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Should you try the notorious ball hammock? Here are the pros & cons

You’ve heard the stories about the underwear that isolates your junk to keep everything in place... but are “ball hammocks” really all they’re cracked up to be? If you’re still not clear on what exactly the ball hammock is, we’ve got your back.

The ball hammock is a pouch designed in the front of men’s underwear to keep your goods front and center. These can be found in trunks, boxer briefs, and other styles of men's underwear, and they have more than their fair share of enthusiastic fans. If you’re feeling a little hesitant to give it a shot, it’s understandable. Not every groundbreaking innovation is met with enthusiasm. But before you totally write it off, you should consider the benefits of this design. 

Advantages of the ball hammock

The ball hammock has a number of surprising advantages, especially for the active crowd. They really shine in the summertime, and you’ll see why:

Unbeatable support 

Despite the leisurely sounding name, the ball hammock is great for athletes. The hammock will keep the boys closer to your body so there’s less bouncing when you pick up the pace. That means no more turbulence for your sensitive bits when you’re running, jumping, or taking the stairs. If you’ve ever had to ice down your groin after a game of hoops, you’ll love the extra protection you get from the front pouch. 

Superior Presentation

The ball hammock will keep things together so you can look your best when you disrobe. Once you get a glimpse of how great you look in the mirror, sporting undies with ball hammock on a special occasion will feel like a no-brainer. Plus, the pouch will keep your sensitive bits from making a premature appearance. 

It will banish swamp crotch

If you struggle with chafing in the summer, it’s time to give the hammock pouch a chance. The hammock will give you lift and separation to keep things from sticking to your thighs. This means you avoid the dreaded “bat-wing” effect and keep your groin cool and dry - even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit at the gym. 

No more sharing space with your legs

Once the jewels are safely nestled in the hammock, you’ll enjoy some extra legroom in your undies. The legs of your undies will finally be reserved for nothing but your legs. Stretching, squatting, and jumping will be much simpler when everything stays where it belongs. 

Disadvantages of the ball hammock 

For some people, there are a few drawbacks of this style worth mentioning. 

It takes some getting used to 

Not everyone will fall in love with the ball hammock from the get-go. It may take a few days before you truly notice how much of a difference the added support and protection make. Once you can make it through a day of work without having to adjust yourself, you’ll start to see just how valuable they can be. 

The bulge effect

If you prefer a tighter fit in your pants, the ball hammock might take some getting used to. That’s because this men's underwear feature can create a more noticeable bulge effect. If that’s not your style or if you’re simply looking for something more modest at work, you may want to save these undies for the weekend or opt for looser pants to work in. 

One size may not fit all

The ball hammock is designed to fit most men, but everyone is different. The hammock may sit too high or low for the size of undies that fit you best, and some people may find the pouch a bit too snug or loose to get the support they need. For most people, moving a size up or down will work in these instances - but ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and a ball hammock may not just be the right cut for you.

Tommy John’s Risk-free guarantee

Tommy John has designed a ball hammock that will make suiting up all the sweeter in the heat of the summer. The cozy, breathable air mesh pouch will give your boys the relaxing day they deserve. Choose from boxer briefs or trunks, and then select a fabric type - Cool Cotton, Second Skin, or 360 Sport. This range of styles and materials means you’ll always have the perfect pair of skivvies on hand.

If you’re still on the fence, there’s only one way to find out whether or not you’ll become a ball hammock devotee. Tommy John offers a no-hassle guarantee so you can have some first-hand experience with the best ball hammock on the market. We want you to love your men's underwear, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the first pair you try, it’s on the house.

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5 reasons guys go nuts for ball hammock undies

“Tough it out,” is bad advice in almost every situation. But it’s especially unacceptable in the underwear drawer. If your current skivvies are squeezing, tugging, or chafing your stuff, there’s a simple solution: the ball hammock. 

The ball hammock is a special pouch in your underwear that’s like a cozy nest for your boys. When you put on your underwear in the morning, you make sure everything is tucked away nicely in the ball hammock to keep them off your thighs. If you’re feeling too macho for that kind of pampering, hear us out!

The ball hammock can help you embrace your sensitive side by hugging your vulnerable bits and providing extra protection right where you need it most. So let’s take a closer look at why so many men are jumping on board with ball hammock undies. 

1. They’re a major confidence boost

When you’re dressed to impress, you don’t want to forget about the bottom layer. Think about it - you wouldn’t wear a shirt that didn’t flatter your assets, so why wouldn’t you want your underwear to help you put your best side forward? 

The ball hammock will help keep everything front and center for a more impressive display when it’s time to ditch your pants. Just think about the perfect birthday present - it’s a lot more fun to open when it’s packaged nicely.  

2. Support like you’ve never felt

There’s a reason women love their sports bras - too much bouncing can be painful when you’re working out. But breasts aren’t the only sensitive body parts that bounce, and the ball hammock will help you keep everything in place during your daily hustle. Plus, it makes a trip to the bathroom a lot easier when you don’t have to rummage.

Ball ache is a painful problem for runners, but the ball hammock is an easy fix. It will bring your boys closer to your body and keep them secure so there’s a lot less jostling. Size matters a lot here, so you need to make sure you buy men's underwear that fits snugly but not too tight.

3. They’re the ultimate weapon against swamp crotch

Things turn ugly quick once you’re dealing with excess sweat. Sticking and chaffing can make it difficult to enjoy something as easy as a walk in the park. The ball hammock will provide an extra layer of moisture-wicking fabric to prevent unwanted skin on skin contact from creating unnecessary friction throughout your day. 

Of course, it’s not just the chafing that gives swamp crotch a bad name. The smell can be equally heinous, especially for the people you’re closest to. There are plenty of odor-causing microbes that love the warm, moist conditions found in a sweaty pair of men's underwear

4. You’ll have extra leg room 

We all have that one friend who can’t keep his car clean, and trying to get comfortable with all that extra junk on the floorboard is a real pain. More space means more comfort, right? Well, the ball hammock works on the same principle. Keeping your junk where it belongs means your legs don’t have to share the space with uninvited guests.

