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Fashion Fight: Americans Disagree Over Recent Clothing Trends — What Do You Think?

Have you ever disagreed with what’s hot and what’s not? While your personal tastes when it comes to fashion are entirely your own, culture and society tend to dictate the terms when it comes to what’s in vogue — no matter how over the top the trend may seem. 

While some classic looks, like a tailored button down or blazer, are timeliness, other fads come and go. However, some recent (and not-so-recent) developments in what Americans wear seem to be here for the long haul. To be clear, we’re talking about ripped jeans, baggy clothing, and athleisure wear. How do Americans feel about these clothing choices, especially since they’re often considered acceptable work attire now? 

To see how Americans feel about some of 2019’s more questionable clothing choices, we asked 3,000 people if they think ripped jeans, athleisure wear, and baggy clothing are “sloppy” or “chic.” 

Read on to learn:

  1. How the majority of Americans think ripped jeans are sloppy
  2. How women favor athleisure wear more so than men 
  3. How over half of Americans don’t jive with baggy clothes 

      Denim in Distress: 59% of Americans Consider Ripped Jeans Sloppy 

      We asked 1,000 people what they think of ripped jeans — and learned that 6 in 10 Americans aren’t about the look at all. The thing is, ripped jeans have been on store racks for some time: In the early 2000s, franchises like Abercrombie, Aeropostale, and Hollister ensured every teen and young adult had a pair of ripped jeans to rock to the party. 

      In 2019, donning distressed denim is still “in,” only the look is now more nuanced than it was a decade ago. For instance, pairing ripped jeans with a clean upper body piece, say a button down shirt or a business casual top, would be acceptable in some casual work settings.

      So, who’s really in favor of the look, and who’s not? Overall, more women (41%) consider ripped jeans to be chic, as compared to men (30%). We also noticed that Americans’ opinion of ripped jeans soured with age. For instance, 80% of Americans 65+ think the look is sloppy. 

      Athleisure Acceptance: 41% of Americans Think Athleisure Wear Is Chic 

      Since Americans are so divided on ripped denim, we were curious to see where they stand on wearing athleisure clothing — think leggings and synthetic materials — as regular wear.

      Also known as “sportswear,” “activewear,” and “athleticwear,” the split on athleisure clothing was a little less polarized. Forty-seven percent of respondents think athleisure wear as everyday clothing is sloppy, while 41% think that stylish gym clothing is, well, ok. The other 11% of respondents were indifferent. 

      As was the case with ripped jeans, more women (44%) favored athleisure wear, as opposed to only 38% of men. This could be due to the fact that leggings are now perceived as a comfortable, fashionable, high-end article of clothing for women, with some pairs going for as much as $100 each. Leggings are just as much a status symbol as they are practical gym attire, which explains their prominence in both the workplace and the grocery aisle on a weekend. 

      Baggy Is Out: 63% of Americans Think Oversized Clothing Looks Sloppy 

      Considering athletic wear is typically form-fitting, what do Americans think about baggy clothing? We asked 1,000 people what they think of intentionally wearing oversized clothes and learned the majority of Americans gave it the thumbs down. 

      Sometimes referred to as “unflattering clothing” according to sartorial style police, baggy clothes have made a comeback. In particular, baggy men’s jeans are on-trend, but not everyone is hopping on the bandwagon it seems. 

      In fact, men are the most opposed to baggy clothing, with 70% claiming that they think baggy duds are sloppy. Similarly to ripped jeans, Americans also tend to dislike baggy clothes more with age. In particular, 80% of Americans 65 and older think baggy clothes are not appealing. 

      So what does this say about clothing trends and what you should ultimately wear? While there’s nothing wrong with being adventurous, if you want to avoid criticism, following simple style rules for creating a polished look — think tailored shirts for men and casual but professional tops for women — is an easy way to create a personal style that’s universally considered more chic than sloppy.


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      Henley dress, sleep shorts or PJs? Choose your new loungewear style

      Loungewear is the best fashion trend ever because it means you get to look sharp while also being a couch potato. In fact, that’s the whole point: being comfortable enough to sleep while also being stylish enough to resemble a celebrity at the airport

      Loungewear is a nod to the increasing informality permitted in public style, along with hoodies at the office and yoga pants at the grocery store. Except in this case, rather than dressing down in environments that once demanded formal attire, loungewear for many people is a way to dress up for much of private life at home (and run out the door for an errand if needed without looking too shabby or scantily-clad).

      Instead of repurposing clothing meant for other uses, like, say, faded sweatpants from a sports team you played for years ago, loungewear recognizes the way we spend much of our everyday lives: at home, in the comfiest clothes we can find. Loungewear just makes those cozy moments classier. 

      So: What is your new loungewear style? Here are three top options to consider- and everything you need to know about how and when to wear them. 

      1. The Henley dress

      Henley dress styles offer pullover ease and the cozy comfort of a favorite sweater, with long sleeves. At the same time, the button detailing adds a hint of structure and formality (and potentially a touch of sexiness, too, with some buttons left undone). 

      Henley dresses are usually fitted but not overly restrictive, creating a flattering fit during waking hours while still allowing for free movement during sleep. Overall the look is perfectly reflective of the loungewear trend as a whole: maximally comfortable without sacrificing style, casual but not at all sloppy. 

      Tommy John’s Women’s Lounge Henley Dress is made with a special tri-blend fabric for luxurious softness. That innovative stretch material also ensures the piece always keeps its shape (even if you’ve just rolled out of bed or off the couch). Talk about effortless style! And we’ve eliminated tags because itchiness has no place when comfort is the goal. 

      Wear the Henley dress by itself, or add leggings for lounging in cooler temperatures. 

      2. Sleep shorts

      Sleep shorts are the stylish antidote to improvised lounge and sleep bottoms, like your partner’s aged boxer shorts. Banish unflattering and bunchy sleepwear by opting instead for shorts meant for lounging and snoozing in peak style and comfort.

      Great sleep and lounging shorts are designed with sleep in mind, with supersoft fabric that allows free movement but doesn’t bunch up in the night, and a stay-put waistband. Tommy John’s Second Skin Lounge Short for men includes those features plus a drop-crotch gusset for maximum range of movement. Men’s and women’s styles both feature tagless labels, too — because the last thing you want keeping you up at night is your shorts.

      Look for refined style elements like piping and lace for women. For men and women alike, great sleep shorts may feature functional pockets, soft and lightweight drawstrings, and sophisticated, timeless color options. (Blues and greys are always in style for both genders, and for women, wine to pink colors. This palette can range from dark to lighter shades infused with a muting grey tone, hinting at the natural hues of twilight.)

      For a cozier and more casual sleepwear look for women, heathered hues like oatmeal, light grey, and pastels are a soothing choice. Tommy John’s take is the Second Skin Luxe Rib Sleep Short, with non-pilling silky soft fabric and ribbing for extra breathability.

      Fun prints are a bolder choice and can keep your sleepwear seasonally relevant, or just add some playfulness to your bedtime routine. Look for matching prints for men and women, too — like Tommy John’s Balsam Fire Print and Lobster Print. 

      3. Pajamas

      A PJ set is the height of loungewear chic - a way to dress up and celebrate that you’re staying in, and hitting snooze in the morning a few times, too. 

