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The top signs you're settling for mediocre underwear

Love it or hate it, your underwear is the first thing you put on each day, and if you’re putting on underwear that’s not worth the cloth it was cut from, why are you even bothering? Of course, we’re not saying you should go commando (although no judgment if you do), because your underwear provides crucial protection for your most sensitive bits and your most expensive clothing. 

No matter how busy you are, it’s worth your time to find a perfect pair of underwear for the day you want to have. So how can you tell if your underwear is up to snuff? Here are 5 red flags to watch out for.

The fabric doesn’t feel right

If your underwear isn’t soft to the touch, it doesn’t belong on your body. Stiff, itchy materials and fabric that doesn’t breathe can irritate your skin and cause ingrown hairs and other issues that you don’t want to deal with. If your underwear doesn’t start with comfortable fabric, you don’t want to go anywhere it will lead you. 

You’re walking with wedgies

Many people assume that underwear creep is a fact of life, and the only thing you can do about wedgies is to find a discreet place to fix them. But wedgies shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence, and if you’re getting them, it means one of two things: your underwear is the wrong size, or it has a design flaw. Your underwear should fit snugly and stay in place as you move. If it’s not, ditch it and find a design that doesn’t have you tugging and picking all day.

The waistband rolls and slides

Unless you’re deliberately going for whale tail (and again, no judgment), no one should see your underwear (or your crack) when you bend over. If it’s riding up, sliding down, or doing anything other than being comfortable, it’s time to replace it. In other words, your underwear should always be a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of situation. 

The don’t keep you dry

People sweat. It’s normal. So why haven’t underwear designers gotten the memo? Damp undies are seriously uncomfortable, and before long they can cause painful chafing. On top of that, certain fabrics can start to smell, which is downright embarrassing if you’re in a crowded space. Quality underwear is made with advanced fabrics that wick moisture and prevent odor-causing microbes from building up, and they don’t have to sacrifice an ounce of comfort to do it. If the ones you're wearing don’t fit the bill, it’s time to upgrade. 

They don’t look good on you

Most people probably don’t see you in your underwear, but at the very least, you do. If you don’t feel great about how you look in your undies, it can put a damper on your sense of style and confidence. Maybe you aren’t wearing the right style for your body type - or maybe your undies just wouldn’t look good on anybody. Either way, if you don’t feel like flaunting and strutting in your undies, the problem isn’t you - it’s them.

Comfort is absent or fleeting

Quality underwear should be comfortable from the moment you put it on to the moment you take it off, and we really hope you agree on that count. Whether it’s the fabric or the fit, every aspect of your skivvies should offer uncompromising comfort to your most sensitive bits - whether you’re hitting the gym, headed to work, dancing with your date, or surfing Netflix on the couch. Comfort should last through the laundry cycle, too, so if your underwear becomes unbearable after laundry day, trash it, and treat yourself to something better. You deserve it.  

Simplify your underwear shopping

Finding good underwear at the department store is no easy task, but luckily you can get the best underwear you’ll ever wear without leaving the house. Tommy John is committed to crafting premium undies, starting with three Fs: fabric, form, and function. We use advanced, breathable fabrics to create functional, stylish underwear that is truly adjustment-free. That means no wedgies and no bunching or sliding fabric and bands. 

That goes for every style of women’s underwear we offer. So choose the fabric that suits your mood, whether you need high-performance underwear or soft and silky undergarments to relax in, and set the tone for the day you want to have. No matter which fabric you choose, they are all equipped with a Cool Cotton gusset for maximum breathability where you need it most. 

We’re confident you'll love our underwear as much as we do, which is why we’re happy to back it with our best pair guarantee - if you don’t love them the first time you try them for any reason whatsoever, we’ll refund you or replace them with something you like more.

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4 Awkward problems with one solution: The ball hammock

What’s in a name? Well, if you’re talking about the ball hammock… pretty much everything. These undies give your sensitive bits a relaxing pouch that’s like an afternoon siesta in your trousers for all-day support and comfort. 

But despite the slightly silly branding, ball hammock underwear is so much more than a goofy trend. It’s a game-changing underwear design that solves the most common (and awkward!) underwear mishaps. Here are 4 classic skivvy problems that Tommy John’s Hammock Pouch undies can help you avoid completely:

1. Swamp Crotch

Swamp crotch is a painful rash that erupts on your thighs when excess sweat meets broken or irritated skin. Beyond turning even a light stroll into a walking nightmare, it goes hand in hand with a powerful odor that can force people to keep their distance from you. There are plenty of powders and ointments that can treat swamp crotch once it’s in full swing, but isn’t prevention the best medicine?

The hammock pouch is worth a pound of cure when it comes to long days and hot summers. The Air Mesh pouch is designed to keep you cool and dry, and the moisture-wicking fabric can stave off irritating, odor-causing microbes. And of course, it will prevent visible crotch sweat from soaking through to your outerwear (an embarrassing visual that no one should have to endure). Once you try it, you won’t want to leave the house without it. 

2. Batwing

Leather seats are the worst in the summertime. As soon as you start sweating, you have to peel your skin off the chair every time you move. Unfortunately, that same phenomenon can happen in your underpants, and it’s common enough to have earned its own name—batwing. This is much more than just a nuisance—it can be downright painful. When your skin is stuck to your leg, every move you make adds tension and friction to the most sensitive part of your body.

The hammock pouch makes short work of batwing by lifting everything off your legs and putting an extra layer of smooth, clean, dry fabric between them. In other words, this pouch is designed to keep your bats in the cave where they belong until nightfall. 

3. The not-so-subtle adjustments 

If you think you can reach into your crotch to shift things around without anyone noticing, we’ve got news for you: you’re not as slick as you think. When you’re trying to carry on a casual conversation with someone, the last thing you want to think about is what’s going on in their underwear. (And vice versa.) Fortunately for everyone, our Hammock pouch undies are truly adjustment-free. 

Not only will these skivvies keep you from getting tangled, but they’re also wedgie-resistant and plumber-crack-proof. The non-rolling waistband stays put throughout the day whenever you bend, or move, and the form-fitting fabric is designed to stretch where you need it to and stay in place no matter what you’re doing. So put on your underwear and forget about it. The only time they’ll cross your mind is when you’re pondering how damn comfortable they are. 

4. Aftershock 

There’s no subtle way to put this: Bouncing hurts your balls. If you’re one to take the stairs or move around all day, or if you spend a lot of time in the gym, the bouncing can leave you seriously sore.

The hammock pouch is the underwear equivalent of a sports bra - designed to keep your junk in place so it won’t bounce every time you do. This added support can spare you a lot of pain after your workout, but it can also enhance your comfort throughout the day. That means you can skip the elevator and get some extra steps in whenever the opportunity arrives. Be as active as you like; we’ve got you covered.