This means you won’t have to improvise any dance moves to disguise your attempt to free up your thighs when you're on the go. (And you’re probably not as discreet as you imagine, so this one is for everyone’s benefit.)

5. It’s like personal AC in your shorts

Humans are designed to sweat when it gets hot because of evaporative cooling. When water turns into vapor, it takes excess heat along with it and leaves your skin feeling cooler. It might seem counterintuitive, but the additional fabric in the hammock pouch can give your body’s natural cooling system a big boost. 

The extra, Air Mesh material in the pouch keeps your goods snuggly nestled away from the rest of your skin so the sweat can evaporate easily, and the moisture wicking fabric can speed this process up significantly by drawing up excess water away from your skin. That means when you’re rocking the ball hammock you can beat the heat and look good while you do it. 

The bottom line

Tommy John designed the hammock pouch with the same commitment to form, function, and fit that drives all of our men's underwear styles. That means an adjustment-free experience throughout the day. No more picking wedgies or rolling waistbands - these undies will stay in place as you bend, move, stretch, or sit. 

Our innovative hammock pouch is made from a lightweight Air Mesh to give you unrivaled comfort and breathability for just the right amount of lift and support. And it’s available in two styles - boxer briefs or trunks. Think we’re full of it? Give it a try, and if you’re not convinced, your first pair is on us.

Mid-length boxer brief vs. trunks: Which do you need?

At a casual glance, mid-length boxer briefs and trunks may not look that different. Both are form-fitting shorts that provide a lot more support than the classic boxers. Both offer some extra coverage and protection from chaffing, compared to classic briefs.  

But once you put them on, you’ll start to see the subtle differences. Trunks are notably shorter than mid-length briefs and will have a more square shape on your body. Mid-length boxer briefs, on the other hand, are longer and offer more coverage, and they are more rectangular in appearance. 

So how can you tell which pair of underwear you should be wearing? There is plenty to consider before you make a decision. 

What are you wearing on top?

If you like low rise pants or short shorts, then consider wearing trunks. The thinner waistband and shorter legs will stay hidden under your more revealing clothing choices. If you’re wearing thick denim, stiff dress pants, or itchy fabric, boxer briefs will do a much better job protecting your thighs from chaffing and other issues. 

Body type makes a difference

Your body type will play a role in how well your undies fit you. Mid-length boxer briefs are cut to end past the thickest part of your legs. This makes boxer briefs a better fit for many taller guys with thicker legs. But if you are on the shorter side or you have slim legs, boxer briefs may be a little loose around your legs, and trunks are more likely to give you a snug, comfortable fit.

There’s another factor to consider here. If you have a square-shaped posterior, boxer briefs can add a little shape for a more flattering look. If you have a rounder rear, trunks will be more suitable for showing off what you have. Ultimately, it’s about what looks right to you when you look in the mirror. 

Check the weather

Plenty of people can wear trunks and mid-length boxers without any issues, year-round. But when it’s cold outside, the mid-length boxer brief has more fabric to keep you warm. On the flip side, come summertime, less fabric means you stay a little cooler - especially if you’re going to be exercising or lounging in the sun. But there’s a little more to it than the cut.

When it does get hot, the last thing you want is a pair of underwear that holds water instead of moving it away from your skin. Moisture-wicking fabric will keep your skin dry and help fight off the summertime crotch smells that plague lockers rooms once things heat up. As the water evaporates, it will keep you cool where you need it most and you can avoid heat rash and other uncomfortable side effects of sweat. So whichever underwear style cut you choose, make sure your skivvies use high-tech fabric that keeps you cool and dry.

The modesty factor

On special occasions, you may want to dress to impress - even down to your skivvies. It’s important to choose the pair of underwear that gives you the confidence you need to feel relaxed in a state of repose. The close fit of both trunks and mid-length boxer briefs gives your rump a boost and streamlines things so you can look great, no matter what your body type is. But there is one key difference. 

The mid-length boxer brief offers a little extra coverage on your thighs for those who prefer to cover up more. If you’re feeling a little bolder and prefer to show off your natural beauty, the shorter length of the trunks is a much flashier choice. 

Find what feels right

If you’re like most men, you probably haven’t given much thought to your underwear since back in grade school. But take it from us - there are plenty of reasons to branch out, and different cuts all have their time and place. Your underwear should look and feel great, you owe it to yourself to find the kind you can look forward to putting on each day. 

In fact, there’s no need to declare your loyalty to a single style of underwear! There are plenty of occasions that call for different types of skivvies. There’s nothing quite as cozy as relaxing on the couch in a pair of boxer shorts, and you can’t find better support for high-intensity exercise than briefs.

No matter what the occasion, Tommy John has your back. All of our underwear is designed to be adjustment-free, so you’ll never have to deal with bunched fabric or chronic wedgies. And we love to encourage a little experimentation - so if you aren’t satisfied the first time you try a pair of our underwear, you can exchange it or get a full refund, no questions asked, with our risk-free guarantee.

Happy medium: 5 reasons mid-length boxer briefs are essential

Compromise. Not everyone likes the sound of that word. Doesn’t that mean you have to give something up? 

Not when it comes to underwear. The mid-length boxer brief has arrived - and it’s clear proof that meeting in the middle doesn’t mean you’re losing out. These boxer briefs are cut a couple of inches shorter than the standard boxer brief, for those times when a little less can mean a whole lot more.

Here are 5 things that prove these undies are a must-have item for your top drawer:

1. They keep you cooler

When things heat up, less fabric means more cool air can reach your skin. But then again, too little fabric may lead to chafing, especially if you favor skinny jeans. The mid-length boxer brief is the best of both worlds - no chafing thighs, but plenty of airflow

Of course, some fabrics are much better at helping you keep cool than others. Tommy John’s Cool Cotton collection is made with a moisture-wicking cotton blend that dries faster than standard cotton. That means superior breathability to help you stay cool on hot days. 