      For men, luxurious softness and masculine style aren’t mutually exclusive. Tommy John’s sleep pants and sleep shorts offer both in classic colors as well as bold seasonal prints. Our sleep joggers feature the tapered look you love from athletic wear, with fit and fabric meant for sleep.

      Some color options feature a contrasting hue at the waistband for a more assertive take on sleep style (opt for black fabric with haute red at the waist for maximum impact if you like that look). Coordinating waistband color options are also available for traditionalists.

      Men’s PJ pants and shorts as well as our sleep shirts are made with micro-modal fabric for a soft, stretchy, lint-free experience. Our shirts ditch the sloppy, shapeless look of improvised or average sleepwear. Instead, Tommy John PJ pieces are cut closer to the body for a more refined look. 

      For women, a matching pajama set with refined details is the cocktail dress of loungewear. With high-style tailoring and luxuriously soft fabrics, this chic choice never goes out of style. Look for options with shorts and short sleeves or long pants and long sleeves depending on your preference and climate. 

      So, what will it be? A loungewear chic Henley dress, soft sleep shorts in matching his and her prints, or a matched PJ set to help you relax in style? 

      Fortunately you don’t have to choose! Check out all of Tommy John’s great sleep and loungewear styles and build the coziest part of your wardrobe as stylishly as you build the rest of it. 

      Different by design: 5 hot features all women's underwear should have

      1. Non-pilling fabric 

      Ever bought a great pair of panties (or a sweater, for that matter) only to have them come out of their first wash looking lumpy and ratty?

      “Pilling” is what happens when some fibers loosen from the garment’s fabric. The loose fibers then tend to roll up into little cloth-boogers. Grossed out? You should be. This process ages the appearance of a clothing item fast. 

      On sweaters, pilling makes for a sloppier look, though it sometimes blends in with chunkier knits and textures. In underwear, though, this fabric flaw is totally unforgivable, since it ruins an otherwise sleek look and makes the garment (if not the wearer!) look frumpy.

      Different fabrics can be more or less susceptible to pilling, with the most egregious showing signs of it after a single wash. More commonly, it takes a bit longer for pilling to show up. 

      In any case, the difference in the quality of the garment is noticeable. If you’ve ever taken used clothing to an upscale consignment store, for example, this may be one of the characteristics the staff check for before accepting a piece for resale. 

      All of Tommy John’s women’s panties in the Second Skin collection employ micro modal fabric that doesn’t pill. And the super soft fabric is made from natural beechwood fibers to boot.

      2. Cotton gusset

      The gusset is the interior lining of your underwear at the crotch. Whatever the rest of your underwear is made of, a cotton gusset is standard these days. That’s because cotton is eminently breathable. 

      Letting your lady bits breathe is important for a couple of reasons:

      First, your health. Moisture buildup can nourish bacteria and encourage overgrowth. In this region of your body, that can lead to a yeast infection or urinary tract infection. At that point, it doesn’t matter how sexy those panties look. They’ve failed you in their most important function: protecting your body. 

      Other good reasons behind breathable cotton gussets in women’s underwear include comfort & confidence — persistent moisture and sweat can cause chafing, itchiness, and generally distracting self-consciousness.

      All of Tommy John’s women’s panties feature advanced Cool Cotton gussets for extra breathability. Our Cool Cotton is a leg up over regular cotton, keeping you two to three times cooler and drying four to five times faster than the widespread industry standard. 

      3. Moisture management fabrics

      The gusset isn’t the only part of your underwear prone to moisture issues. Long periods spent sitting, hot and humid weather, and movement that works up a sweat are all ways moisture can gather in this general region of your body and its most intimate layer of attire. 

      For that reason, a great pair of panties should be designed with attention to this issue throughout the garment. 

      Some synthetic fabrics don’t absorb moisture at all, which means it can pool against your skin or pour right through your clothing in the worst cases. Cotton, and some other natural fibers, are great for moisture absorbency. And high-tech fabrics meant for athletic wear tend to wick moisture away from the skin to keep you and the garment itself as dry as possible.

      Tommy John’s Air Collection of women’s panties boasts moisture-wicking, anti-microbial proprietary fabric. They dry so fast you can wash them in the sink, hang them up, and wear them just a few hours later.

      4. No-roll, no-pinch waistband

      When comfort is a priority, a well-designed waistband is a must. You can tell a great waistband from what it doesn’t do: pinch, budge, or roll over the stomach.  A great waistband will hold your underwear in place without bulking out or carving into your skin. 

      Unlike most women’s underwear makers, Tommy John insists first on comfort and functionality in our designs, then builds great style onto that wearable foundation. We did it first for men’s underwear and we demand no less of our newer women’s line. 

      Because whatever your gender, however sexy or stylish your underwear, no one looks good fidgeting with their undies. Tommy John’s stay-put waistbands help make our “No Adjustments Needed” motto a reality.

      5. No-budge, no-bunch design

      Rounding out a great underwear design is fabric and construction that eliminates bunching and wedgies to improve your appearance and ensure your comfort. 

      After all, great panties are something you don’t ever have to think about it, because you don’t have to. If they’re working well for you, they’re invisible to you and everyone else. They don’t bunch, migrate to uncomfortable locations, or appear lumpy through clothing. They don’t ruin your great style or your confidence by forcing you to make frequent adjustments when you wear them.

      Fabric should be sleek, stretchy, soft, durable, and 100% bunch-free. Construction should be tailored to allow for a precise fit. All Tommy John women’s underwear is designed to liberate you from awkward bunching, wedgies and the need for adjustment. 

      The Bottom Line

      Tommy John apparel places the three Fs — Fabric, Fit and Function — at the forefront of our designs. This has made us a pioneer in women’s underwear in particular, which for too long has sacrificed comfort and utility in pursuit of style. 

      We think women shouldn’t have to choose between a great-looking pair of panties and a comfortable one. Now, they don’t have to. With Tommy John’s women’s underwear, women have plenty of choices, but style vs. comfort isn’t one of them

      Meet the trunk: How, when & why men should rock this underwear style

      Do you know a pair of men’s trunks when you see them? No, we’re not talking swim trunks. Not the furniture item, either. 

      We’re talking about an underdog style of the men’s underwear world. Not because they’re not popular (or fantastic!) but because not all men know their proper name. That’s right, there’s a chance you might have a pair of trunks in your underwear drawer (or on your body) right now, without even knowing it. 

      Men’s trunks have been gaining in popularity in recent years, but the correct terminology for this style isn’t as well-known as it should be. It’s like that amazing actor you recognize from that show — you know, the one with the hair, and, like, that face — but whose name you’ve never bothered to retain. 

      Or that guy who sits near the copier at work, who’s always so friendly whenever you stop by to pick up your document. After a few years of at least weekly small talk, you know a lot about each other’s lives: relationship status, kids/no kids, where you each grew up. But names? 


      Fortunately, we’re here to give credit where credit is due. It’s time to get better acquainted with the trunk — and give this upstart but versatile men’s underwear style the recognition it deserves. 

      After all, you and your drawers spend even more time together than you and...Copier Guy. And it’s always good to know more about what’s going on in your pants, right? 