Advanced fabrics make the best undies

Tommy John is committed to crafting the very best men's underwear on the planet, and our hammock pouch undies are precision-designed to give you an incredible fit that will enhance your natural appeal when you’re with someone special. 

The ball hammock is available in two styles, boxer briefs or trunks, with three incredible fabrics to choose from. The Cool Cotton collection is everyday wear designed for maximum breathability to keep you cool throughout the day. Our Second Skin collection is luxuriously soft to keep you cozy and breezy, especially if you’re stuck in an office all day. And when it’s time to turn up the intensity, our 360 Sport collection can keep up with you via advanced anti-microbial and anti-odor technology and durable fabric. This sports underwear can bend, stretch, and move with you. 

No matter which undies you choose, they’re backed by our guarantee: If you don’t love your first pair, they’re on us - no questions asked.



5 Times You’ll Be Thankful You Brought Your Ball Hammock Undies

Underwear covers your most sensitive bits, so why is it so hard to find a comfortable pair? It doesn’t have to be this way! Tommy John is dedicated to making the most comfortable underwear on the planet - and the ball hammock is another step forward in our mission. Even so, if you’ve never tried hammock pouch (aka ball hammock) undies, you might be a little reluctant to take the plunge!

First, some basics: This style of underwear comes with a separate pouch in the crotch to lift your goods off your legs (like the name suggests) and keep everything cozy in place. The ball hammock is the upgrade your underwear drawer is waiting for, and it can make all the difference on a hot day. Bouncing, sticking, and chafing can all become a thing of the past when you’re rocking the ball hammock.   

So when should you wear your hammock pouch underwear? Any day is a good day to enjoy the benefits of the comfort and support they provide, but there are several occasions where you’ll be especially thankful you grabbed your hammock pouch undies from your top drawer. 

1. At the gym

Ball hammock undies are the gym rat’s best friend. With normal shorts, all the bouncing from plyometrics, running, or stairs can leave you sore. But the ball hammock will keep things gently nestled into place and reduce impact. The pouch will also give your legs plenty of room to lunge, stretch, and squat your way through your session. 

When you’re planning to go all-out with your workout routine, choose the 360 sport boxer briefs. This sports underwear provide maximum coverage and unbeatable moisture wicking to keep your thighs dry and prevent any rubbing. The fabric and fit of this underwear is the ultimate protection from crotch rot, no matter how much things heat up. 

2. Backyard BBQs

As soon as the weather warms up, backyard parties and BBQs are a great way to spend the weekend. When you wear your ball hammock undies, you can kick back and relax with your friends while your undercarriage stays dry and cool (no matter how hot the summer sun gets). To make your weekend hangs even simpler, all of our hammock pouch undies come equipped with a horizontal Quick Draw® fly for easy access when you need a bathroom break.

3. Formal events

When you’re dressed to impress, the right underwear can make all the difference - especially when it’s time to shake a leg on the dance floor at a wedding. When everything stays tucked in place, you can slide, dip, and twirl without getting tangled up in your leg band. These form-fitting undies will also stay close to your body so no one will see your underwear while you’re catching up with old friends or getting to know someone new. 

Our Cool Cotton collection is cozy enough for everyday wear or formal occasions, and it can help you stay cool and dry in your slacks. It will also help protect your Sunday best from getting sweaty, and keep stiff, scratchy fabric off your most sensitive bits. 

4. At the office 

There’s no better way to look unprofessional than adjusting your underwear at work. 

Tommy John’s underwear is totally hands-free. That means you can shift in your seat during never-ending meetings without tangling your skivvies or dealing with wedgies. Our stay-put waistband won’t roll no matter how much you bend, stretch, or yawn. The Second Skin fabric is silky soft, and airy, and they can help you stay comfortable throughout the day and even after hours when you have to pull some overtime.

5. Date night

If you dress to impress, you need to make sure all your layers are flattering. Not only will the hammock pouch keep you comfortable wherever your night takes you, it will also ensure you look your best if someone happens to see them. Whether you’re working on making the ultimate first impression or adding some spark to an old flame, hammock pouch undies can enhance your natural appeal while you strut your stuff for that special someone. 

So which underwear style will help you look the best? It really depends on your unique needs. Trunks are a great way to show off the definition in your thighs, while boxer briefs can help streamline your appearance. Both of them will give you an excellent lift on the backside, and the hammock pouch provides a major confidence boost front and center.

The Tommy John guarantee

Still not sure you’re ready to give ball hammock undies a try? We’re so confident you’ll love our men's underwear that it’s backed with our guarantee. If you don’t love your first pair, you can send them in for a free exchange, or we’ll foot the bill. 

Men's trunks: 5 things to know before you buy

Curious about the trunk? If you don’t already know this style, it’s time to get acquainted. This relative newcomer to the world of men’s skivvies combines some of the best attributes of other underwear styles to create a well-balanced, versatile, and on-trend option.

Given those strengths, it’s not surprising that this men’s underwear cut is getting very popular, very quickly. But it’s also underappreciated - including by many guys who wear trunks all the time. How is that possible? Well, lots of men don’t even realize that their go-to cut is in fact the trunk. 

There’s a lot of confusion around terminology here, so let’s get clear on what we’re talking about before we dive deeper.

What makes a trunk?

The trunk is basically a boxer brief with a shorter inseam. Like the boxer brief, the trunk combines the form-fitting support of a brief with the fuller body coverage of a boxer. But while the boxer brief traditionally extends all the way down the thigh, the trunk inseam is significantly shorter. (Tommy John’s full-length Boxer Brief has an 8” inseam, our Trunks feature a 4.5” inseam.) 

Plenty of men who wear trunks just call them boxer briefs. If you happened to grow up in the era of boxers vs. briefs, then this makes intuitive sense - anything that combines the form-fitting nature of the brief with the leg coverage of a boxer is a boxer brief, right? 

Again, not quite. If you want to get technical about it - and at Tommy John we tend to do that about all things underwear - the shorter leg length is really its own innovation. So this cut has earned its distinct name: the trunk.

5 things to know before you buy trunks

If your current go-to underwear cut is the boxer brief, the shorter inseam length of the trunk may seem like a minor difference. But the truth is the difference in thigh coverage makes the trunk a distinct option with its own special place in your underwear drawer - and life. 

Whatever underwear cut is your go-to choice right now, if you’re interested in trying the trunk, here are the five things you need to know before buying.

1. Trunks keep you cool

You adjust the rest of your wardrobe to fit the season. If your underwear drawer doesn’t offer its own flexibility for maximum comfort in different weather conditions, it might be time to expand your collection. With their shorter legs, trunks are obviously a breezier option than boxer briefs. 

So whether you live in a warmer climate, need some options better tailored to summer heat, or you just tend to overheat easily, trunks will keep you cool and dry in any situation.

