousers that sit low on the hips are likely to have different panty requirements than a comfy dress on a windy day.   

    The bottom line: The proof is in the panty

    It’s easier than ever to choose underwear when you go with a brand that makes comfort and quality the priority. All the work is done for you ahead of time so you can focus on style and colors and think less about the technicalities and risk. 

    If you don’t own a pair of TJs yet, it’s time to set a new standard for yourself! Get some underwear that adapts to your needs and lifestyle instead of the other way around. When you choose from Tommy John’s women’s underwear collection you really can avoid all the awkwardness, simplify your decision making, and never lose money on a bad fit again.  

    Can we talk about camisoles? 5 reasons to get your hands on a good one

    There’s something about a camisole that just looks and feels good. Is it the snug fit? The sexy feel? The stylish vibe? Maybe science will tell us one day. But until then, just take a glance at these top five reasons to start building your collection of good camisoles (and abandon all the cheaply made ones that let you down).

    Tommy John’s camisoles quickly become household staples in professional and casual women’s wardrobes and serve as go-to choices for a range of outfits and occasions. Here are the top five reasons to start upgrading your camisole game today: 

    1. High-quality camisoles are more than just undergarments

    A top-tier camisole selection in your wardrobe increases your outfit options exponentially because they’re more than just undergarments. Wear them alone over skirts, pants, and shorts or instantly dress them up with cardigans and blazers. They’re versatile for creating different looks on short notice. Layer them under any outfit for extra warmth in the colder months too. The array of looks is endless.

    2. Well-crafted camisoles last longer than cheaply made ones. 

    Investing in a good camisole over the cheapy, throw-away ones is worth every penny. Trust us, they look better when being used as a stand in for tanks and perform better through multiple washes and wears. Just as not every t-shirt is made equal, neither is every camisole worth your time. So look for that higher standard of craftsmanship. 

    With their slim straps and easy ability to serve as a multipurpose garment, you might want to check out camisoles in a few different fabrics that share the same durability, beautiful shape, and superior stitching. You won’t regret stocking up on different types and colors so you have lots of options when it comes to those indecisive mornings of trying on a million things before deciding what to wear. 

    3. You’ll wear them all the time (so getting the good ones is totally worth it)

    Once you find a camisole you like, you’ll wear it all the time and want one in every color. If you don’t want to dive in head first, start with the basics. Get yourself a black one, a white one, and another closest to your skin color. That way you’ll be prepared for wearing them under sheer blouses (skin-tone colored camis work best for when you don’t want it to look like you’re wearing a camisole) as well as any other use you find for them. 

    Tommy John’s Air camisole is an ultralight option that works well during travel and stays put throughout the day. 

    4. Good camisoles are classier and can double as comfy lingerie

    You can get cleaner, sexier lines in better made camisoles like those from Tommy John. The Second Skin camisole is made of our smoothest, silkiest fabric and has an extended length to stay tucked no matter what. It doesn’t bunch up and serves as a fitted slip under dresses and skirts. 

    When something feels this good, you’re sure to exude an enticing confidence. But our beautiful camis also look good, making a Tommy John cami all the more indispensable. 

    5. Camisoles double as light sleepwear, too!

    Tommy John’s extra breathable Cool Cotton camisole also stays tucked, has flexible straps for easy adjusting, and is comfortable enough to fall asleep in or use for everyday wear. For women who prefer to wear something other than pajamas to bed, pairing Cool Cotton camis and panties is the perfect alternative. 

    So, you see how a good camisole works like a double agent in more ways than one. With anti-microbial fabrics that prevent odors and pilling, along with moisture wicking features in each camisole of Tommy John’s collection, there’s no reason not to make Tommy John camisoles your everyday-wear. Any outfit you’re trying to put together becomes complete when paired with the comfort, style, and functionality of a premium cami. 

    So get your closet ready to go for that perfect camisole that lasts and expands your wardrobe into a delightful spread of new outfit arrangements. But just a heads-up - once you get your hands on a good one, you’ll want them on standby in every color. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

    Thongs for women: When you should (and shouldn't) wear one

    Like most controversial topics, thongs have their place. That place is between your cheeks, of course. But when should you let a little fabric get in your groove, and when should you opt for fuller coverage underwear?

    Here’s Tommy John’s definitive guide to the do’s and don’ts of thongs for women, so you can be the expert the next time this debate arises.