2. They won’t show under your gym shorts

There’s no denying that boxer briefs can provide the protection and support you need at the gym. But no one wants to see your underwear peeking out of the legs of your work-out trunks. That’s where mid-length boxer briefs come in handy. 

The shorter cut lets them stay hidden as you bounce, lunge, or stretch during your workout. You won’t have to sacrifice support, and you’ll still have ample protection from chafing while you move. The low-rise cut also means you won’t have to worry about them showing when you bend over. 

Of course, the gym isn’t the only place you might want to rock shorter shorts. If you’re braving the summer heat with some old-school denim cut-offs, mid-length boxer briefs are perfect for all the same reasons.

3. They’re less restrictive

Whether you're running, stretching, or playing a game of basketball, the mid-length boxer brief will let you bend and flex without ever hindering your movement. This is especially beneficial for people with shorter legs. Think about it - longer-cut boxers simply have more fabric extending down your thigh. When you move and bend, that fabric can drag against your skin, giving you unwanted friction and resistance.

Mid-rise boxer briefs will never hold you back when you need to hustle, and the support they provide your sensitive bits will keep you confident on the move. (After all, how well can you hoop if you’re worried about getting squeezed and pinched?)

4. They lengthen your leg

We all want to look good in our undies. (And hey, even if you’re not planning on stripping down with anyone, it never hurts to be prepared.) When aesthetics are a priority, the shorter cut of mid-length boxer briefs can be perfect. They create the appearance of longer legs by showing off a little bit of extra thigh. On top of that, you still get the flattering boost to your rump you’d expect from standard cut boxer briefs. 

Mid-length boxer briefs will give you the confidence you need to strut your stuff without feeling self-conscious. If you don’t own a pair of undies you can feel good about showing off, it’s time to retire some of those older pairs and make an investment in your style.

5. You won’t have to worry about underwear lines

Visible underwear lines can be a problem for anyone. It’s hard to pull off a professional look when people can see your underwear through your pants. And even if you’re dressed more casually (i.e. on a date), you probably don’t want to show off your skivvies through those tight slacks or jeans. 

This is another scenario where mid-length boxer briefs shine. They provide you the coverage and support of boxers without the extra fabric that can show through your clothing. 

These form-fitting undies will keep everything nestled in place and won’t bunch up as you sit or stand throughout the day. That means you can wear tight dress pants, skinny jeans, and other form-fitting clothing without everyone seeing your underwear lines. 

World-class undies for world-class dudes

Your underwear is the first thing you put on each day, yet so many people treat it like an afterthought. At Tommy John, we craft underwear to meet the highest standards of form, fit, and comfort, so you can feel good about your first layer.

That means no wedgies, and no mid-day adjustments to keep everything in place. And of course, they feel luxurious on your skin. Our mid-length boxer briefs are just the latest in our line of groundbreaking men’s underwear styles. Sound too good to be true? Give it a try, and if you aren’t 100% on board the first pair is on us.

What is a 'Performance Polo' & why do you need one yesterday?

There’s a reason polo shirts have been a mainstay in the fashion industry for generations. Comfortable enough to wear for a day out on the lake, but just formal enough to work for a casual Friday, these versatile shirts are the perfect way to step up from t-shirts on a laid-back summertime date. 

The polo shirt has its origin in sports. It was designed to improve on the standard uniform in polo, tennis, and golf, and to help give athletes the competitive edge they needed. Over the years, it's made its way into corporate uniforms, schoolwear, and other semi-formal attire. But if you haven’t worn a polo since your first highschool job, we’ve got some wild news for you: the Performance Polo has arrived - and it’s the dawn of a new era.

The Performance Polo is a contemporary twist on the classic. It brings the Polo back to its roots as athletic wear, without giving up an inch of style or class. Here’s why you need one:

Make comfort a priority

There’s no shortage of polos marketed as athletic wear - but wearing a stiff, itchy fabric that doesn’t stay in place won’t do anything to help your game. Tommy John is committed to stylish creations that are comfortable, breathable, and versatile. After all, this is the 21st century, and there’s no reason to sacrifice your skin for fashion.

The first time you try our Go-Anywhere Performance Polo, you’ll feel right at home - no matter where you’re headed for the day. Luxuriously soft and stylish, these shirts are built to last through the day and through your laundry. 

Bring out your competitive side 

Golf, tennis, basketball - no matter what your game, the Performance Polo is a step up from your thrift store finds. It uses an innovative, 4-way stretch material that will move with you and keep its form. That means you stay flexible and stylish, whether you’re just putting around or working up a serious sweat. There’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition, and looking the part will help bring out your A-game. 

This performance polo can keep up as you bend, twist, or ride, and the anti-microbial fabric will fend off odors and sweat stains alike. The collar gives you added protection from the sun, and the no-fuss design means it always stays in place - even when you’re dealing with a gusty day out on the lake. 

Wear it anywhere

The moisture-wicking fabric will help keep you cool, fresh, and dry once you start to work up a sweat, but is comfortable enough to wear to your favorite patio bar once you’ve wrapped up the game. The anti-wrinkle material means you’ll look your best throughout the day, no matter how much you move. 

Dressing up, or dressing down? Our Performance Polos are stylish enough to wear to an open collar event and flexible enough to look great with sandals and shorts for a day at the beach. If you’re not sure which way your day might be headed, the Performance Polo is a much safer bet than a t-shirt. A little clever layering can help you bridge the gap between formal and casual with just a few adjustments. 

Tucked or untucked?

The polo has managed to become a fashion staple because it can be incorporated into just about any style. It has the comfort of your favorite tee, but is suitable for a much wider range of dress codes. We’ve designed our Performance Polo in two cuts to help you embrace the flexibility. 