      Trunks: The Boxer Brief’s Flashier Cousin

      Trunks have been described as the offspring of Brief and Boxer Brief underwear styles. And this rings true. They offer the close, supportive fit of both styles, with a leg length between the two.

      Tommy John’s Trunks all feature a 4.5” inseam, whereas the brief inseam is 0” and the Boxer Brief extends much farther down the thigh, with an 8” inseam.

      You could think of this as a balanced choice or a happy medium between the two extremes of men’s underwear leg lengths. Or you could see Trunks as the slightly flashier, cooler cousin of the more staid and solid Boxer Brief. (Which of these perspectives you take depends entirely on your own style preference at any given time, we should add.)

      The Trunk likes to talk up its good looks and confidence because, although versatile, this underwear style is slightly less so for most men than the always-trusty Boxer Brief, whose extended leg length is most protective of the body during exercise, preventing rubbing and chafing through the length of the thigh. 

      The Trunk may still be suitable for light athletic activity, but its real selling point is its flashier (but still not too flashy) style. Leg lengths shorter than those of Boxer Briefs allow men with great thighs to show them off. 

      At the same time, Trunks provide more coverage and - to many men’s minds - a more modern style than most Briefs can muster. (However, under Tommy John’s care, the classic Brief enjoys a revival in assertive, masculine, up-to-the-minute colors, color combos, and stripes — nothing boyish here). 

      There are more reasons a man might opt for a Trunk. All of the following scenarios might make this style a good choice:

      1. On men with muscular thighs, The Trunk shows them off (whereas the Boxer Brief downplays them with more coverage, and the Boxer de-emphasizes the shape of the body with a looser fit). 
      2. On shorter men, the Trunk can make the legs look longer, providing a more proportional appearance than a Boxer Brief and creating the visual appearance of greater height.
      3. On men who just want to show a little more skin for any reason, Trunks are a way to showcase their confidence.
      4. Men might opt for the Trunk as a similar-length alternative to the looser-fitting Boxer, for more support, for a tidier, updated look, or to reduce the discomfort and poor appearance of bunching under slimmer-fitting pants.
      5. Men might opt for the Trunk over the Boxer Brief for less bulk and heat retention in warmer weather, and for invisibility under most shorts. 
      6. The Trunk can be a great option for men looking for a balance between comfort and sex appeal.

          The Tommy John Trunk

          All Tommy John Trunks feature a stay-put, no-roll waistband, contour pouch, and horizontal Quick Draw® fly. Wedgies are guaranteed gone for good. 

          While all our trunks share a 4.5” inch inseam, they come in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and prints for a range of activities and preferences. 

          Want to adorn your lower half for the holidays with prints that are festive but classy? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a lightweight material perfect for travel? Look no further. Want the best cotton basics for everyday wear? We set the standard. 

          Find your perfect pair of Trunks by checking out the Tommy John’s full selection of premium offerings. 

          You might be a boxer briefs man if... (5 dead giveaways)

          If you’re still on the fence about the best kind of underwear, you’re not alone. Plenty of men have mindlessly stuck to whatever style their parents or partner choose for them. But if you’re not jazzed about the way your underwear makes you feel - either because the look isn’t right or it’s just plain uncomfortable - it’s time to be a grown-ass man and take charge or your style. 

          And here’s the good news: There’s a lot more out there than boxers or briefs to choose from. Take boxer briefs, for instance. Are they right for you? Here are some clear cut signs you should make the switch:

          1. You’re always on the move

          If you like to stay active, boxer briefs are your new best friend. They offer plenty of support in the front and back, but they will never restrict your movement or ride up between your thighs. Plus, the right fabric can add breathability and control excess sweat when you’re giving it your all, so you’ll stay clean and dry.

          Choose the right fabric for high-activity days—make sure it wicks sweat and prevents microbes from setting up shop, and always keep an extra pair in your gym bag to change into. The people around you will appreciate it just as much as you will. 

          2. The squats have paid off

          If you’ve been diligent with your squat routine (or maybe you’re just naturally sporting a perfect rump), why not flaunt what you’ve got? Boxer briefs show off your best features and never give you wedgies, making them flattering rear-wear.

          Boxer briefs will help round everything out and hug tight against your backside, so you can feel confident and stylish while you strut - whether you’re at the club or just bumming around the house.

          3. You’re fashion-forward

          If briefs make you feel like a five-year-old all over again, and boxers are too dowdy for your taste, the boxer brief is a compromise made in heaven. They’re sophisticated and sexy, and they never let anything hang out. And the statistics are on your side—most people prefer the look of boxer briefs on their partner.

          Of course, you shouldn’t let the general public sway your opinion on what feels right to you. But if there’s anyone special you want to show off for, boxer briefs are worth exploring. Hey, if they make you and a smitten admirer happy, then you’re getting double your money’s worth.

          4. You like to keep everything in its place

          If all the shock and jostling of a full sprint leaves you feeling sensitive, then boxer briefs will give you the crucial support you need. They keep your luggage comfortably in its place so you can focus your energy on moving and not stress about pinching, squeezing, or readjusting. Plus, the extra fabric will absorb excess moisture and keep you cool so you’ll stay comfortable all day, no matter what the weather outside is like. 

          Of course, sometimes all it takes is one flight of stairs to get things bouncing, so even if you’re not running a marathon, boxer briefs will keep you supported for the expected and unexpected moving you’ll do throughout the day. 

          5. You’re strictly against chafing

          If you love skinny jeans, you’ve probably dealt with some serious chafing. Denim is tough and resilient—that’s why people love it. But your skin deserves a break, especially in your most sensitive areas. More coverage means less rubbing. But the vintage baggy pants you save for 90s night can be just as troublesome. All that extra material can get tangled up with boxers, and a low crotch means briefs will let your thighs rub together. 

          But whether it’s abrasive denim or skin-on-skin chapping your nether-regions, boxer briefs can prevent irritation by giving you a cozy buffer. Boxer briefs will banish chafing for good, so you can rock your favorite pair of jeans no matter what style you prefer. And hey, it’ll be a lot easier to work up the nerve to dance when you’re comfortable in your clothes.

          The bottom line

          If you want underwear that can keep up with you as you power through your day - as well as boost your confidence when it’s time to strip down - then it’s time to take the boxer brief plunge. 

          But even if boxer briefs have already won you over, that doesn’t mean you should settle for any old pair. Your new skivvies won’t accomplish anything for you if they’re cheaply made, bunch, roll, or slide out of place!

          At Tommy John, we set out to make the perfect, adjustment-free underwear that never rides up and never sags down. And we’re confident we can deliver. In fact, we’re so sure we’ve made the best pair of underwear you’ll ever wear that you’ll get your money back if you disagree. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

          42% of Americans Say They Never Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them

          Instant gratification. It’s the much-talked about idea that defines a generation — the desire (read: need) to immediately experience pleasure or reap benefits. It manifests within on-demand economy and social media culture — from same-day shipping to instant likes, whatever we want, we want it now.

            The same can be said for buying clothing. When you buy a new shirt or pants, you’re probably thinking about wearing them — not about who tried them on last. But new clothes aren’t always as new as they seem; in fact, even straight from the store (or box), most clothing items go through several hands, from manufacturing to shipping, before hanging in your closet.