    When you SHOULD wear a thong…

    • To prevent panty lines when wearing tight clothing. This is the #1 reason women give for donning a thong. Whether it’s a skintight cocktail dress for a special event, or a favorite pair of skinny jeggings on date night, form-fitting styles are usually meant to grab attention along with our curves. Nothing can interrupt that sensuous impression like odd lumps and bulges. They can distract the eye from smooth sailing, like a visual speed bump. Shapewear can do wonders to smooth and flatter – but without the right undergarment for your outfit, you still might be calling attention to your rear for all the wrong reasons. A thong is a must-have wardrobe staple under any clothing meant to show off the finer details of your lower half.

    • To prevent panty lines when wearing thin and delicate fabrics. Some looser styles of pants, skirts and dresses can also be prone to showing panty lines, especially if garments are made of delicate fabrics, like silk. Anytime you bring home a new clothing item, try it on using two mirrors if possible to get a realistic view of how it looks from behind. What you find may surprise you. But knowledge is power! You can then choose your undergarment accordingly.

    • To feel sexy and boost confidence. This is the #2 reason women give for opting for a thong. The fact is, a thong puts your bum on display. It frames your cheeks and highlights their shape – not unlike a lovely frame for an art print or painting, we dare say. Rather than concealing your rump, a thong revels in its glory. Whether it’s a new flame you want to entice, a playful gift to a partner, or simply your own private knowledge of what you’ve got going on under those work trousers, a little bit of sexy can be a fun indulgence and even a serious confidence-booster in the right moment.  

    • Anytime you feel like it! Some women just prefer thongs. If you’re new to them, it may take an hour or two of getting used to, but once they’re familiar, many women find them quite comfortable and even preferable to briefs or cheekies. If you prefer them and they don’t cause you any problems, you should wear them as often as you like!

    When you should probably NOT wear a thong:

    • If you have hemorrhoids. Thongs are more likely to cause external irritation to delicate skin areas than other styles of underwear, so if you have a condition like a rash or hemorrhoids, or are just especially sensitive, a thong may not be the best undergarment option for you. It can rub and cause or exacerbate chafing. 

    • If you’re pregnant. Doctors recommend breathable underwear and keeping your undercarriage clean and dry to prevent infection that could affect pregnancy. There’s always a risk that a thong’s more intimate contact with your body can increase moisture level, which is something pregnant folks don’t want. For all these reasons, it’s a good idea to stick with briefs and other fuller-coverage styles, with breathable cotton crotches, while you are pregnant.

    • While you exercise. The greatest risk for chafing occurs when you’re both sweating and moving a lot. Add in a thin bit of material between your anatomy and you could have a recipe for serious discomfort if you wear a thong while exercising heavily. Instead of wearing a thong with workout leggings, make sure the leggings themselves are opaque, sturdy, and have a cotton crotch for breathability. Otherwise, you can opt for looser shorts or pants during a workout and wear fuller-coverage briefs. (Tommy John underwear is designed to move with you and not scrunch or bunch.)

    • During any activity that could lead to “whale tail.” If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, “whale tail” occurs when the waistband of a thong pulls up above one’s pants or skirt and becomes visible – in the shape of a whale’s tail – on that person’s upper rear end. Similar to plumber’s crack – a bit too much information for the audience, usually. So, if your profession is plumbing or you’re helping out a girlfriend with her leaking kitchen sink pipes, you might want to leave your thong at home and opt for a fuller-coverage style. Same for gardening, changing tires, and any other activity that might leave you vulnerable to this wardrobe malfunction. And whatever your activity, be aware that thongs may peek out of any clothing with a lower-rise rear. Be sure to try on your style and move around a bit in the mirror before leaving home, so you know what to expect.

    This guide offers some suggestions, but remember that you’re the authority on your own health and comfort! Some women wear thongs almost exclusively, never have any issues and prefer the way they feel. If that’s you, then don’t let anyone talk you out of your thongs. 

    Whatever your style or occasion, we’ve got you covered… more or less, depending on your preference, of course. Check out our thongs here.

    Boyshorts: 7 Reasons You Need Them In Your Underwear Drawer ASAP

    Do you rock the boyshort? 

    A lot of people don’t… and for very understandable reasons. Maybe you’ve never quite felt like they flattered your body shape. Maybe they felt just a bit too boyish. Maybe they trapped too much heat and moisture and you worried they weren’t healthy. 

    We get it! And we also have some good news for you. There’s a whole new world of boyshort styles and materials out there to solve every one of these problems. If haven’t yet fallen in love with the perfect boyshort, there’s no time like the present.

    Here are 10 reasons to start wearing the boyshort immediately.

    1. They don’t leave panty lines

    Panty lines are the true bane of fashion for those of us who love tight clothing. Those form-fitting skirts and body-hugging pants just don’t look right with a visible panty seam running along beneath them. 