2. Trunks are trendy

Trunks can keep you cool in more ways than one. This cut is a youthful and of-the-moment option, without being overly flashy. Trunks are a great choice for men of all ages to demonstrate they’re up-to-date on current fashion trends. A trunk in a bold, masculine print or a classic color like navy or black balances trend with tradition perfectly, for a look that says you’re in-the-know without getting too showy.

3. Trunks work well for moderate exercise

With their form-fitting shape, trunks offer as much support as a brief plus a bit of leg coverage to boot. This makes them suitable for moderate exercise. For an intense workout, many men prefer full-length leg coverage for greater protection against chafing and irritation. But if you’re the sort of guy who bikes to the office and always opts to take the stairs, trunks might be the perfect choice for your active everyday lifestyle. 

4. Trunks can make you look taller

Exposing more of your leg creates a longer, uninterrupted vertical line that can make you look taller. So whatever your current height, if you’d like to emphasize that visual dimension, know that the shorter the inseam the more pronounced the effect will be. Trunks are a great choice if briefs aren’t your thing and a square cut (with a shorter inseam than a trunk) still leaves you feeling a little too exposed. 

5. Great for dates

Trunks are a great choice for date nights when you want to feel confident and look well-styled - but not like you’re trying too hard, either. Trunks let you show off a little thigh without being too attention-grabbing or highly exposed. This cut is a perfect blend of what you’re likely aiming for in your whole date-night outfit: bold, assertive, and in touch.

The bottom line

There are plenty of reasons to love this cut. Overall, trunks are a great everyday option because of the way they balance practicality and style. They provide all the support you need for an active lifestyle, a smooth look under fitted pants, and moderate thigh coverage that works well for most seasons and situations. 

For next-level trunks in a range of luxe fabrics, bold and classic designs, and no-budge comfort, check out Tommy John’s amazing trunk selection

Cheeky underwear vs. bikini: 5 key differences

Cheeky or bikini? If you’re not sure what the difference is between these women’s underwear styles, you’re not alone. At first glance these cuts might seem similar - the bikini and the cheeky are both versatile options that are great for everyday wear. 

However, there are some distinctions that make each of these styles unique and might lead you to prefer one over the other for different outfits, occasions, or moods. If this sounds complex, don’t sweat it! As experts in all things underwear, we’re here to break it down.

Here are the five key differences between the cheeky and bikini cuts to help you ensure perfect panty precision for any situation.

1. Rear coverage

Bikini panties offer slightly less coverage in the rear than a brief. In other words, they keep your tush tucked away pretty thoroughly. Cheeky panties earn their name thanks to their cheekiness in both attitude and cut. They feature narrower fabric across your bum than a typical bikini cut, but significantly more coverage than a thong. The cheeky cut creates a flirty, playful look that still offers moderate coverage. 

For many women the cheeky is a happy medium between the full rear exposure of a thong and the full coverage of a bikini or brief, adding up to practical, versatile comfort with a splash of sexy sophistication. A perfect panty balancing act, in other words. 

2. Rise 

The bikini cut is known for its minimalism in the front, with a low rise that places the waistband closer to the hips than the waist. Cheekies, meanwhile, do their flirting from the other direction, leaving more of your cheeks exposed than a bikini cut but providing more modest coverage in the front. 

You can find cheeky cut undies in special high-waisted or lower-cut styles - but a mid-rise waistband is typical, since it compliments the overall balanced look, medium coverage, and versatility of this underwear style. 

3. Side coverage

The bikini cut is most famous for its skinny side panels - or in the most extreme version, strings - that show maximum skin around the hips. The cheeky cut tends to have wider side panels for more coverage at the hips. This can help these panties better stay put without digging into your sides, since the wider fabric band distributes the pressure to a larger area of your body. 

4. VPL potential

If you’re self-conscious about Visible Panty Lines - VPL - but don’t like to wear thongs, the cheeky might be just what you’re looking for. Because the back panel is narrower across your bum this cut is more likely to disappear under pants and skirts susceptible to VPL than a bikini cut panty. 

Even if you do break out a thong from time to time to avoid VPL, the cheeky cut offers an option that’s more comfortable and practical in situations where you need to move more. Either way, if you’re concerned about VPL, the cheeky cut is a useful addition to your underwear inventory.

5. Fashion-forward style

Bikini panties - especially string bikinis - were all the rage in the 1990s, when the definition of chic jeans seemed to  be, “How low can you go?” Bikini cuts were a natural match for super-low-cut pants styles. 

While bikini cut underwear have endured, most women seem to appreciate a bit more hip coverage than the string style offered, since wider side panels (much like wider bra straps) tend to cause less pinching and bulging and help the whole garment stay in place better. (Anyone who’s worn super low-cut jeans and undies knows the annoyance of constantly yanking up your drawers - so much for a chic look in that case).

Cheekies are a more fashion-forward option these days if you want to add a little flirtation to your underwear drawer. And fortunately for many women they’re a cozier choice over bikinis, too. 

The Bottom Line

Despite the five key differences we just outlined, the cheeky and bikini actually do share something in common. Both of these cuts offer a medium-coverage option between the brief and the thong. Both styles have a flirtatious attitude but express their playfulness from (literally) different directions, with the bikini baring more flesh in the front and sides and the cheeky offering a cute glimpse of your buns from behind.

The mid-rise waistband, medium hip coverage, and moderate cheek peek combine to make the standard cheeky cut an overall balanced, go-to style for everyday wear - and a fun choice, too. If this underwear cut is new to you, we think you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

Choose from Tommy John’s breathable Cool Cotton, our exceptionally soft Second Skin micro-modal, or our ultralight Air mesh fabrics. And of course, all Tommy John Cheeky panties are covered by our “Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear or It’s Free” guarantee.

The Best U.S. Cities for Breast Health

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an opportunity to spread awareness about breast health and celebrate cancer survivorship. 

This year has been a powerful reminder that we are all in this together, and that our choices and actions have the power to protect others. From practicing self-care to checking in on others, we all need to do our part and help those in need. The same holds true when it comes to breast cancer.

About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime resulting in it being the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women besides skin cancer. Men are also prone to get breast cancer and it is estimated that there will be 2,620 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in males in 2020.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to increasing awareness of the disease and encouraging others to join in the cause to help men and women in need. To contribute to this conversation, we ran a study to identify and celebrate the top cities in America who best advocate for breast health. 

Hold onto your bras ladies (and gentleman) and join us as we rank the best U.S. cities for breast health!

Ranking The Top 50 Cities for Breast Health

In order to identify the best cities for breast health, we pulled the top 50 most populated cities in America comparing them across a total of seven metrics that indicate support for breast health and breast cancer survivorship. Each metric was assigned a weight and summed to equate each city's overall score. With these scores, each city was assigned a rank of 1-50 (50 representing the most allocated resources and advocacy for women’s breast health). For a complete breakdown of weighted metrics see our methodology below.