            That got us thinking — how do Americans fare when it comes to cleaning their new clothing? To find out, we asked 1,000 Americans whether or not they wash new clothes before wearing them for the first time. Read on to learn: 

            1. How nearly half of Americans admit they never wash new clothes before wearing them
            2. How both men and women skip the washer before sporting new underwear
            3. Why it’s important for your health and hygiene to wash new clothes before breaking them in  

            Apparel Atrocity: Nearly Half of Americans Never Wash New Outerwear Apparel Before the First Wear

            We all love the feeling of new clothes, but some of us love it a little more than others. According to our data, 42% of Americans admit they never wash outerwear apparel, such as pants or t-shirts, before wearing them the first time. 

            What’s more, 36% of respondents claimed they only wash new clothes “sometimes”; a meager 22% of respondents say that they “always” wash their new clothing before wearing them. Looks like some of us are a little over-eager to sport our new off-the-rack collections. 

            Unclean Underwear: 35% of Americans Never Wash New Underwear Before the First Wear  

            We couldn’t stop at outerwear — we had to know, do American’s unclean habits extend to underwear as well? We dug a little deeper and asked 1,000 Americans if they wash new underwear before wearing them, too. If you thought the outerwear stats were bad, you’ll love this: 35% of respondents claimed they never wash new undies before the first wear. 

            Men turned out to be the worst offenders, with 43% admitting they never wash new undies. Twenty-eight percent of women also admitted to never washing new underwear, which could include both bras and/or underwear. 

            While many retail stores ask that you don’t try on underwear at all before buying, it’s hard to fully know those garments have been before you. Other stores take a loser approach, allowing shoppers to try on new underwear as long as they keep their old underwear on as well. Even if all shoppers follow these rules, the same criteria doesn’t apply to new bras. Why chance it? 

            Hygiene Hang-Ups: Why It’s Important to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them

            So nearly half of us don’t wash new clothes before washing them — what’s the big deal? Turns out, wearing clothing before washing — even if they’re straight off the rack or out of the package — leaves you open to contracted lice, eczema, or even scabies. Now that we’ve got your attention, you should also note that clothes ordered online carry possible health risks, too. 

            According to Donald Belsito, a professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center, infectious diseases and fungus can be easily transferred from clothing to your skin. For clothing ordered online, you also have to consider the fact that numerous hands and chemicals come into contact with garments before you wear them.

            Textiles are chemically treated, oftentimes with natural skin irritants like formaldehyde and azo-aniline. Washing clothes — both online and in-store purchases — reduces your chance of contracting a rash or other infectious diseases. 

            Before you pass off these hygiene best practices as fitting room fiction, here’s a list of must-wash items to keep in mind the next time you go on a shopping spree: 

            1. Socks 
            2. Underwear 
            3. Undershirts 
            4. Athletic wear 
            5. T-shirts
            6. Shorts
            7. Summer dresses 
            8. Swimsuits

              Basically, anything that will come into direct contact with your skin needs to be washed first. Here’s a quick refresher on how to properly wash your new clothes:

              1. Read the washing instructions. Check the care label of your garment to learn of any specific instructions when washing. 
              2. Turn clothing inside out. New clothes, especially those with vibrant colors, will bleed and lose color. Turning them inside out will retain the dye better. 
              3. Unbutton any buttons. If you don’t, you risk rending your clothing. 
              4. Zip up zippers. Zipping zippers ensures that they don’t snag and rip other clothing in the wash. 
              5. Choose the temperature. Cold water is better for delicates, such as sweaters or laced tops. Warm water is better for light-colored or white clothes. 
              6. Pick the right detergent. The temperature you select should determine the detergent you use. 
              7. Wash your clothes. The hard work is done. Wait until the cycle is finished and let your clothes air dry.         

                We get how tempting it is to rock your new duds after purchasing them, but why take the risk? Wash your new clothes before wearing them out — you’ll reap the benefits and the compliments regardless. 


                This study consisted of two survey questions conducted using Google Surveys. The sample consisted of no less than 1,000 completed responses per question. Post-stratification weighting has been applied to ensure an accurate and reliable representation of the total population. The survey ran between November 4th–November 7th, 2019.

                5 reasons loungewear is the classiest bedtime style in ages

                What to wear to bed?

                For an astonishing number of busy grown-ups the question could fairly be rephrased like so: What ratty t-shirt can we no longer leave the house in? 

                Like magic, that t-shirt gets recategorized as “pajamas.” 

                Set aside for a moment that you’re a serious professional. Maybe a parent. A neighbor. A PTA volunteer. Ignore the many hours you might spend each week burnishing your adulting credentials at the office, carefully calibrating a PowerPoint deck for the quarterly regional sales meeting. 

                Disregard that you go over your kid’s homework assignments, emphasizing the Value of a Good Education. Forget the fact that for the 57th week in a row, you remembered to take out the trash and the recycling.

                Forget all these things, and really take stock of that ratty T-shirt. Did you throw it on as soon as you passed the “no more visitors, no more leaving the house” threshold and were safe from spectators? (Wait, did you didn’t wear it while taking out the trash, did you...?) 

                And who knows if you’re wearing anything on the bottom. Stained sweatpants of from the same era? Maybe. Old boxer shorts with a stretched-out elastic waistband? Yeah, got those. 

                And that’s okay — fondness for a current (or former) romantic partner’s disintegrating t-shirt is a widespread phenomenon (and, studies show, can even occur sans fondness for the ex themselves). Affection for the wearable vestiges of our own past can be similarly comforting and familiar. 

                And yet, the softness of these beloved tees’ ancient threads lulls us into fashion blindness. Look carefully and you might find that the extreme cleverness of their snarky slogans (“COLLEGE”) seems to have faded nearly as much as the textiles themselves. Okay, maybe even more... 

                So here you are, dutifully caring for your dental hygiene like the upstanding adult that you are. But have you considered that your bedtime style might be the missing piece that takes your life from good to great? Or from great to outrageously stellar?

                Luxe loungewear

                Every person’s life has its ratty t-shirt moments. But surely with all the time we spend proving our respectability to others every day, we ought to take a moment to prove it to ourselves once in awhile, too.  

                Enter luxe loungewear. This trend nods at your love of softened-by-time tees with pieces designed for softness and comfort from day one, without the snarky slogans (or stains). 

                The current loungewear trend is amazing because of the seamless way it combines style and ease. These pieces aren’t just meant to be slept in, with accidental sightings during waking hours. 

                Elegant robes, coordinating pants and henleys, joggers and hoodies, women’s tank tops and lounge dresses come in a variety of stylish, timeless tasteful hues and prints and refined fabrics meant to be admired. They dignify lounging and elevate it to an art form.

                If you’re not already convinced you’ll look and feel 85% classier in the morning with a great loungewear look, here are five reasons to invest in sharp loungewear style ASAP: 

                1. Loungewear is the comfiest way to be classy. 

                A silky collared sleep set with stylish piping detail, this outfit looks as right for sipping a late glass of wine in front of the fireplace as it does for hitting snooze on a late Sunday morning. The whole point of this style trend is the combination of out-of-the-house style points with the high requirement for comfort you place on whatever you’ve been wearing when people aren’t looking. 