    The traditional response to this problem was to simply go commando or wear a thong. But what if you’re not comfortable without skivvies, and you don’t love the flossy feel of a thong? Boyshorts to the rescue! Because boyshort seams run under the curve of your bum (rather than across it) they’re more or less invisible. Consider panty lines banished.

    2. They don’t dig or chafe

    Thongs, briefs, and other minimal underwear can sometimes dig into the tender flesh along the outside of your hips. After all, the narrower that band of fabric is, the more pressure you’ll feel. This is particularly true for rounder and curvier folks.

    The solution? Broaden it out! A boyshort has a broad, flat plane of fabric between the waistband and the hem. That means the pressure is spread evenly along your skin, even when you’re active and moving.

    3. They shape and contour

    For some people, boyshorts are the ultimate in ‘shapewear.’ If you’re looking for panties that lift and support your bum, the full, contouring fabric of boyshorts might deliver that round, sculpted shape you’re looking for. 

    Of course, it depends entirely on how you’re built and the look you’re going for. There’s really only one way to find out - experiment and find the fit that works for you! 

    4. They’re breathable

    If you’ve worn low-quality or poorly-built boyshorts, you could be forgiven for imagining that they’re just not hygienic. Cheap, moisture-blocking synthetic fabrics can absolutely trap in your body heat and lead to yeast infections. And even the sexiest, most stylish panties should get unceremoniously dumped in the trash if they’re not good for your health.

    Tommy John boyshorts are different. All of our panties are made with a Cool Cotton gusset that keeps you 2-3 times cooler than normal cotton, and dries 4-5 times faster. That means you can wear them all day with nary a worry. 

    5. They give you real estate

    Some underwear is sexy and stylish because of how little fabric it’s made of. Boyshorts are just the opposite. The larger spans of fabric are perfect for showing off your taste - whether you fancy paddle prints, solid colors, or even stars and stripes

    If you’re looking for snazzy real estate, you really can’t do better than boyshorts. And of course, that full coverage can give you the support and modesty that some of us crave. If wearing a skirt with a thong leaves you feeling a bit too exposed, the boyshort is your new best friend.

    6. They’re really, really smooth

    Whatever you think you know about smoothness is officially obsolete if you’ve never touched a Second Skin boyshort from Tommy John. They’re made from premium micro-modal fabric that’s derived from natural beechwood fibers and will never pill (i.e. no more fuzz or lint balls). And yes, they’re supremely silky smooth.

    Our Second Skin apparel also stays in place and won’t bunch or slide - even when you’re active and moving. Hey, we called it that for a reason.

    7. They’re mischievously sexy

    Why did the boyshort panty style get popular in the first place? Maybe it’s because sometimes less really is more. Sure, it’s unabashedly hot to wear a bum-baring thongs that shows off maximum skin. But covering up - and leaving a little more to the imagination - is just as seductive. And of course, they feel a bit like something you might have stolen from a boyfriend - and that’s sexy in an entirely different way.

    Not convinced yet? Check out Tommy John’s boyshort panties and see just how many styles and fits we have to offer. If you don’t love them, they’re on us.

    Socks for men: 5 reasons the "cheap" options cost you more

    Socks are an underappreciated part of most men’s wardrobes. We often buy them haphazardly, with a “these-seem-good-enough” shrug.

    At best, we don’t notice them at all, and they go unremarked-upon by co-workers, friends, and lovers. If they work their way into our thoughts at all, it’s usually for some irritation or discomfort: they fall down, they bunch up, they get hot and sweaty.

    So many of us care so little about this seemingly humble wardrobe staple that when our socks disappoint us, we don’t even toss them out. Instead, we allow them to migrate shamefully to the back of the sock drawer, where they go unworn for what seems like decades (or in the worst cases, actual decades…). How many discarded pairs are clogging up your drawer right now?

    Don’t answer that, friend. Instead, let’s end the cycle of cheap sock shame. Those poor-quality socks are doing you no favors. In fact, like many choices in life, mindlessly opting for the cheapest sock option will cost you more in the end than investing in quality up front. Here’s how.

    1. You’ll buy more socks and shoes. Low-quality fabrics are less durable. They can retain more moisture when you sweat. This not only causes discomfort and can lead to embarrassing odor, but it can also cause faster breakdown of materials in both your socks and your shoes. Tommy John socks feature quality fabric blends and zoned ventilation strategically designed to keep you dry where you sweat the most. And zoned cushioning offers greater comfort as well as longer wear in the parts of your socks that get the most abuse as you move.