The longer tapered design of our Stay-Tucked Performance Polo will stay in place no matter how powerful your backswing is (or backhand, for that matter). That means you never have to worry about the dreaded ‘excess fabric gut.’ These Performance Polos will serve you well if you’re playing a full 18 holes of golf and can pair with your favorite blazer for a summer style that won’t leave you sweating. 

Need to keep things loose? Our Un-tucked Performance Polo is the perfect length to wear loose without looking tacky or getting in the way. Great for a day on the lake, a round of hoops, or an evening out at your favorite beer garden. 

The bottom line

You can be forgiven for taking the polo shirt for granted, but there’s no time like the present to give this multipurpose, adaptable piece a space in your closet. With unparalleled comfort, fit, and functionality, Tommy John’s Performance Polo will be your go-to shirt for leveling the playing field on and off the court.

Don’t forget your bottom layer! If you’re going to suit up, you’ll need some undies that won’t hold you back when it’s time to get moving. Just like our Performance Polos, they come with the Tommy John guarantee - if you don’t love your first pair, it’s on the house. 

From the Roaring 20s to 2020: How polo shirts revolutionized menswear

For decades, well-dressed kids in high school and college have favored the classic polo shirt. They’re also time-honored standard attire for casual summer dates and gatherings. For fashion-conscious men, though, the polo offers a refined look for fit for many occasions (and you don’t have to be at a country club to wear one well).

Of course, polo shirts aren’t always a fashion choice. Corporate jobs utilize the polo design for their uniforms, and workers like grocery clerks, waiters, and big box store employees sport them daily. So how did the polo become so ubiquitous? The answer may surprise you. 

It began in India...

The sport of polo, in its early forms, dates back to the 6th century BCE. But it was in Manipur, India, where colonizing British forces first stumbled upon the game in its modern form. From there, it made its way back to England - but not before a crucial change to the uniform. 

The traditional polo uniform was a long sleeve cotton shirt with a collar, but the players were irritated with how often the fabric got into their faces in the middle of a match. To solve the problem, they would sew buttons on their shirt to keep their collars in place. In 1896, a clothing company cashed in on the idea and sold the first polo shirt with button-down collars. They took the same approach to their entire line of dress shirts, and other clothing designers followed suit.

In the 1920s, tennis attire was equally impractical. Long-sleeve button-down shirts, itchy flannel pants, and ties were uncomfortable. As tennis became more and more competitive, star players opted for a short sleeve shirt with a long, easy to tuck shirttail with a button collar, and the polo shirt as we know it today was born. These polo shirts were made of woven, breathable white cotton that was comfortable to wear on the court. 

Making a statement

By the 1950s, Polo shirts were offered in a wide variety of colors, and because of their high price tag, they were seen as a status symbol worn by competitive athletes. Donning a polo shirt, even during a friendly pick-up game, was a way of showing you meant business.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that they became a fashionable choice for casual wear. Once every major designer took a stab at marketing their own version of the polo, it became the iconic American fashion staple it is today.  

Polos have become the go-to choice for company uniforms. Unfortunately, many of these company shirts are made with stain-resistant fabrics that are anything but pleasant to wear. Sound familiar? If so, keep reading - the polo shirt has recently been reinvented.

A triumph of versatile style

The polo shirt is a comfortable way to dress up or down, depending on the day, and it can work with any number of combinations. For a sporty look, you can match them with khaki shorts. Wear one with your favorite jeans or slacks for a summer casual look - or in the cooler months, you can go for a layered look with a jacket. Wear a polo under your best blazer and you have business casual attire perfect for long lunches with a client. 

Informal yet elegant, the polo perfectly fills the gap between a laid back t-shirt and the traditional dress shirt. It gives you the flexibility to transition from casual to semi-formal without a pit stop in a changing room. The polo is a truly indispensable part of a well-rounded wardrobe. 

Find your favorite polo

At Tommy John, comfort comes first, and we’ve applied our philosophy to craft a collection of polos to inspire your inner fashionista. These aren’t the polos you had to wear for your first summer job - no itchy collars or stiff, sweaty fabric. 

Our Go-Anywhere Performance Polo is made from a quick-dry, breathable fabric that can keep you cool on the golf course or at a backyard BBQ. It comes in two snazzy designs to fit any occasion. The stay-tucked polo knows how to stay put as you move throughout the day, and our un-tucked polo is the perfect length when you’re feeling too casual to tuck your shirt in. 

Or slip into one of our Second Skin Polos for a shirt you’ll never want to take off. Our sweater-knit polo is designed to be the softest collared shirt you’ve ever worn. And our comfort polos can make casual Friday feel like pajama day, with a long-sleeve cut available for the cooler months.

Every one of our polos is designed with a Stay-Put collar that uses a hidden bungee fastener to keep your collar from popping up throughout the day. And of course, they all come with the Tommy John guarantee - if you don’t love the first one, it’s on us.   

65+ Testicular Cancer Statistics to Remind You to Check ‘Em

Testicular cancer is the leading cancer in men ages 15 to 44 but can strike at any age. From dads who do it all to your favorite teacher, any man can be at risk. And although talking about cancer can be scary and uncomfortable, knowledge can be power. So what is testicular cancer? Testicular cancer begins when healthy cells in a testicle change and grow out of control, forming a mass called a tumor. Compared with other types of cancer, testicular cancer isn't common, averaging at almost .5% of new cancer incidences in the United States. That being said, it can still have life threatening effects and be just as impactful to your health.

Being your own health advocate is the first step to supporting your pair. To help you gain some familiarity with this type of cancer, we’ve rounded up over 65 of the top testicular cancer statistics to give you a vast amount of information at your fingertips. In 2020, roughly 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with some type of cancer in the United States so it is important to stay educated and think about every aspect of your hygiene and health.

From treatment stats to relapse rates, we’ve pulled the latest testicular cancer statistics to remind you to man up and check ‘em.