5 Cities That Were Better Than the Breast  

Big, small, saggy, bosoms, knockers, boobies, bazookas —whatever the size, shape or name you have for them, sometimes all they need is a little support. Just like your favorite bra, we all need to lift eachother up, so today we are celebrating the best cities for breast health. 

These five cities ranked highest in total score for breast health and resources. We’ve also rounded up resources to encourage you to donate towards, spread awareness of and learn more about breast cancer and breast health. 

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is well known for advances in technology and science which makes it a worthy winner of our study of breast health friendly cities. Some of the innovation friendly factors include cultural assets, education centers and transportation however one cannot forget the world-renowned research institutions like MIT, Harvard, and Tufts. 

The city has received almost 70 research and health professional training grants from the American Cancer Society, seven specifically for breast cancer and offers almost 40 Federally Qualified Health Centers to underrepresented communities who need access to health services. There are almost 900 oncologists according to the U.S. News and World Report website, in this city and it comes as no surprise that their new breast cancer cases cap off at a low 2,431.

The city is also well known for promoting a healthy lifestyle. The American Fitness Index named the city in its top ten fittest U.S. cities citing "more public parks, playgrounds, and farmers markets per capita than [their] target goal for a healthy city."  Studies show that men and women who get regular exercise have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who are not active which might also contribute to their low number of new cases.


  1. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 
  2. Boston Cancer Support 
  3. Breast Cancer Support Groups 

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Next on our list is Baltimore, Maryland known for its vibrant character, unique sites, activities and don’t forget crabs. With a smaller city population of roughly half a million people, Baltimore packs a punch with big city amenities in terms of health centers and cancer treatment support. Three of Baltimore’s medical centers were awarded the 2020 Women’s Choice Award®, America’s trusted referral source for the best in healthcare and have over 400 oncologists working in their small city. 


    1. Greater Baltimore Medical Center
    2. Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center
    3. Mercy Medical Center
    4. Survivorship Resources
    5. Breast Cancer Resources 

      Houston, Texas

      Houston, Texas wins spot number three! Houston wowed us with its significant number of different health care centers and resources. With over 800 oncologists, 60 mammography facilities, 77 FQHCs, five planned parenthoods and three breast care centers awarded for excellence it’s clear Houston prioritizes breast health. 

      Houston isn’t a stranger to accolades! The city is also known as the world capital of space exploration, the world capital of air conditioning, the world capital of the international energy industry and the world capital of petroleum exploration.


      1. Houston Methodist Hospital
      2. Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital
      3. The Woman's Hospital of Texas
      4. Susan G. Komen Houston 
      5. The Rose Breast Cancer Support Group 
      6. Breast Cancer Resource Center

      New York City, New York 

      Next we have New York, New York! This city offers men and women more than streets full of American history and big city dreams. With over one thousand board certified oncologists, and 61 mammography facilities, New York keeps up with the number of resources needed for its almost 8.5 million in population. As the largest city in the U.S, funding and resource allocation can play a large part in promoting breast health. The city has received almost 50 research and health professional training grants from the American Cancer Society, four specifically in the field of breast cancer and offers 126 FQHCs.


      1. New York University Langone Tisch Hospital
      2. New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center
      3. NYC Health + Hospitals Bellevue
      4. Breast Cancer Resources
      5. Breast Cancer Support Groups 

        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

        Philadelphia ranks fifth in our study and is best known as being the birthplace of America, and home to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and other historical documents. Greater Philadelphia is the second-largest medical research and education center in the U.S. (Milken Institute in 2009) and the region ranks third in the country for the number of health professions and related degrees conferred. Philadelphia boasts more than 100 hospitals, 150 research labs, five medical schools and four specialty hospitals doing research in pediatrics, cancer treatment and ophthalmology. 


        1. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
        2. Jeanes Hospital
        3. Pennsylvania Hospital
        4. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

        Resources for Breast Health

        To provide a snapshot of how the cities with the highest number of breast cancer cases compared to their resource score given in our study, we pulled data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and broke new cases down by county. 

        Now that we’ve briefed you on the best cities for healthy boobies, we want to make sure you’re well equipped all year long. Peruse our resources below for supporting women’s breast and mental health! 

        1. Understanding Women’s Breast Cancer
        2. Breast Cancer Statistics 
        3. How to Give Yourself a Breast Exam
        4. How to Check for Lumps
        5. Breast Cancer Screenings - FAQs
        6. Mental Health Toolkit 
        7. Breast Cancer Forum
        8. Cancer Support Groups
        9. How to Donate


        In order to determine the best U.S. cities for men and women’s breast health, we compared the top 50 most populated cities across seven relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights.

        • Number of Federally Qualified Health Centers per capita — Weighted 15% 
        • Number of Planned Parenthood facilities per capita — Weighted 15% 
        • Number of Mammography facilities per capita — Weighted 20% 
        • Number of oncologists per capita — Weighted 15% 
        • Number of races/walks for breast cancer — Weighted 10% 
        • Number of breast cancer research and health professional training grants — Weighted 15% 
        • Number of Women's Choice Award "Best Breast Care Centers" — Weighted 10%

        We’ve shown you the best now the rest is up to you! Join us in the fight against breast cancer by spreading awareness and doing your part this October. Whether you wear a pink T-shirt or bra, or donate your time or money every act counts towards ending breast cancer! 

        Sources: Breast Cancer | Women’s Choice Award | Susan G. Koleman | U.S. News & World Report | U.S. Food and Drug Administration | American Cancer Society | FQHC | Planned Parenthood | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

        Why cheeky undies are the perfect balance you've been looking for

        Who isn’t looking for better balance in life? Whether it’s splitting time between work and family, making space in your diet for sweets and salad, or achieving perfect poise in that one-legged yoga pose you’ve been trying to nail, most of us would agree balance is a critical skill for a life well-lived.

        Fortunately, balance is easy to find when it comes to your women's underwear. Meet the Cheeky

        What makes a Cheeky cut?

        As its name suggests, the Cheeky is just that - a cut that bares just a bit of your buns. There’s a time and a place for the full-moon exposure of a thong, or the fuller-coverage security of a boyshort or brief. But the Cheeky style charms with its subtle approach to both complementing and covering your curves. 

        Compared to a brief, the Cheeky opts for a narrower cut across your tush for slimmer rear coverage but similar practicality and comfort. Cheeky panties can come in a variety of rises, from low to high-waisted. Never tried the Cheeky before? A mid-rise cut at the waist is a great starting point for all-around versatile wear and figure-flattering style. 