    1. Sweatier socks can encourage bacterial and fungal growth. Yup, you know it. You don’t want to think about it... but you might be creating a habitat between your toes. The sweatier your feet are, the higher your risk for athlete’s foot and other infections. Tommy John socks are designed for cool, dry comfort, which can translate to better foot health. That should save you a few co-pays and embarrassing trips to the pharmacy.

    1. Discomfort impacts your performance. Work and life are challenging enough. Don’t let discomfort distract you. Just like our original nemesis, bunchy undies, Tommy John has done battle with drooping dress socks, stifling fabric, and problems caused by thoughtless sock design. And yes, we have emerged triumphant. Our socks feature zoned cushioning and ventilation, arch support, and InvisiGrip Technology so they stay put, all day long. That means you can keep your mind off your feet and on the big picture - like that big presentation at the office.

    1. What your socks say about you matters. You work hard and care about what you do. Don’t let your socks tell a different story. Attention to quality and detail matters in every profession – and the way you dress can be a symbol to others of how on-point you are in other areas of life. You know this, of course, which is why you rock your sharpest suit for the important interviews and client meetings. Just don’t let a glimpse of drooping, dull, or uninspired socks conflict with your otherwise put-together image. Great socks, like great cufflinks or a tie, are a wardrobe detail that can elevate a solid impression to a standout one.

    1. Confidence shows. When you invest in quality, it pays off in confidence. As you know, quality socks last longer, keep you more comfortable and your feet healthier, and improve the overall impression you make on others. What this adds up to in the end is much bigger than the sum of its parts: confidence. Because when you feel like a million bucks, you’re more likely to make a million bucks. It’s not a guarantee, of course – but what man is a success who doesn’t act like one? In the meantime, confidence is its own reward. Having it improves your quality of life while you chase your next big opportunity.

    At Tommy John, we know a great pair of socks, like a great pair of underwear, is a beautiful thing. One of those seemingly little details in life that can make all the difference when it’s done right: for our budget, our well-being, our appearance, and ultimately, our self-confidence.

    Not so little, really. We believe in investing more in life, and expecting more out of it. It can all start with a great pair of socks.  

    Think men's socks are all the same? We've got good news and bad news

    It’s true. Many men’s socks are just OK. They get the job done, sort of. And that means their overall performance (or lack thereof) has become commonplace. With seemingly slim options to find something better, our collective expectations have sunk to a low status quo. The good news is this: You don’t have to settle for mediocre socks and longer!

    Here are all the best ways to identify good socks and get back to living your best life. Yes, we said it, because your everyday comfort affects your day-to-day sense of purpose! Finding a high performance, everyday men’s sock that is comfortable and smart will become your new status quo with these one stop sock shopping tips: 

    Find an all-day, all-purpose, stylish & supportive men’s sock

    Have trouble finding an attractive sock that meets your needs in the boardroom as well as everywhere else? Look for product features that include arch support, zoned ventilation, InvisiGrip® Technology, and zoned cushioning in your quest and don’t take no for an answer. 


    The Go Anywhere® sock by Tommy John is a good example of a high performance dress sock that is supportive all day, whether you’re hitting the gym or running around with your kids at the park after a full day of meetings at the office. 

    Seek performance innovation as sophisticated as your highest performing shoe

    What good is having world-class athletic shoes if your socks don’t also deliver streamlined support and comfort? With Tommy John’s men’s sock line every part of your sock-wearing experience is enhanced because we engineer our products with your complex needs and particular expectations in mind.

    As a man of substance, you require specific zones of cushioning, ventilation, and grip so your socks don’t droop, stretch out, collect moisture, or cut off your circulation. Just like you seek out support and stylish looks in a shoe, you should demand the very best performance from your socks as well. 

    Choose socks that care about your health

    It’s true. There are socks with support and features that benefit blood flow in your feet. The right balance of compression in Tommy John socks enhances blood flow when you’re on and off your feet, which complements your body’s overall circulation. Whether you’re desk-bound, commuting, working out at the gym, or all of the above, light compression and circulation-enhancing qualities extend wearability for those long days. Choose a sock brand that features these high-tech, health-savvy qualities in their products.

    With Tommy John, every detail is considered in the form, fit, and function of your sock. That means you can go about your day with good support and never have to compromise your sense of style.

    Go with breathability and strength (it’s all in fabric!)  

    Good fabric with superior breathability and durability are key components in quality sock design. Tommy John uses nothing but the best fabric blends to deliver the highest performing sock - whether it’s an over the calf dress sock, our all-purpose GoAnywhere sock, the 360 Sport Articulated Ankle Sock, fashion ankle socks, or liners. When a brand offers the same standard of support across their entire line, that’s a great sign they really care about quality performance. No matter what the sock’s purpose is, you should be able to keep cool or warm when needed, wick moisture, and rely on the top-tier technology to support your feet throughout the day. 