Global Testicular Cancer Incidence Statistics

US Testicular Cancer Incidence Statistics

Risks and Factors of Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Diagnosis Statistics

Testicular Cancer Treatment Statistics

Testicular Cancer Survival Rates

Testicular Cancer Mortality and Relapse Statistics

Testicular Cancer Incidence Predictions

While incidences for testicular cancer are forecasted to increase, you can see that testicular cancer usually can be treated successfully when caught early. That being said, about every hour a male is diagnosed with testicular cancer so being aware of screening best practices, risks, factors and treatment options can be vital for your health and best chance for survival. We encourage you to continue checking yourself and show your testis some love. For more ideas on how to pamper yourself down there, check out our most comfortable underwear for men.

How to choose the right underwear for literally any occasion

Your underwear is a critical fashion choice. Frankly, if you don’t put the same thought into your skivvies that you do into every other piece of clothing, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice. 

But you may have noticed that underwear options have exploded over the last few years. Trunks, briefs, boxers, thongs, boxer briefs… which is right for you? And what style should you pick when you’re gearing up for a workout / day at the office / chill evening at home, etc.? If you feel overwhelmed, we’ve got your back. This handy little guide will help you get savvy about your top drawer.

Doing physical labor: Boxer briefs

If your job involves a lot of bending, lifting, and moving, you need sturdy undies that can keep up with a little sweat. They should also be form-fitting to offer plenty of support. Tommy John’s Cool Cotton collection is durable enough to stay in one piece but designed to handle a lot more moisture than the cotton undies of yesteryear.

Doing office work: Trunks or briefs

But what if you’re working at a desk? You still need all the comfort you can get - but that means less material, and lighter material. When you’re sitting for extended periods, smaller skivvies - either trunks or classic briefs - will leave you comfy and airy. For the best material, check out our Second Skin briefs. They’re silky soft, and the breathability can keep you feeling cool even in stuffy work slacks. During the heat of the summer, these boxer briefs will help you banish swamp-crotch for good.

Hitting the gym: Briefs or boxer briefs

When you’re planning on going full speed, there are two major factors you want to look for in your underwear: Support and sweat control. (It’s also crucial that you bring a fresh pair of underwear to put on after your post-workout shower.)

For support in men’s underwear, that means skipping the boxers and choosing something with more support. Briefs or boxer briefs will keep you supported upfront and in the rear, as you move, climb, hop, or squat. For sweat control, check out the 360 Sport collection for a fabric that can keep you dry, no matter how intense your perspiration gets. 

For women’s underwear, opt for fuller coverage panties. There’s a time and place to get cheeky with a thong, but the gym isn’t really one of them. Choose a style that will keep your booty from uncomfortable bouncing and that will stay in place with you no matter how intense your stretching is. For fabric, shop Tommy John’s Air Collection - it’s a light, breathable fabric that dries in a flash and is guaranteed not to show through your workout pants. 

Skinny Jeans and other tight clothes: Briefs, thongs, or boyshorts

Nothing ruins the sleek look of your favorite pair of skinny jeans like a visible underwear line showing through. The same goes for silky dress pants or skirts. Visible underwear line (aka VPL - visible panty line) is a hazard for men and women alike, as it can make you seem sloppy no matter how clean your outfit is otherwise. For men, properly sized form-fitting briefs will be perfectly invisible under skinny jeans or tight slacks.

For women, thongs are the ultimate in discreet underwear. They’re usually invisible under even the tightest dresses, skirts, and form-fitting pants. But if you’re wearing skinny jeans, boyshorts can give you a bit of extra protection from denim. And because they reach farther down your thigh, the seam may even be more discreet than briefs

Tommy John’s Air Invisible collection offers underwear that won’t show panty lines regardless of style or cut. No matter what you’re wearing, these skivvies stay perfectly hidden.

Lounging around: Boxers or classic briefs

When you’ve got nothing on your agenda but chilling, you should celebrate with the comfiest pair of underwear in your dresser. This is where boxers can shine brightest. There’s nothing like the breezy, open-ended nature of old-school boxers to keep comfy while you sprawl and laze the day away.

Both ladies’ and men’s briefs have gotten a bad rap for looking dated, but they’re actually a cozy choice for a lazy day. There’s less fabric on your legs so you have more freedom to stretch and move, and they do a great job of keeping everything in place. Tommy John has given an essential update to this classic style for men and women, perfect for a quiet sunday.

Date night: Whatever makes you feel sexy

When you’re vibing with another person, there’s nothing more important than confidence. That might mean skivvies you feel comfortable being seen in. It might also mean stepping out of your comfort zone.

Let’s review the options: High waisted undies with a high cut lengthen your legs. Form-fitting undies with rear coverage can give your butt a boost. If you have a naturally round rump, a thong is a spicy way to capitalize on it. Trunks can help guys show a little more thigh. And hey, if you feel most comfortable in old-school boxer shorts? Wear them. Tonight is about underwear that makes you feel sexy in your own skin.

No matter what style you choose, don’t wear old, tattered undies! Even if you have no plans to disrobe, you deserve better. 

The bottom line

When it comes to underwear, a stylish look is only part of the battle. Underwear should also fit like a dream and be cozy no matter what the occasion is. If you’re fighting to keep your underwear in place or dealing with itching and irritation at the seams, it’s time for an upgrade. Shop Tommy John’s collection today to find your perfect fit.

The ultimate 2020 women's underwear guide: Styles, features & more

On a normal day, it might be the most critical piece of clothing you wear. And if you’re stuck at home, it might be the only thing you wear. But underwear isn’t always simple. With so many fabrics and styles to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming to shop around for a new pair.

To help you spruce up your top drawer, Tommy John has put together the ultimate guide for panties, briefs, beyond. Find the perfect cut, fabric, and features for your new underwear. (Whether or not you wear them under anything is your business.)

Dream features for your panties 

No matter what style you choose, there are certain critical features your panties absolutely need before you should even consider putting them on. 