                2. Loungewear is also the laziest way to be classy.

                Look polished in a quick minute, great when a neighbor drops by unannounced or the plumber shows up early. No accessories — or even shoes — required. (Though coordinating slippers are never a bad idea.)  

                3. Loungewear can be a part of self-care. 

                Donning great style even when we don’t have to (to abide by a dress code or avoid stares and social judgment) is one way to treat ourselves well during private moments. Our choice of clothing can remind us to treat the present, and ourselves, with more care and thoughtfulness. 

                4. Loungewear makes hanging out at home a special occasion.

                Want to feel like the king or queen of your abode? No matter if there are dishes in the sink or laundry piled high, nothing helps you feel above it all like donning a loungewear style that says, “I’m in charge, and I’m seriously relaxed about it.” Old t-shirts are for painting projects and cleaning the oven. A luxuriously soft henley dress is for chilling and taking a time-out. 

                5. Great loungewear can help us celebrate great company.

                Coffee with our partner in the morning can be a beautiful thing. A handsome robe, gown, or sleep set just makes it a little more beautiful. Making an effort to elevate the everyday is a small way to show family and partners we care, and that their presence makes even hectic everyday routines worth a little celebration. 

                With our focus on comfort through outstanding design in all our clothing, Tommy John has created loungewear perfection. See what we have to offer.

                Bra vs. camisole: How to choose for your outfit

                Camisoles and bras are decidedly different garments but the functions these staple items serve in women’s wardrobes overlap in a number of ways. 

                There are times you might consider wearing a camisole instead of a bra and other times when you want a bra instead of a camisole. There are also moments when a bra plus a camisole is best. And there are some good opportunities to take advantage of the increasingly popular combo option — the camisole with a built-in bra. 

                There are so many varieties among camisole and bra options now that the possibilities seem endless, and can also be a little bewildering. In a moment we’ll break down all the useful roles each item can serve as part of women’s wardrobes. But first, let’s back up a step and talk definitions. 

                What’s a camisole, anyway?

                What makes a cami a cami, as distinct from, say, a tank top? 

                When most people think of tank tops, they think of outerwear. A tank top is a piece of clothing meant to be seen by others, usually in a casual setting, outside the home. Tank tops are defined by their sleevelessness but their straps can range from thin (the spaghetti strap) to thick. Their necklines vary, too.

                A camisole is traditionally seen as a kind of undershirt, creating a smoothing or frictionless layer or adding warmth underneath formal clothing or in cold weather. Camisoles typically feature spaghetti straps.

                Camis can be loose, body-skimming, or entirely form-fitting. Most, these days, are probably the latter, made with materials like Lycra and Spandex. Most women wear camis as undershirts to smooth and provide warmth under professional attire, or as casual tops that are convenient for around-the-house wear. They also meld well into the “athleisure” trend for weekend errand-running when paired with a loose sweatshirt or stylish hoodie to provide more torso coverage.

                However, both the looser and more form-fitting camisole varieties have made appearances as dressier outerwear at different moments in fashion history. Even when they appear visibly in public, though, camisoles’ style power is often linked to their typical status as an undergarment. Think edgy-looking black camis with lace details of the 1990s, or sleek, silky looser-fitting camis worn today as a minimal-coverage evening look. 

                The Bra vs. Cami breakdown

                The bra and the camisole may seem like very different clothing items. But depending on your body shape and preferences, these two items can serve overlapping functions. Let’s break it down to get a little clarity:

                Bra functionality

                Here are most of the reasons women might give for wearing a bra:

                1. Breast support
                2. Nipple coverage
                3. To create a certain shape or silhouette underneath clothing
                4. To provide a flirty or casual fashion element visible with the outer layer of clothing (as in many new, more youthful styles of bralettes with decorative straps and lace on the back).  

                Camisole functionality

                  Here are some of the functions the simple cami can serve:

                  1. Warmth during cold weather, or in excessively air-conditioned offices
                  2. As a layering tool to pair with open-knit sweaters, mesh or other see-through tops.
                  3. To provide a smoother draping of clothing over the body by providing light shaping and obscuring pinches and bulges (camis are great for reducing muffin top!)
                  4. Some nipple coverage (more so than going braless, but not as much coverage as molded-cup bras). Pairing a cami with a seamless bra beneath can provide maximum coverage and support for bustier women.
                  5. For more coverage than a braless look, when women prefer to go without — a camisole can better obscure the precise shape of the breasts and body beneath clothing than would otherwise be the case without a bra.
                  6. To provide a lightweight, visible feminine layer beneath otherwise masculine-style clothing items, for example, with a blazer and trousers. A bit of silky or shiny fabric, lace detailing, a splash of eye-catching color, or simply a contrasting color can soften the look of professional suit styles that originate in menswear. Plus, combining masculine and feminine elements in a single outfit is a tried-and-true fashion strategy. 
                  7. To provide a more modest neckline under dresses or tops with plunging V-necks or with large gaps between the neckline and chest during movement (small-breasted women may have this problem when wearing sweaters or wraparound dresses with deep V necks; larger-breasted women may want to keep deep cleavage under wraps). 
                  8. As cozy sleep and loungewear.
                  9. As slightly edgy outerwear for evening or club styles. Newer cami styles, often in boxier cuts and dressed-up fabrics like silk or velvet are meant to be seen in public, but bare lots of skin. They look feminine and pretty when tucked into high-waisted bottoms. More form-fitting cami styles, when used as outerwear, are best paired with looser-fitting bottoms, like an A-line skirt, for a balanced look. For women who aren’t worried about their nipples showing, these styles can be worn without a bra. 
                  10. The above styles of cami can also be great for the office when paired with a warmer and more modest layer like a jacket or cardigan and tucked into a pencil skirt or trousers. A regular bra can be worn beneath to provide support and hide the nipples, as long as the jacket or sweater worn with the outfit will stay on throughout the day, to hide bra straps.  

                  The Bottom Line

                  Camisoles with built-in bras are a perfect option for women who want some support without the bulk of multiple layers of clothing (bra plus separate cami). Rock these under overalls for a cute, simple summer look, or anytime you’d like the look of a cami with added chest coverage and support. 

                  A cami with a built-in bra can make this top just right for casual weekend activities. And for larger-breasted women, a bra plus a cami with a built-in shelf-style bra can provide lots of comforting support.

                  Tommy John’s Second Skin Stay-Tucked Camisoles are ideal as office-worthy base layers, with extended lengths that mean they stay put — even in the back, even when you move. No bunching here! They also boast soft, breathable, body-hugging Second Skin fabric that never pills or fuzzes, and come with or without a built-in shelf bra and removable pads. See what we have to offer!

                  4 situations where the right men's underwear is a literal lifesaver

                  Here at Tommy John, we care about men’s underwear, because we know how intrinsic this most intimate of clothing items is to men’s comfort, confidence, and style. 

                  As the creator of the best men’s underwear on the planet, we realize our obsession may make us a little biased. Still, we firmly believe that many men underestimate their underwear. Maybe that’s the result of low expectations caused by years of wearing uncomfortable undies. Or maybe you’ve just got other things on your mind — work, family, making time for the gym. 