        When to wear a Cheeky

        A Cheeky cut adds a dash of daring to your drawers without going overboard, making this cut a great choice for a variety of situations. A few suggestions on when to wear a Cheeky:

        1. Date night

        No underwear captures sassy sophistication like Cheeky. A Cheeky says you’re an exquisite flirt, a clever conversationalist who gives off an air of easy sophistication. You’re cute but grown up. Smart and fun. Seriously stylish and playful. 

        Think date night at an art gallery followed by a glass of wine and tapas at a chic new eatery. The Cheeky helps set the mood for an evening of flirtatious fun. 

        2. With jeans

        Compared to a thong, the fuller coverage of a Cheeky offers better protection for your skin from coarse denim fabric. Meanwhile, it still prevents visible panty lines in form-fitting styles, compared to a brief or bikini style. Mark that as a win-win for your comfort and appearance. 

        3. To reduce VPL when you don’t want to wear a thong

        Thongs are famously great for reducing VPL - the fashion faux pas Visible Panty Lines - but not everyone loves the way they feel. Thongs aren’t for every situation and they’re just not for some people ever. And that’s totally cool. Your comfort should always come first. 

        Thankfully the Cheeky offers a good alternative to the thong for reducing VPL in skinny jeans and form-fitting dresses and skirts - and with of-the-moment style to boot. 

        4. When your booty deserves a little glory

        Have you been doing a lot of squats at the gym lately? Or were you just blessed with an especially delightful derriere? Celebrate your assets with an underwear style meant to showcase them. Even if you’re the only one who sees your skivvies, they’ll help broadcast the excellence of your lower assets right from buns to brain for a confidence boost that will make you unstoppable.

        5. For a cut with some sex appeal that isn’t a thong

        Along with eliminating VPL, thongs are known as a go-to option for seductive style. For people who don’t like thongs but still want to show off their beautiful bums, the Cheeky is a perfect substitute.

        6. When you’re aiming for understated rather than over-the top flirtation

        The Cheeky is cheeky in attitude as well as cut around your rear. This style walks a fine line between exposure and suggestion, like a wink over drinks or a side slit in a long skirt. Sometimes a hint is all you need.

        7. Anytime you want to feel a little playful

        The Cheeky works under all kinds of clothing and in many situations, so it’s a great cut to choose whenever you want to add a little irreverent edge to your day. 

        What to look for in a great Cheeky

        For a Cheeky to live up to its potential, this style needs guaranteed stay-put design and quality. Like any underwear, there’s an inherent wedgie risk if you opt for low-quality fabric that can be prone to sagging and bagging throughout the day - and especially after a handful of washes. Look for premium fabric, high-quality construction, and smart design to ensure your new Cheeky underwear are as functional as they are fun. Proper fit is also essential to ensure no-budge comfort.

        And finally, you’ll definitely want a fabric with a dash of class since this style suggests sophistication. Think refined high-end cottons, and soft-as-a-cloud modal, high-tech mesh. Anything with a hint of luxury that you can feel and see. 

        Tommy John Cheeky cut underwear for women features all of the above. That means no-budge waistbands, fabric that never fuzzes or pills, and three luxe fabric options to choose from. Seriously, you’ll love these undies. (And we’re not being cheeky about that.)


        10 men's underwear myths that should've died a long time ago

        We’re living in the age of information. The internet gives us access to a vast wealth of human knowledge (and yes, pictures of kittens doing cute things). Even so, myths and other misinformation persist - likely because it’s much more fun to look at pictures of kittens than to learn facts. 

        Take the underwear you’re wearing right now. If you’re like most men, you bought your underwear in a pack from a box store the same day you got some groceries, without putting much thought into it. You’ll proceed to wear them until they’ve got enough holes or questionable stains in them and then go out and by another pack whenever it’s convenient. 

        Why aren’t you treating yourself to high-quality men's underwear? Probably because you believe some of the 10 myths we’re about to bust. Read on and see!

        1. Underwear is all the same

        Your underwear is the most functional article of clothing you wear each day. If it’s not up to snuff, that can have a serious impact on your day-to-day life. If you're wearing boxers under skinny jeans, the extra fabric can get tangled up and cause constant adjustment issues. If you don’t have enough support, all the extra bouncing can leave you sore. If you’re a heavy sweater, the moisture-wicking fabric can be a lifesaver. Get the picture? There’s absolutely a difference between high and low-quality men's underwear.

        2. It’s not manly to care

        This idea is simply ridiculous. You wouldn’t show up to a job interview without combing your hair, would you? Part of growing up means taking care of your own damn self, and that means taking the time to find quality undies. A grown man shouldn’t be seen adjusting himself throughout the day or just let chafing happen without fixing the problem. 

        3. Briefs lower your fertility

        This is another one of those bits of medical advice that people spout out without understanding the complexities of reproductive health. While it’s not a good idea to wear underwear that’s too constrictive, that just means you need to buy underwear that fits you correctly. In other words, you don’t need to abstain from briefs or other form-fitting undies because of unsolicited medical advice from one of your not-a-doctor buddies.

        4. Your partner doesn’t care what you wear

        A ratty old pair of underwear is a near-universal turn-off. But even if you’re sporting a brand new pair of undies, it doesn’t mean you’re dressed to impress. The right style of men's underwear can flatter your natural body type for those times you’re ready to flaunt your stuff. When you’re feeling confident, your partner will see the difference - and you will, too. 

        5. Visible underwear lines only concern women

        If you’re wearing the wrong kind of underwear, it will show through your pants. And no matter who you are, it’s not a professional look. Tight or thin clothing needs to be worn with the right kind of underwear, or the seams will show through and put a damper on even the most meticulously crafted wardrobe.

        6. The boxers vs. briefs myth

        There’s no hard rule against owning and enjoying multiple styles of men's underwear. Boxers and briefs are only the beginning of the styles and cuts of underwear that are out there to choose from. Boxer briefs have shattered this great debate, and the introduction of other styles like trunks, square cut briefs, and even major improvements to sexier styles like thongs means you have tons of options when it comes to choosing your favorite pair of underwear.

        7. Find one style and stick with it

        There’s no reason you need to limit yourself to one style of men's underwear, and the cut you choose should depend on the day you want to have. Trunks can be great for intense workouts. Boxers are the ultimate choice for a lazy day at home. If you love hitting the trail in super short shorts, you’re going to need a pair of briefs so you can keep your skivvies discreet. And some days, you may want to go with your most seductive option.

        8. You just have to break them in

        You’re thinking of shoes here. Underwear should feel right the moment you put them on, and the best men's underwear will continue to feel good even after it's been washed time and time again. If your underwear doesn't fit right when you first slide them on, there’s no reason to keep going back to them. 

        9. Size doesn’t matter 

        When it comes to shirts and pants, there’s a lot of room for interpretation on whether or not something fits you. Not the case with men's underwear. The wrong size will lead to wedgies, unsightly underwear creases in your skin, support issues, or skin bulges. Too loose, and you risk showing some crack every time you bend over. Too tight, and it can mess with your circulation in an area where blood flow is crucial. 