It seems obvious, but ask yourself: Is your underwear truly comfortable? If it tends to bunch, roll, or twist, it’s time to toss it and start fresh. On the flip side, it doesn’t matter how well underwear stays in place if the fabric is itchy or abrasive to your most tender areas. High-quality fabrics and thoughtful designs are key for cozy undies.


In order to keep you dry - both for comfort and health reasons - your underwear should be highly breathable. That means using the right fabrics in the right places. All Tommy John panties are equipped with Cool Cotton gussets for enhanced breathability and improved moisture-wicking, so you can stay cool and dry throughout the day. 

Smart materials

When your day won’t take you much further than the couch, slip into your Second Skin - made from silky soft, luxurious fibers that are like a spa day for your nether regions. Meanwhile, the Tommy John Cool Cotton collection gives you the breathability of cotton while keeping you clean and dry.

On the other hand, if you’re working up a sweat, you need underwear that will keep up with you. Tommy John’s Air collection is designed to be so light you might forget you’re wearing it - and our advanced fabrics are quick-drying and anti-microbial to handle even the most intense sweat sessions.

A no-hassle guarantee

Trying a new kind of knickers can feel like a real gamble. After all, you can’t test them out until after you pay for them. Even so, look for companies that stand behind their products. At Tommy John, we’re so confident you’ll love your new panties that we offer a best-pair-you’ll-ever-wear guarantee. If you don’t adore your new undies, just let us know. We’ll exchange them for something better or refund your money. 

Peruse the styles

It’s important to have the perfect pair of underwear ready for any occasion - whether you’re running a marathon, heading to work, or putting on your Sunday best. That means you need a variety of styles to choose from. Here are the options to consider:


Looking for a flirtier, form-fitting answer to boxer shorts that still offers full coverage and support? Look no further than boyshorts. Equally flattering for all shapes and sizes, boyshorts have the added benefit of being more or less invisible under form-fitting clothing. They’re also modest enough to wear under short skirts without feeling too cheeky, and the right fit does wonders for your contours. Not to mention, they’re incredibly cozy when it’s time to lounge around.


The go-to classic for decades, briefs pair perfectly with jeans, summer dresses, and flowy trousers. Briefs offer the perfect amount of coverage to protect your thighs and other sensitive areas from abrasive denim. If your favorite pair of jeans has a high waist, take a peek at our high-rise briefs


For all the times when less is more, The thong is perfectly invisible under skintight leggings and delicate fabric. (And yes, some people even like to lounge in a thong.) Of course, whatever the situation, you don’t want a thong that rides up. Tommy John’s thong collection will stay put perfectly, and is guaranteed to banish visible panty lines. 


Want something sexier than a classic brief with more coverage and support than a thong? Check out the Cheeky. This new style of underwear is perfectly cut to flatter all your assets. The high V-cut lengthens your leg, and there’s just enough material to lift and contour your backside. With high staying-put power, the Cheeky cut is an excellent alternative to a thong on days when you need to move around more than a thong allows. 

The bottom line

Underwear sets the tone for your day, and creates a foundation for every outfit you wear. If it’s not up to the job, it doesn’t deserve any space in your dresser! Tommy John has crafted fuss-free, stylish panties for any occasion, whether that occasion is your first night out in months or the new season of your favorite TV show. Update your underwear wardrobe now and get free shipping on all orders over $75.

Top bra features of 2020: Innovative new designs & materials you need

Let’s face it - we could all use a lot more support right now, and there’s no reason to spend another day with a busted brassiere. A bad bra can cause pain in your shoulders, neck, and back, and it can be awful for your posture, too. If your bra is running ragged (or if it never did much for you in the first place), it’s time to call in the reinforcements.

At Tommy John, we’ve spent years developing and perfecting the most comfortable bras on the planet, and we’re not afraid to say so. Here’s a sneak peek at all the ingenious features we’ve put into our bra to help you stay comfy and stylish, day-in and day-out:

Fabrics you can live in

Some say the clothes make the woman. We say the cloth makes the clothes. If your bras are made from stiff, itchy fabric that you can’t wait to take off each day, it’s time for a change. Your bra materials should have these two essential features:

Ridiculously soft

Our Second Skin fabric is silky smooth and an absolute dream against your skin. This is one of those ‘game changer’ bras - as in, wear it once and you’ll never want to settle for less.

Air light & breathable

The last thing anyone wants to deal with on a hot day is boob sweat. Our Cool Cotton bras feature a perforated cup lining that can keep the air flowing and wick away moisture, so you stay cool and dry.

Dreamy contours

Whether you opt for our Lightly Lined Demi or our wireless bras, you can bet your assets it will be the most comfortable and supportive bra you’ve ever worn. You may even love it so much that you treat yourself to another one.

Convertible & adaptable

Each one of our bras comes with fully adjustable straps that will stay in place and keep you supported. That means no digging or slipping throughout the day. Our Plush Back Extended Closure offers four hooks to extend the life of your bra and keep you feeling supported as your body shifts in size from one day to next. The Lightly Lined Demi Bra and Cool Cotton Wireless Bra have convertible straps so you can go classic or cross back as needed.

Metal-free underwire

A little underwire digging into your ribs might just seem like the price you have to pay for a trusty bra that gets the job done. It’s not. Tommy John’s Lightly Lined Demi Bra offers all the support of the underwire with none of the bloodletting metal. This wire is fully embedded for flexible support wherever you go. 

Relentlessly comfy

Our Second Skin bras feature a ComfortStrength Wing for smoothing cozy feel without any digging, slipping, or irritation. The cups are seam-free for a smooth, contoured feel you’ll find positively addictive.

State of the art Bralettes

Our no-hassle bralettes are a godsend for those days when you need something lightweight that can handle it if you have to put some bounce in your step.


Does a breathable, pullover bralette that actually gives you support sound like a fantasy? How about three? Our Triangle Bralette uses convertible, fully adjustable straps so you can decide whether to keep them traditional or go cross-back. Meanwhile, our Scoop Bralettes come equipped with ComfortStrength elastic bands for a bra that’s guaranteed not to dig into your skin. Grab a Classic Scoop Bralette in Cool Cotton or Second Skin, or go for the Micro Ribbed Cross Back for your high octane days. 