                  In any case, we know that a great pair of underwear — and the right pair of underwear for the task at hand — can help support not only a man’s body but also his quality of life, his emotional and physical well-being. 

                  To prove it, we’ve assembled an incredible list of underwear achievements: instances when the right men’s underwear could make the difference between life and death. Some are real-life, some are hypothetical and some are high-tech wonder-undies still in development. 

                  We think all of these stories should encourage men to pause and meditate for a moment on the beauty of a great pair of underwear. Even if yours haven’t (yet) saved a life, they can certainly be one of those seemingly small details of life that can help you feel and perform at your best. 

                  And who knows? Maybe you’ll thank them for more heroic feats soon enough...

                  1. Hostage-negotiation underwear

                  When you awaken on the unfamiliar, cold, concrete floor, you immediately feel the bruises from yesterday’s struggle pulsating with blood and radiating pain throughout your body. 

                  You’re shivering and suddenly you realize why: you’ve been stripped of all your clothing but your underwear, a handsome pair of Tommy John Trunks. With one eye open and your cheek still on the floor, you carefully take in your surroundings. 

                  A young guard catches your open eye with his own watchful stare. He seems different from the others — less hostile, more inexperienced with this kind of kidnapping-foreigners-for-ransom racket you seem to have gotten mixed up in. He smiles shyly, and apologizes for your poor treatment at the hands of the other kidnappers. 

                  “At least those underwear look comfortable!” he jokes quietly, making a genuine effort to show sympathy for your plight. 

                  You seize the opening for engagement: “Yes, well, they’re Tommy John’s Go Anywhere Trunk,” you say, assuming your meaning is obvious. When the youth looks away and shifts his weapon nervously from one hand to the other, you quickly clarify: “You know — all-day performance fabric with four-way stretch? Moisture wicking, anti-odor, and anti-microbial? If you’re going to get taken hostage and kept in your underwear, they’re an ideal option, really.” 

                  “And the stripe pattern — very classy,” says the guard. “Tell me, do they ever bunch or ride up?” 

                  “Never,” you reply, and the two of you quickly lock eyes. You both know an opportunity for a deal when you see one, and you take it. 

                  Before you know it, you’ve traded your favorite pair of underwear for your freedom — a tough call, to be sure, but ultimately, you think, the right one. Clad in the guard’s uniform, you slip quietly through the shadows of the alley behind the warehouse and out to whatever next adventure awaits beyond. 

                  2. Smart underwear

                  The next evolution in wearable fitness monitoring devices will expand offerings from the Fitbit and Apple Watch to options integrated into your clothing. 

                  This has two advantages: you don’t have to don an extra accessory to track your health status, and the dispersal of monitoring systems to other parts of your body can yield more comprehensive information than a device just worn around your wrist. 

                  And which clothing items are most in contact with your body? That’s right: Enter smart underwear. Imagine garments that can help track your heart rate, body temperature, movement, hydration, and body fat. Someday, your underwear could even detect serious health conditions and prompt you to get early treatment. Or your undies themselves might help deliver the treatment by interacting with your body. 

                  Smart underwear could be especially useful for people who work in dangerous conditions, like firefighters or military service members, because the devices can send critical health data back to team members in a safe location and help inform decision-making and rescue efforts, when needed. 

                  While we’re still a ways off from seeing real-deal smart underwear on store shelves, don’t sleep on the concept. Your skivvies are getting savvier every day.

                  3. Active Boxer Briefs go the distance

                  Picture this: you’re two weeks into a month-long backpacking expedition with your best friend, when he slips during a scramble up a rocky slope in a rainstorm. He’s injured his ankle and requires medical attention, but you’re several hours’ hike from the nearest small town. 

                  This is a moment when you don’t want your underwear getting in the way. But imagine a three-hour hike in flimsy, bunchy undies in the rain and it’s clear how the right pair of underwear can prove crucial in a moment like this. 

                  In this situation, Boxer Briefs designed for athletic wear are what you need. Tommy John’s version, the 360 Sport 2.0 Pocket Boxer Brief, offers extended leg length of the Boxer Brief style to protect your thighs from chafing, a supportive Contour Pouch to cradle the boys during intense activity, and innovative stretch fabric and waistband to ensure no bunching, no wedgies, no rolling or pinching: nothing to get in the way of your resolve to do what needs to be done.

                  4. Whatever underwear these real heros were wearing

                  Search the internet for lifesaving moments involving men’s underwear and you will turn up far more search results than you might expect detailing funny but harrowing — and ultimately heartwarming — stories about real men saving lives in nothing but their underwear.

                  Sometimes men intentionally strip down to their underwear to rescue people and pets from drowning, as this tow truck driver from upstate New York did during severe flooding on a Utica roadway. He rescued three motorists in nothing but his boxer shorts. 

                  Sometimes men are abruptly awoken from sleep and have no time to put on pants before heroics are required, as in this California man, who rescued his beloved dog Tiki from a backyard mountain lion attack in nothing but his skivvies. 

                  This Alberta man took that plotline to an even greater extreme, actually wrestling the cougar in question (not merely scaring it away) to save his girlfriend’s dog. 

                  In another rude awakening not involving a cougar, this Australian man was awoken by the sound of a car crash outside his home. He leapt into action still in nothing but his underwear, chasing down an unlicensed driver who had crashed his vehicle into a restaurant and then fled. 

                  And finally, demonstrating a different but equally impressive kind of personal courage, this brave man decided to use a selfie he took in his underwear to spread awareness of prostate cancer and its symptoms.

                  Tommy John extends a special kudos to all of these real-life underwear-clad heros. We hope all of these stories will help inspire men everywhere to appreciate how a great pair of underwear can help them be their best. 

                  Cheeky or bust: 7 reasons this women's underwear cut has die-hard fans

                  Traditionally, the world of women’s underwear didn’t offer many happy mediums. Either you went with full, brief-style panties or you bared it all with a sexy thong. Modesty and coverage on one hand, bravura and skin on the other. 

                  But what about those of us who want something in-between? Something with more coverage and support than a thong, but that’s a little more… well, cheeky than briefs? Enter the cheeky.

                  With a daring cut that splits the difference between thongs and classic panties, the cheeky brings style and attitude to your underwear game. Plus, the mid-rise waist is great for just about any outwear you can dream of - no worries about them peeking out when you bend over. If you’re still not sure what you’re missing, read on to find out why so many people choose this style as their go-to option for daily wear, no matter the occasion. 

                  1. They’re perfect under jeans

                  Cheeky cut underwear has enough fabric to give you an extra layer of protection from all the seams on your jeans - but not so much that you’ll struggle with a visible panty line. That means you can sit down or walk around without any extra stress. So if jeans are your go-to bottoms, you’ll want plenty to get you through the week. And the seamless, barely-there feel of our Air collection will guarantee no panties lines, even if you’re rocking tight leggings.

                  2. They’re seriously comfy

                  Let’s face it - comfort is king when it comes to choosing underwear, and cheeky panties offer the best of both worlds. They don’t show off too much, but they also don’t have a lot of extra fabric to bunch up. The seam is a comfortable distance away from sensitive areas without covering your whole thigh, so you can go the whole day without noticing you’re wearing it. Plus, our premium, quality-crafted fabric makes any pair of Tommy John underwear a dream to wear. Once you’ve indulged, you’ll never settle for department store underwear again.