        10. Wedgies are a fact of life

        At Tommy John, we are committed to creating the perfect pair of men's underwear. And that means an adjustment-free fit that doesn’t bunch, roll or ride up, no matter how active you are each day. That means no more wedgies, and no more digging around in your trousers to set things right. All of our underwear is backed with our no questions asked guarantee: If you don’t love your first pair, we’ll exchange them or refund you in full.



        How the Color of Clothes Affect Your Mood + How to Dress Happy

        Every so often, it’s good to check in with your mental health. And due to today’s climate, it’s more important than ever to be aware of what consumes your mind. If you’ve noticed that you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed (a few days in a row) it might be time to look for simple ways to shift your outlook on life, for the better. 

        From your self-care routine to what you put in your body, we all strive to practice mindfulness in every part of our lives. But did you know what we put on top of our bodies can impact our psyche as well? 

        The Psychology and Therapy of Color

        Clothing has always been a form of self-expression, just look at the impact the fashion industry has had on the world. But clothing and color can also be used as a therapeutic practice to instill positive emotions and help boost your mood. 

        Color therapy (or chromotherapy) is a holistic remedy that uses color and light to treat physical or mental health issues by balancing the body’s energy centers. From treating people with disabilities to those struggling with a mental illness, color therapy has been used in many forms in combating an array of ailments. 

        While color therapy can be used in the form of aromatherapy, meditation, color puncture, and more it dates back to being used in the Ayurvedic healing practice of holistic health. 

        Ayurveda and the 3 Doshas

        Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system—over 5000 years old to be exact—and the practice revolves around the theory of creating balance in the body so it can function optimally. A large part of the Ayurvedic practice is creating balance through diet, herbal treatment, and yoga however wearing specific colored clothing can also bring balance or imbalance to practitioners based on your dosha. 

        In Ayurveda, there are three different doshas made up of different energies (air, ether water, earth, and fire) and each has unique characteristics and intensities that colors can amplify. The three doshas combine in a unique way to make up a person but for the purpose of this post, we will speak to them separately.


        The first dosha is made of water and earth and is known as kapha. The kapha dosha’s heaviness lends structure, solidity, and cohesiveness to all things. The dosha is energized by warm and bold colors plus lavish colors best harmonize with this dosha. 


        Consisting of the elements fire and water, pitta is warmer than vata and has a natural inclination to warmth and aggression. Pitta doshas represent the energy of transformation as they are closely aligned with the fire element. They prefer cold, pale and mild colors as intense bold colors will overload the fire that is Pitta. 


        Consisting of the elements air and ether, the dosha vata is linked to creativity and flexibility. Vata prefers warm and energetic colors but the colors should be soft to not overstimulate the vata’s colder nature. 

        Color Guide: What Colors Should You Wear & Why

        Outside of the Ayurvedic practice, many behavioral specialists believe that colors can have universal impacts on our cognitive function and moods. Studies show that there are similar reactions from different people when it comes to observing different colors. 

        Below are some universal colors and their meaning.


        Trustworthy, wise, tranquil


        Confident, sexy, aggressive


        Sophistication, luxury, creativity


        Energetic, positive, successful


        Inspirational, intelligent 


        Renewal, nature, and energy


        Neutral, conservative


        Strength, seriousness, power


        Goodness, innocence, purity

        As you can see different colors can send different signals to both others and yourself around who you are and what you want. Learn how to use color therapy to increase your chances of getting that promotion at work or cultivating your mental health! 

        What Colors to Wear to the Office: Red, Orange + Blue

         If you’re breaking the glass ceiling opt for a color that says success like orange or red to exude confidence. If you want to come off as wise or experienced wear blue to be seen as trustworthy and balanced. 

        If you’re unsure what color to wear, start by selecting colored business attire that exudes the vibe of the environment or job role you desire.

        What Colors to Wear in Moderation: Grey, Black + White

        By opting for colors like black, white, or grey as accents, you can tone down your bolder colors and come off as more subtle. 

        If you’d like to be perceived as sophisticated yet grounded you might opt for combining colors like purple and grey. Grey alone can be perceived as conservative or emotionless. However, some might use the color to ensure others are focusing on what they have to say or the situation they are in. 

        What Colors to Wear on a Date: Red, Purple + Yellow

        The best colors to wear on a date come down to the traits you want to display or the way you want to feel. If you’re interested in coming across as sexy or elegant opt for colors like red or purple. If you want to appear smart or successful, then you should wear colors like yellow or orange. 

        If you want to exude an emotion or simply give yourself a personal pick me up try wearing colors that encourage you to love what’s under. Rocking your favorite color or expression through the color of underwear or a bra can help you exude confidence wherever you go! 

        Whether you are using color therapy to express yourself or balance your dosha, be mindful of how what you wear can impact your mental health. When possible lean into colors that boost your mood and bring tranquility to the volatile world we are all in. Start slowly by incorporating different colors into your loungewear or underwear to see how color therapy can impact you! 

        Sources: Europlan | Banyan Botanicals | Everyday Health | College Fashion | Bourn Creative | Color Wheel | Power of Positivity 

        Should you try the notorious ball hammock? Here are the pros & cons

        You’ve heard the stories about the underwear that isolates your junk to keep everything in place... but are “ball hammocks” really all they’re cracked up to be? If you’re still not clear on what exactly the ball hammock is, we’ve got your back.

        The ball hammock is a pouch designed in the front of men’s underwear to keep your goods front and center. These can be found in trunks, boxer briefs, and other styles of men's underwear, and they have more than their fair share of enthusiastic fans. If you’re feeling a little hesitant to give it a shot, it’s understandable. Not every groundbreaking innovation is met with enthusiasm. But before you totally write it off, you should consider the benefits of this design. 

        Advantages of the ball hammock

        The ball hammock has a number of surprising advantages, especially for the active crowd. They really shine in the summertime, and you’ll see why:

        Unbeatable support 

        Despite the leisurely sounding name, the ball hammock is great for athletes. The hammock will keep the boys closer to your body so there’s less bouncing when you pick up the pace. That means no more turbulence for your sensitive bits when you’re running, jumping, or taking the stairs. If you’ve ever had to ice down your groin after a game of hoops, you’ll love the extra protection you get from the front pouch. 

        Superior Presentation

        The ball hammock will keep things together so you can look your best when you disrobe. Once you get a glimpse of how great you look in the mirror, sporting undies with ball hammock on a special occasion will feel like a no-brainer. Plus, the pouch will keep your sensitive bits from making a premature appearance. 

        It will banish swamp crotch

        If you struggle with chafing in the summer, it’s time to give the hammock pouch a chance. The hammock will give you lift and separation to keep things from sticking to your thighs. This means you avoid the dreaded “bat-wing” effect and keep your groin cool and dry - even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit at the gym. 