Built-in power mesh

Our utilizes this supportive mesh lining to lift your breasts off of your chest and keep them separated to stave off the dreaded uni-boob. It’s like having the coziness of a bralette with the power of a sports bra.

Removable pads 

Removable pads offer versatility for the times when you need extra support and shaping. It also means you can easily adjust your degree of nipple coverage. It also gives you more flexibility throughout the month as your breasts shift in shape and size. 

The bottom line

If you think of a bra as something to be tolerated (at best), it’s time to start fresh. By putting comfort, fit, and flexibility first, Tommy John has created a line of bras you can wear all day, any day - whether you’re heading to work, working from home, or enjoying a night out on the town. And for the ultra-light days when you feel like having a little extra freedom, you always have the option to slip on a camisole

We love our bras, and we know you’ll love them, too. In fact, we guarantee it. If you’re not head over heels for your new Tommy John bra, it’s on the house

The Most Common Bra-Fitting Problems & How to Fix Them

Your back is sore. Your neck is killing you. And you seriously can’t wait to take your bra off after a long day. Does this sound like you? No one hates to hear it more than we do. If something feels off about your bra, you should take it off. Forever.

A bad bra fit is often worse than no bra at all. It can cut into your skin, leave you achy, and ruin your posture. So it’s time to cut the cord on your old brassieres and slip into something that has your back (in every sense). Let’s get into some bra sizing nitty-gritty and help you find a bra you love.

The golden ratio

Before we walk through how to fix a fit, let’s review some bra sizing basics. The numbers and letters have a direct relationship with each other. If you go up or down on the band size, the cup size changes, too. That’s because the cup size is calculated by subtracting the difference between the bust measurement and band measurement. Every inch of difference equals one cup size. For example, a 2” difference between the bust and band size is B cup, while a 4” difference is a D cup. 

That means any fluctuation in your band size will likely shift your cup size. Since everyone fluctuates in size and shape, you should make the effort to take your measurements every time you need a new bra. Now let’s get down to the business of tackling your topside concerns. 

Troubleshoot your bra troubles

Keep an eye out for these common issues that crop up if your bra is too tight, too large, or just too old. Toss the perpetrators and buy a bra that’s worthy of you. 

1. Curving band

There’s a common misconception that the straps are doing the heavy lifting for your bosom. The truth is that 90% of your bra’s support comes from the band. If the band curves up in the back, you’re either over-tightening your straps or the band size is wrong (or possibly both). 

When a bra is well-fitted, the band will stay straight across your back, with the straps merely helping it stay flush against your chest. The band and straps should both fit snugly, so give it the finger test. It should have just enough slack to let you slip two fingers (side-by-side) snugly beneath.  

2. Bulging skin

If your skin is bulging around the straps, your bra is too tight. Try adjusting the clasps in the back. If you lose too much support - or you start dealing with some of the other issues on this list - it’s time to ditch the bra and get a bigger band size. 

3. Overflow

If your cup runneth over (i.e. if your breast tissue is spilling over the top or the sides), you need to get a bigger cup size. Sometimes, spillover from the sides of a bra cup is the result of an older bra losing its shape - so take that into consideration before you commit to buying a different size.

4. Creased or gaping cups

If your bra cups are creasing, your bra is too big and it’s not giving you adequate support. It could also be the case that you damaged it in the washer or dryer (but you should never dry your bras!). If your breast is resting comfortably in the bottom of the cup but the tops are gaping, you can try tightening the straps - but going down a cup size may be the better solution. 

5. Straps digging into your skin

Remember, bra straps are only there to support the band. If you have to tighten them so much that they start to cut into your skin, you either need to go down a band size or your bra is exhausted and should be retired. 

Making the switch

Now that you’ve found the problem, it’s time to make the fix. But remember the ratios we talked about earlier? You can’t change the band size without taking cup size into consideration. So how do you proceed?

Let’s simplify it for you: if the band fits fine but the cups are all wrong, you can go up or down a cup size and stick with the same band size. If your cup works great but your band is too loose or too tight, then you need to go up a cup size for each band size you go down (and vice versa). 

Lastly, if your cup and band sizes are too big or too small, start with going up or down a band size and leave the cup alone. If that doesn’t work, you might need to take your measurements again. 

The bottom line

Tommy John has bras that aren’t a chore to wear. Soft, light, and breathable, we use the same high-quality fabrics as our best selling underwear, with just a few tweaks to make sure you have the support you need. Find your new favorite bra today.

5 ways to identify high-quality bras on the spot

When it comes to bras, the cliché is more true than ever: Looks aren’t everything. No matter how cute a bra looks on you, it’s not worth the cost if you don’t love wearing it.

A high-quality bra can improve your posture, reduce pain in your back, neck, and shoulders, and be just as cozy to wear as your underwear. A bad bra, on the other hand, can do the opposite: make you physically uncomfortable and put you in a rotten mood.

So how can you spot the difference when you're shopping for intimates? Just follow these steps:

1. Give it a wing test

A quick way to check the quality of the fabric in a bra is to gently stretch the wings. (In case you’re a little rusty on your bra anatomy, the wings are the piece of fabric that runs from the fastening hook to the cup.)

If it feels flimsy and stretches out too easily, the bra won’t be able to hold up very long before its elastic becomes fatigued. You can also feel confident it won’t be very supportive before the fabric gives out. While you’re at it, check the straps. They should be able to pass the same stretch test as the wings.

2. Check the return policy

No matter how sure you feel about your size, every brand is different - and low-quality bras are more likely to have odd and inaccurate dimensions. And of course, even high-quality bras vary in sizing from brand to brand. That’s why you shouldn’t drop any money on a bra unless it comes with a hassle-free return policy. 