                  3. They won’t leave you hanging 

                  If a thong leaves your cheeks feeling unsupported, our cheeky panties have you covered. They’ll give you a boost where you need it, without digging into your thighs or creating unwanted bulges. Make sure you buy the right size—if you’re wearing undersized underwear, you’ll have bulges no matter what the cut. Your seams should never dig into your skin or leave visible marks.

                  4. They flatter any figure 

                  If you think you need suffocating shapewear to sculpt and tone your assets, the Cheeky is here to prove you wrong. The seams meet your cheeks at the perfect place for a lift, and the V-cut helps lengthen your leg, so you’ll look longer and leaner. This style looks great on every body type, so you can undress with real-deal confidence.

                  5. It’s flirty and fun

                  This cute cut shows a little skin while still leaving plenty to the imagination. If you’re ready to show off your underwear game but still want to retain a modicum of modesty, the cheeky is ideal. But even if you don’t plan on being seen in your skivvies, a great bottom layer will give you that nudge of style and verve you need while fully clothed.

                  6. They’re never restrictive

                  The Cheeky cut will never inhibit your movement, no matter how active you are. If working out in a thong involuntarily raises your eyebrows, bring a pair of Cheekies with you the next time you hit the gym or go for a jog. You’ll be able to bend, stretch, jump, and jog without your underwear fighting against you. And the easier it is to work out, the more likely you’ll hit the gym. A good workout can boost your mood just as much as the perfect pair of underwear.

                  7. The right pair never rides up

                  If you think you need more fabric to avoid a permanent wedgie, think again! Tommy John is committed to making adjustment-free underwear. That means you’re never looking for cover or ducking into the bathroom to put things back in place. If your underwear is everywhere except where it’s supposed to be, it’s time to invest in a new pair.

                  The bottom line

                  You’ve got enough on your plate to worry about uncomfortable drawers that inhibits your style and your movement. If you want a no-show pair of underwear that makes you look and feel your best, look no further. The cheeky style has earned its following for good reason.

                  But there’s plenty of opportunities to rock other styles, too! A little variety can go a long way to spice up your wardrobe. Our collections have plenty of fabric and cuts to choose from, so you can add some depth to your underwear collection with comfortable, conscious undies that never let you down. 

                  New Year’s in Your Underwear: NYE Underwear Traditions Around the World

                  It’s that time again — time to join a gym, pledge to quit drinking and manifest that this is (finally) your. Year. It’s #NewYearNewMe. It’s New Year’s Eve.

                  Whether you accomplished all your resolutions this year or gave up after a month, this time of year brings about feelings of reflection as well as a look at the future.

                  Around the world, people ring in the new year in unique ways that often have long-standing historical traditions tied to their culture and way of life. 

                  For example, if you’re looking to warn bad spirits off, do it the Denmark way and throw plates and dishes at the door of your loved one’s house. Want 2020 to be a year of jet-setting? Follow the Colombian tradition of walking around the block with an empty suitcase. 

                  One common tradition has emerged is the tradition of wearing specific types of underwear to bring about your desires for the new year. Read on to learn more about which undies you should pair with your champagne this NYE.  


                  While wearing underwear on NYE isn’t a common practice in many parts of Asia, a few countries do have traditional underwear for New Year’s Eve.

                  If you’re seeking riches In the Philippines, wearing polka-dotted underwear is said to bring you financial prosperity! Polka dots and round shapes are considered good luck because coins are round, and the shape is linked to good fortune. In China, people wear red underwear with gold lace as a symbol of loyalty, happiness, and success.

                  South America

                  South of the equator, you’ll find the most common NYE tradition is wearing yellow britches for good luck. In Brazil, you have a few options: yellow for prosperity, white for peace and red for love. If you’re looking to cultivate any of those this year, consider throwing on some themed skivvies before midnight! 


                  In Italy and Spain, red underwear is the standard to promote a healthy life along with love. But if you enjoy the cold and are feeling bold, many European countries have unorthodox traditions — including the Netherlands, where locals strip down to their undies and run into the arctic sea. successful New Year.

                  North America

                  Besides partying, a few regions of North America have NYE underwear traditions. In Puerto Rico, white undies are worn to promote fertility and health; down in Mexico, yellow is worn for luck and red is worn for love.

                  No matter where or when you’ll be ringing in the New Year, you can start it off by donning undergarments that line up with your goals for the coming year. 

                  Whether you’re looking for love or just need a little extra luck, incorporate these traditions to get that extra edge in the new year. If you need to pick up a fresh pair for NYE, check our latest women's and men’s underwear.

                  Download Infographic 

                  Why loungewear will shake up your wardrobe overnight

                  Maybe you’ve stocked up weekend clothes and work attire... but what about your third wardrobe? The one that’s designed to feel amazing whether you’re reading in bed, making popcorn for movie night, or getting caught up in your home office? Yeah, we’re talking about loungewear.

                  Americans are spending more and more time at home, and loungewear is the ultimate luxury item to help turn your home into a castle. But it can be so much more if you let it. Why is loungewear such an amazing way to rethink your entire wardrobe? Just consider these points:

                  It’s unbeatable for self-pampering

                  Long commutes after hard days at work, extra hours at the office to get caught up—-there’s a lot that might come between you and your house on workdays. The less time you have to recharge and refresh before bedtime, the more important it is to spoil yourself a little. Slip into something comfortable and read a book, or watch your favorite show. 

                  You tired, old sweatpants aren’t good enough. You need something that feels amazing against your skin while you’re stretching out and winding down so that you’re ready to do it all over again tomorrow. 

                  You can actually sleep in them

                  If you spent years wearing pajamas only to take them off before you went to bed, the idea of loungewear might seem foreign to you. But cheap, formless fabric doesn’t do much to keep you cozy at night! 

                  Fortunately, you don’t have to strip down and suffer the extra blanket to stay cozy. Quality loungewear is cozy enough to sleep in and so comfortable you’ll keep it on through breakfast. And comfort is obviously key when it comes to getting in those extra Z’s. And sleep - as we all should know by know - is a crucial foundation to your quality of life. In fact, there’s probably no better way to boost your healthy and happiness. So really, why wouldn’t you invest in some quality sleepwear?

                  Loungewear can double as daywear

                  By the time the weekend rolls around, it may take a lot of motivation to leave the house.  You might find yourself asking, “Do I have to put on pants for this?” Once you give our loungewear a shot, you’ll suddenly be adept at mental gymnastics, telling yourself it’s okay to wear as long as you’re just getting coffee or grabbing some tacos to bring back home. But there’s no need to stress!

                  The right loungewear lets you come and go as you please without looking like an underdressed mess. Style doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort - and once you have the proper attire, the look and feel more than justify showing up to brunch wearing your Henley. So when you’re headed out to the coffee shop, you don’t need to put on pants—especially when you have functional pockets.

                  It’s perfect for mixing and matching

                  There are plenty of places where people won’t think twice seeing you in your matching pajamas. But owning several colors means you can mix and match your tops and bottoms, and you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed to show up at happy hour. 