        No more sharing space with your legs

        Once the jewels are safely nestled in the hammock, you’ll enjoy some extra legroom in your undies. The legs of your undies will finally be reserved for nothing but your legs. Stretching, squatting, and jumping will be much simpler when everything stays where it belongs. 

        Disadvantages of the ball hammock 

        For some people, there are a few drawbacks of this style worth mentioning. 

        It takes some getting used to 

        Not everyone will fall in love with the ball hammock from the get-go. It may take a few days before you truly notice how much of a difference the added support and protection make. Once you can make it through a day of work without having to adjust yourself, you’ll start to see just how valuable they can be. 

        The bulge effect

        If you prefer a tighter fit in your pants, the ball hammock might take some getting used to. That’s because this men's underwear feature can create a more noticeable bulge effect. If that’s not your style or if you’re simply looking for something more modest at work, you may want to save these undies for the weekend or opt for looser pants to work in. 

        One size may not fit all

        The ball hammock is designed to fit most men, but everyone is different. The hammock may sit too high or low for the size of undies that fit you best, and some people may find the pouch a bit too snug or loose to get the support they need. For most people, moving a size up or down will work in these instances - but ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and a ball hammock may not just be the right cut for you.

        Tommy John’s Risk-free guarantee

        Tommy John has designed a ball hammock that will make suiting up all the sweeter in the heat of the summer. The cozy, breathable air mesh pouch will give your boys the relaxing day they deserve. Choose from boxer briefs or trunks, and then select a fabric type - Cool Cotton, Second Skin, or 360 Sport. This range of styles and materials means you’ll always have the perfect pair of skivvies on hand, from everyday wear to sports underwear.

        If you’re still on the fence, there’s only one way to find out whether or not you’ll become a ball hammock devotee. Tommy John offers a no-hassle guarantee so you can have some first-hand experience with the best ball hammock on the market. We want you to love your men's underwear, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the first pair you try, it’s on the house.

        5 reasons guys go nuts for ball hammock undies

        “Tough it out,” is bad advice in almost every situation. But it’s especially unacceptable in the underwear drawer. If your current skivvies are squeezing, tugging, or chafing your stuff, there’s a simple solution: the ball hammock. 

        The ball hammock is a special pouch in your underwear that’s like a cozy nest for your boys. When you put on your underwear in the morning, you make sure everything is tucked away nicely in the ball hammock to keep them off your thighs. If you’re feeling too macho for that kind of pampering, hear us out!

        The ball hammock can help you embrace your sensitive side by hugging your vulnerable bits and providing extra protection right where you need it most. So let’s take a closer look at why so many men are jumping on board with ball hammock undies. 

        1. They’re a major confidence boost

        When you’re dressed to impress, you don’t want to forget about the bottom layer. Think about it - you wouldn’t wear a shirt that didn’t flatter your assets, so why wouldn’t you want your underwear to help you put your best side forward? 

        The ball hammock will help keep everything front and center for a more impressive display when it’s time to ditch your pants. Just think about the perfect birthday present - it’s a lot more fun to open when it’s packaged nicely.  

        2. Support like you’ve never felt

        There’s a reason women love their sports bras - too much bouncing can be painful when you’re working out. But breasts aren’t the only sensitive body parts that bounce, and the ball hammock will help you keep everything in place during your daily hustle. Plus, it makes a trip to the bathroom a lot easier when you don’t have to rummage.

        Ball ache is a painful problem for runners, but the ball hammock is an easy fix. It will bring your boys closer to your body and keep them secure so there’s a lot less jostling. Size matters a lot here, so you need to make sure you buy men's underwear that fits snugly but not too tight. If you aren't sure of your hip size, explore our underwear size chart for measuring tips.

        3. They’re the ultimate weapon against swamp crotch

        Things turn ugly quick once you’re dealing with excess sweat. Sticking and chaffing can make it difficult to enjoy something as easy as a walk in the park. The ball hammock will provide an extra layer of moisture-wicking fabric to prevent unwanted skin on skin contact from creating unnecessary friction throughout your day. 

        Of course, it’s not just the chafing that gives swamp crotch a bad name. The smell can be equally heinous, especially for the people you’re closest to. There are plenty of odor-causing microbes that love the warm, moist conditions found in a sweaty pair of men's underwear

        4. You’ll have extra leg room 

        We all have that one friend who can’t keep his car clean, and trying to get comfortable with all that extra junk on the floorboard is a real pain. More space means more comfort, right? Well, the ball hammock works on the same principle. Keeping your junk where it belongs means your legs don’t have to share the space with uninvited guests.

        This means you won’t have to improvise any dance moves to disguise your attempt to free up your thighs when you're on the go. (And you’re probably not as discreet as you imagine, so this one is for everyone’s benefit.)

        5. It’s like personal AC in your shorts

        Humans are designed to sweat when it gets hot because of evaporative cooling. When water turns into vapor, it takes excess heat along with it and leaves your skin feeling cooler. It might seem counterintuitive, but the additional fabric in the hammock pouch can give your body’s natural cooling system a big boost. 

        The extra, Air Mesh material in the pouch keeps your goods snuggly nestled away from the rest of your skin so the sweat can evaporate easily, and the moisture wicking fabric can speed this process up significantly by drawing up excess water away from your skin. That means when you’re rocking the ball hammock you can beat the heat and look good while you do it. 

        The bottom line

        Tommy John designed the ball hammock with the same commitment to form, function, and fit that drives all of our men's underwear styles. That means an adjustment-free experience throughout the day. No more picking wedgies or rolling waistbands - these undies will stay in place as you bend, move, stretch, or sit. 

        Our innovative hammock pouch is made from a lightweight Air Mesh to give you unrivaled comfort and breathability for just the right amount of lift and support. And it’s available in two styles - boxer briefs or trunks. Think we’re full of it? Give it a try, and if you’re not convinced, your first pair is on us.

        Mid-length boxer brief vs. trunks: Which do you need?

        At a casual glance, mid-length boxer briefs and trunks may not look that different. Both are form-fitting shorts that provide a lot more support than the classic boxers. Both offer some extra coverage and protection from chaffing, compared to classic briefs.  

        But once you put them on, you’ll start to see the subtle differences. Trunks are notably shorter than mid-length briefs and will have a more square shape on your body. Mid-length boxer briefs, on the other hand, are longer and offer more coverage, and they are more rectangular in appearance. 

        So how can you tell which pair of underwear you should be wearing? There is plenty to consider before you make a decision. 

        What are you wearing on top?

        If you like low rise pants or short shorts, then consider wearing trunks. The thinner waistband and shorter legs will stay hidden under your more revealing clothing choices. If you’re wearing thick denim, stiff dress pants, or itchy fabric, boxer briefs will do a much better job protecting your thighs from chaffing and other issues. 