Ideally, a new bra should fit on the outermost hook. That way, as the bra ages, you can use the tighter hooks to still get the same support. Of course, you can’t try a bra before you buy if you’re shopping online. In those cases, check the size guide and measure yourself. 

3. Does it breathe?

If your boobs feel like they're suffocating in a plastic bag, then it doesn’t matter how much support you’re getting - the bra is no good. Excess sweat can lead to rashes and fungal skin infections. (Yeah, bad news.) So when you’re investigating a new bra, look for smart materials designed to wick moisture away from your skin while allowing air to move freely through the fabric.

On that note, you should be able to breathe when you wear it. If the only way the band can give you the lift you need is by squeezing you like a boa constrictor, you need to buy from a different brand. 

4. Check the wire

An underwire helps shift the weight of your breasts forward for more support and to help you flaunt your natural curves. It’s also great at preventing the dreaded uni-boob. Unfortunately, cheap box store bras use a “one-wire-fits-all” approach. 

A high-quality bra brand will use different sizes and shapes of underwire for different bra types. When you try it on, the wire should start at your underarm and continue all the way to the cleavage.

But what about an underwire without the metal wire? Tommy John’s Lightly Lined Demi Bra features Embedded Flexible Support to create a versatile fabric wire that goes where you go - and it will never pinch or dig. 

5. Consider your wardrobe

High-quality bras come in very specific styles and flavors. If you love to rock T-shirts, you need a seamless bra, and you probably want padding. If you prefer plunging necklines, choose a demi bra with a slimmer band that won’t show up if you lean forward. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice support for discretion. When you’re out trying on bras, make sure the bra is specialized for whatever occasion you’re shopping for. And again, if you’re shopping online, look at the measurements and don’t forget to read the reviews. 

It’s best to stock up on a variety of bras that work for different occasions, but you also need to have enough weekday bras to give them a day of rest in between wears. Otherwise, a bra will lose its elasticity and give out well before its time, no matter how high quality it is. 

The bottom line

Bra shopping should be simple. And with Tommy John, it is. Our premium materials and innovative designs create truly dreamy bras like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Every garment we make is carefully crafted to be air-light and silky soft. Frankly, we’ll be shocked if your new Tommy John bra doesn’t become your favorite overnight.

Think we’re full of it? We’re willing to take that bet. If you’re not in love with your new bra, we’ll foot the bill. That’s our “best you’ll ever wear, or it’s free” policy. Shop Tommy John’s bra collection today and find out what you’ve been missing.

Undies for two: 7 unexpected perks of matching couples underwear

You’d be surprised to learn just how many couples wear matching skivvies on any given day. (We’re underwear pros, so just take it from us.)

Think matching underwear sounds weird, hokey, or codependent? We get it. But here’s a piece of always-sound advice: Don’t knock it until you try it. There are quite a few benefits that may have escaped your notice. If you and your partner haven’t taken the opportunity to coordinate your skivvies, here’s what you’re missing out on:

1. It’s a more subtle way to match

Not everyone can handle planning their outfits together. If the two of you have totally different tastes or comfort levels - or just don’t want to look like fashion clones - you probably don’t want to bother sporting a complimentary wardrobe. But you can still have a little fun between the two of you by choosing our matching underwear when you’re hitting the town for the evening. Think of it as a secret synchrony.

2. Every good team needs a uniform

If you’re ready to go out and conquer the world together, what better symbol of loyalty and unity than matching undies? After all, you might think matching tattoos are a little ostentatious and rings become invisible after a while. Picking out some matching underpants is a simple way to remind yourself that you and your significant other are in it to win it.

3. It’s like a power suit under everything you wear

If you work with your partner, suiting up together can give you the extra boost you need to power through difficult days at maximum efficiency. Even if you aren’t a couple that teams up at work, knowing your partner has your back no matter what can be a source of strength - and your undies can serve as a sneaky reminder.

In the same way a snazzy suit can help you nail an important presentation, coordinating your underwear offers a secret weapon to you and your partner alike: Confidence. (And who couldn’t use a little more of that?)

4. It strengthens your connection

Some couples opt for matching tattoos, while others prefer a more subtle reminder of each other when they part for the day. Knowing your SO is out there wearing matching undies can be a sweet reminder of them - especially during those long days at work when you’d much rather be home with your sweetie. Better yet, plan to wear them on days you’ll know you’ll see each other after a tough day, and it can give you something nice to look forward to. 

On the flip side, if you have to spend a holiday with the in-laws and there’s no hope for privacy any time soon, picking out a pair of matching underwear can show that you’re there for each other - and when you do finally get some time alone it will be all the more special.

5. It makes a statement

Whether you’re giving that special someone matching undies as a gift or picking them out together, twinning your undergarments is an intimate way to express your love and commitment, and it can demonstrate the faith you have in your life together. 

If you like to share your love on social media, showing off your matching underwear can be a bold (and slightly irreverent) way to proclaim your love for an audience. Not your style? Keep your matching undies a secret instead. It’s a stylistic choice, really.

6. Practice finding your style

If you haven’t already, you and your partner may end up decorating a place together. So think of matching your undies as a trial run. It’s a chance to discuss your tastes long before you build a space you can both feel at home in. The more practice you have finding common ground, the easier it gets. (But hey, don’t be surprised if you end up deep in debate over the ideal knickers.)

7. It helps you merge your wardrobe

If you and your partner have similar body types, then gearing up with matching underwear gives you the ultimate in wardrobe crossover: swappable skivvies! Which one is yours and which one is theirs? Nobody knows… and that’s kind of the point. Ultimately, matching your undergarments is just one more way to share. And if you’re the kind of couple that likes to share everything, this is the next step.

Find the best pair you’ll ever wear

At Tommy John, we take comfort seriously. That’s why we’re committed to making the best underwear in the world - stylish, silky-soft undies that never bunch, roll, or sag. And of course, they’re available in styles and colors that keep you feeling sexy in your luxury. Try our Second Skin collection for a ridiculously supple pair of undies that are so cozy that you may not want to take them off again.