    Keep an eye out for sock brands that are transparent and communicate details about the fabric and craftsmanship of their socks. Dialing in on some of these characteristics will help you make wise choices that pay themselves forward time and time again for long-term, no-hassle wear. Your socks should feel like they’re barely there while making you look good in the process. 

    Socks that blow away your expectations are the new standard

    Are you punching a hole through a cheap sock right now? Make it the very last time. (It’s the sock’s fault, not your toe’s!) If you want all-purpose socks that raise the bar in performance and fashion, you now have the tools to break away from the norm and find your new favorite men’s socks. Because the bad news is yes, most socks are equally mediocre… until you try Tommy John. Finally you have access to a brand that beats your expectations and sets a new standard for footwear.

    Men's Graphic Tees: 7 Crucial Dos and Don’ts

    Wearing a t-shirt with graphics is a little bit like bowling. Get it right and you’re the cool guy with a smooth touch. Get it and wrong and you’re a foolish child who people may laugh at. Those are simply the risks you take if you want to sport an image, logo, or band name on your chest.

    But don’t be deterred! It’s 2019 and grown men do wear graphic tees. You just need to observe a handful of basic style rules to make those fashion gutterballs a thing of the past. Here are 7 major dos and don’ts to follow if you’re wearing a graphic t-shirt.

    1. DO: Choose minimal

    Generally speaking, where graphic apparel is concerned, less is more. A single word on a shirt is better than a phrase or sentence. One contained image is better than a sprawling, busy picture. A subtle print is easier to rock than a loud one. 

    Obviously there are exceptions to all of these rules. But erring on the subdued side is a solid way to avoid serious graphic faux pas.

    2. DON’T: Assume designer logos are good

    The purpose of a designer logo isn’t necessarily to make clothing look good - it’s to show off your purchase, and draw attention to your spending habits. Maybe that luxe fashion house’s logo will look stylish floating in the middle of your chest. And then again, maybe not. 

    In other words, try not to let brand associations affect your appraisal of the t-shirt’s general look and feel. Size it up with the same critical eye you’d bring to any other piece of clothing.

    3. DO: Experiment with retro

    The entire graphic t-shirt phenomenon is something of a throwback to 90s style. So don’t be afraid to dig up some of those old band tees and see how they feel! A faded, worn look can really add to the appeal, as long as you keep it within reason. (If a vintage tee is truly ratty or threadbare, it might be time to say goodbye.)

    Of course, ‘retro’ can include other kinds of old-school designs, too. But will that Jazz solo cup print look good splashed across your chest? Or will it just look goofy? There’s really no telling ahead of time - it all depends on your personal vibe and taste. You’ll just have to experiment.

    4. DON’T: Wear ‘joke’ shirts

    The point of a t-shirt is to cover your torso and give you some light protection from the elements. The point is not to make strangers roll their eyes in a shopping mall. If your tee has (or is) a punchline, you’re doing it wrong. 

    You know the kind of tee we’re talking about, don’t you? If your shirt says “Save water. Drink BEER,” give it one final, sad chuckle and bury it in the woods.

    5. DO: Layer it up

    Graphic tees can look amazing with an extra layer of outerwear to set them off. A denim jacket or blazer, in particular, can frame and balance the visual activity on your shirt. If you’re going for a ‘smart casual’ vibe - e.g. at your office, a mid-range restaurant, or an art gallery, that mix of formal and informal can give your style a snazzy little nudge.

    You can also try wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt beneath your graphic tee. This is more of a throwback look, but some people can absolutely pull it off.

    6. DON’T: Mistake it for formal wear

    Streetwear has been steadily upending high fashion, with sneaker culture redefining luxury footwear and hip-hop, surf, and skater-punk styles gaining wide appeal. In today’s boardrooms, you’re just as likely to see a hoodie as a three-piece suit.

    Still, your graphic t-shirt is not for formal settings - even if the imagery is artsy and abstract. If you need to look classy, stick with a classic button-down shirt.

    7. DO: Wear shirts that fit

    Of all the fashion guidelines you’ll come across, this rule is the most indispensible. Make sure your graphic t-shirt fits properly. Too tight and your flesh will bulge out in weird ways. Too loose and you’ll look like a kid playing dress-up. Your t-shirt should gently hug your body without constricting your movement. When you pinch the cloth, there should be just a few inches of slack.

    Not sure what a perfectly-contoured shirt feels like? Try a Second Skin Crew Neck tee from Tommy John for surreal comfort and fit.