        Body type makes a difference

        Your body type will play a role in how well your undies fit you. Mid-length boxer briefs are cut to end past the thickest part of your legs. This makes boxer briefs a better fit for many taller guys with thicker legs. But if you are on the shorter side or you have slim legs, boxer briefs may be a little loose around your legs, and trunks are more likely to give you a snug, comfortable fit.

        There’s another factor to consider here. If you have a square-shaped posterior, boxer briefs can add a little shape for a more flattering look. If you have a rounder rear, trunks will be more suitable for showing off what you have. Ultimately, it’s about what looks right to you when you look in the mirror. 

        Check the weather

        Plenty of people can wear trunks and mid-length boxers without any issues, year-round. But when it’s cold outside, the mid-length boxer brief has more fabric to keep you warm. On the flip side, come summertime, less fabric means you stay a little cooler - especially if you’re going to be exercising or lounging in the sun. But there’s a little more to it than the cut.

        When it does get hot, the last thing you want is a pair of underwear that holds water instead of moving it away from your skin. Moisture-wicking fabric will keep your skin dry and help fight off the summertime crotch smells that plague lockers rooms once things heat up. As the water evaporates, it will keep you cool where you need it most and you can avoid heat rash and other uncomfortable side effects of sweat. So whichever underwear style cut you choose, make sure your skivvies use high-tech fabric that keeps you cool and dry.

        The modesty factor

        On special occasions, you may want to dress to impress - even down to your skivvies. It’s important to choose the pair of underwear that gives you the confidence you need to feel relaxed in a state of repose. The close fit of both trunks and mid-length boxer briefs gives your rump a boost and streamlines things so you can look great, no matter what your body type is. But there is one key difference. 

        The mid-length boxer brief offers a little extra coverage on your thighs for those who prefer to cover up more. If you’re feeling a little bolder and prefer to show off your natural beauty, the shorter length of the trunks is a much flashier choice. 

        Find what feels right

        If you’re like most men, you probably haven’t given much thought to your underwear since back in grade school. But take it from us - there are plenty of reasons to branch out, and different cuts all have their time and place. Your underwear should look and feel great, you owe it to yourself to find the kind you can look forward to putting on each day. 

        In fact, there’s no need to declare your loyalty to a single style of underwear! There are plenty of occasions that call for different types of skivvies. There’s nothing quite as cozy as relaxing on the couch in a pair of boxer shorts, and you can’t find better support for high-intensity exercise than briefs.

        No matter what the occasion, Tommy John has your back. All of our men's underwear is designed to be adjustment-free, so you’ll never have to deal with bunched fabric or chronic wedgies. And we love to encourage a little experimentation - so if you aren’t satisfied the first time you try a pair of our underwear, you can exchange it or get a full refund, no questions asked, with our risk-free guarantee.



        Happy medium: 5 reasons mid-length boxer briefs are essential

        Compromise. Not everyone likes the sound of that word. Doesn’t that mean you have to give something up? 

        Not when it comes to underwear. The mid-length boxer brief has arrived - and it’s clear proof that meeting in the middle doesn’t mean you’re losing out. These boxer briefs are cut a couple of inches shorter than the standard boxer brief, for those times when a little less can mean a whole lot more.

        Here are 5 things that prove these undies are a must-have item for your top drawer:

        1. They keep you cooler

        When things heat up, less fabric means more cool air can reach your skin. But then again, too little fabric may lead to chafing, especially if you favor skinny jeans. The mid-length boxer brief is the best of both worlds - no chafing thighs, but plenty of airflow

        Of course, some fabrics are much better at helping you keep cool than others. Tommy John’s Cool Cotton collection is made with a moisture-wicking cotton blend that dries faster than standard cotton. That means superior breathability to help you stay cool on hot days. 

        2. They won’t show under your gym shorts

        There’s no denying that boxer briefs can provide the protection and support you need at the gym. But no one wants to see your underwear peeking out of the legs of your work-out trunks. That’s where mid-length boxer briefs come in handy. 

        The shorter cut lets them stay hidden as you bounce, lunge, or stretch during your workout. You won’t have to sacrifice support, and you’ll still have ample protection from chafing while you move. The low-rise cut also means you won’t have to worry about them showing when you bend over. 

        Of course, the gym isn’t the only place you might want to rock shorter shorts. If you’re braving the summer heat with some old-school denim cut-offs, mid-length boxer briefs are perfect for all the same reasons.

        3. They’re less restrictive

        Whether you're running, stretching, or playing a game of basketball, the mid-length boxer brief will let you bend and flex without ever hindering your movement. This is especially beneficial for people with shorter legs. Think about it - longer-cut boxers simply have more fabric extending down your thigh. When you move and bend, that fabric can drag against your skin, giving you unwanted friction and resistance.

        Mid-rise boxer briefs will never hold you back when you need to hustle, and the support they provide your sensitive bits will keep you confident on the move. (After all, how well can you hoop if you’re worried about getting squeezed and pinched?)

        4. They lengthen your leg

        We all want to look good in our undies. (And hey, even if you’re not planning on stripping down with anyone, it never hurts to be prepared.) When aesthetics are a priority, the shorter cut of mid-length boxer briefs can be perfect. They create the appearance of longer legs by showing off a little bit of extra thigh. On top of that, you still get the flattering boost to your rump you’d expect from standard cut boxer briefs. 

        Mid-length boxer briefs will give you the confidence you need to strut your stuff without feeling self-conscious. If you don’t own a pair of undies you can feel good about showing off, it’s time to retire some of those older pairs and make an investment in your style.

        5. You won’t have to worry about underwear lines

        Visible underwear lines can be a problem for anyone. It’s hard to pull off a professional look when people can see your underwear through your pants. And even if you’re dressed more casually (i.e. on a date), you probably don’t want to show off your skivvies through those tight slacks or jeans. 

        This is another scenario where mid-length boxer briefs shine. They provide you the coverage and support of boxers without the extra fabric that can show through your clothing. 

        These form-fitting undies will keep everything nestled in place and won’t bunch up as you sit or stand throughout the day. That means you can wear tight dress pants, skinny jeans, and other form-fitting clothing without everyone seeing your underwear lines. 

        World-class undies for world-class dudes

        Your underwear is the first thing you put on each day, yet so many people treat it like an afterthought. At Tommy John, we craft underwear to meet the highest standards of form, fit, and comfort, so you can feel good about your first layer.

        That means no wedgies, and no mid-day adjustments to keep everything in place. And of course, they feel luxurious on your skin. Our mid-length boxer briefs are just the latest in our line of groundbreaking men’s underwear styles. Sound too good to be true? Give it a try, and if you aren’t 100% on board the first pair is on us.