                  Combine your loungewear with the right accessories and you can upgrade your look from tired to effortless, without having to invest any extra time in dressing. Your clothing should always fit the mood. And when you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to loosen up and have fun, no matter what kind of week you’ve been having. 

                  Extravagance that fits you

                  At Tommy John, we make clothes that feel good to wear. Our loungewear is impossibly light and soft to the touch, so you can indulge in style and comfort. But it’s also designed to fit you as you move or relax. Our Second Skin fabric is so comfortable that it starts to feel like part of you, and it always stretches where it needs to. 

                  If your loungewear fits right, you should be able to roll over in bed without any fabric getting caught under you and tugging itself out of place. And you should be able to hop up off the couch without any loose fabric gathering at your thighs. Don’t try to fit your clothes—buy clothes that fit you.

                  The bottom line

                  If your loungewear isn’t doing all of the above, it’s time to toss it and give Tommy John a try. Welcome yourself home after a long day by putting on a pair of our shorts with one of our hoodies, and all the stress will start to melt away. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to stay in for the night - there’s plenty of occasions you’re now perfectly dressed for.

                  And hey, if you aren’t satisfied with your new loungewear, it’s on us. So what are you waiting for?

                  3 new bra styles and exactly when you should wear them

                  Comfort and style are no longer opposing forces in the world of women’s bras. It’s about time!

                  In the past, women often had to choose between two less-than-perfect options in bras. Many of us long endured undergarments that pushed the breasts into a predetermined shape and encased them in stifling molded cups (often coupled with thin straps that pinched the skin). 

                  These bras could look sexy and stylish, with cool color options and pretty details - but after a few hours, they left us too annoyed or pained to care anymore.

                  Running weekend errands or returning home after work, many of us might change into something more comfortable: a cozy soft-cup bra or even a favorite stretched-out sports bra. But these options were decidedly unfashionable: color options were just the most basic, fabrics were less-the-luxurious, and little effort was made by manufacturers to make these bras beautiful, stylish, or sexy. 

                  The message to women was clear: you’re fashionable or you’re comfortable. But not at the same time.

                  Hallelujah for changing times. 

                  The hottest bra trends right now embrace comfort, practicality and more natural silhouettes while offering luxurious and high-tech fabrics and sophisticated color choices previously unavailable in cozy, body-friendly bra offerings. 

                  The emergence of athleisure in fashion has a lot to do with this. (That’s the casual clothing trend that made it okay to wear yoga pants all weekend, rather than just during an actual yoga class, and thus yielded much more fashionable yoga pants in the process.)

                  Another contributor to the marriage between style and comfort in women’s bras has been the increasing attention to diversity and body positivity in women’s fashion overall. Rather than needing a heavily molded bra to shape the breasts into one ideal form, more women are demanding bras with more forgiving, flexible construction that reflects and embraces their unique body shapes.

                  These updated soft-cup bras — reborn under the name “bralettes” — celebrate women’s bodies with stylish colors and details, and some (like Tommy John’s) feature cutting-edge performance and luxury fabrics for optimum fit and functionality, amazing feel against the skin, and a fashion-forward look to boot. 

                  This new breed of bra doesn’t just feel better on women’s bodies, it better accommodates all the things women’s bodies can do — whether that’s a ten-hour day at the office followed by living-room yoga while binge-watching a Netflix series, wrestling two kids and groceries into the car, or tackling an HGTV-worthy home DIY project over a weekend. 

                  Here are three new bra styles we can thank these enlightened fashion trends for - along with tips on when to wear to get the most out of them.  

                  1. The Scoop Bralette

                  The Scoop Bralette is, in comfort terms, like that favorite stretched-out sports bra many women used to cling to far past its expiration date, in a desperate bid for everyday comfort and support. 

                  Now you can toss that baby out for good, because the Scoop Bralette is designed for exactly this once-hard-to-come-by level of support in women’s bra options: the comfy, comprehensive coverage and unfussy pullover design common to many sports bras, minus the high level of compression necessary during high-impact activities. 

                  The Scoop Bralette style provides all the comfort of a slightly stretched-out sports bra, with softer, more flexible fabrics for everyday wear — and a lot more style points, since it’s not actually a wardrobe relic from the last decade. 

                  Wear this bra style anytime you crave maximum comfort. Tommy John’s version offers support while banishing uniboob at the same time, with our Built-In PowerMesh that lifts and separates. Choose between our Cool Cotton and Second Skin fabrics, both of which offer luxurious softness against the skin. 

                  2. The Triangle Bralette

                  The Triangle Bralette style offers similar comfort and support to the Scoop Bralette, with a more minimal soft-cup bra shape. 

                  Wear this style anytime you want maximum comfort under a lower or V-neck cut top (necklines that may show a Scoop Bralette style bra). The triangle bralette is also a great option for women seeking the comfort of a bralette with the slightly more revealing and traditionally feminine triangle cup shape. 

                  Tommy John’s Second Skin Triangle Bralette features fully adjustable straps that are convertible from classic to cross-back for a custom fit (and our straps are wider and softer than most, to make sure they stay put and don’t pinch, no matter how you wear them). 

                  3. The Longline Bra

                  Today’s Longline Bra trend is an updated version of bra styles from the 1930s to 1950s. Back then, Longline Bras included cups that pushed the breasts up and out (often featuring the bullet shape in fashion at the time), plus bands bands that extended all the way to the waist, smoothing the torso and cinching the waistline. 

                  These heavy-duty highly structured undergarments helped create a well-defined hourglass figure, along with a less-than-ideal experience for the wearer; they tended to be thick, stiff and uncomfortable.  

                  Longline Bras that provide a smooth silhouette and plenty of support have been updated over time to be a bit more wearer-friendly, with more breathable, flexible modern fabrics. But until the recent resurgence in the look, most modern women only opted for this style under formalwear, such as an evening gown or wedding gown, to create a highly polished, controlled shape.

                  The new Longline Bra trend harkens back to mid-century fashion, but updates it to better embrace women’s comfort, movement and natural body shapes — combining the resurgence of this retro look with the comfy Bralette trend mentioned above. Modern Longline Bras include options with molded cups, but soft-cup bralette versions are widely available too. The extended bands of today’s trendy Longline Bras vary in length; not all extend all the way to the natural waistline. 

                  Today’s Longline Bras are less about pushing and cinching the body into a predetermined shape, and more about adding a creative option to your closet! These bras tend to show off interesting design elements, ranging from sleek and modern to finely detailed with lace, straps and colorful patterns. 

                  The most daring wearers, including some celebrities, are showing off their modern Longline Bra looks by wearing them in lieu of shirts under blazers or denim jackets. 

                  Wear your Longline Bra that way yourself, use it for a bit of extra smoothing and support under dresses per tradition, or simply wear it anytime for a fun extra dose of creativity and confidence beneath your outfit.  

                  The Bottom Line

                  Whether you’re already a devotee of the Bralette trend or a more traditional underwire gal for daily wear, Tommy John believes comfort should be more than a passing trend in women’s bras. In fact, we place comfort at the center of all our underwear designs, for women and men alike. Because, let’s face it, we all look our best when we feel great, too. 

                  Check out Tommy John’s Bralettes and more and learn what makes all our styles the most comfortable bras on the planet