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Men's Pants and Shorts

Every man needs a few solid pairs of comfortable pants and shorts. Whether you're playing sports or lounging around the house, you're going to want bottoms that stretch with you and offer the perfect fit day in and day out.

At Tommy John, comfort has always been our number one priority. That's why we've created a complete collection of men's pants and shorts that are made from the most comfortable fabrics. Our breathable, stretch material moves with your body, keeping you cozy and comfortable day in and day out. We also offer a variety of different styles ranging from casual to formal, making it easy for you to stock up on all your favorite essentials. 

Men’s Pants, Shorts, & Joggers

There’s nothing more comfortable than a good pair of joggers. Whether you’re working out or lounging, every man should have cozy joggers in their closet. Our jogger pants are made from quick-dry fibers and innovative 4-way stretch material that will keep you cool and styling from day to night. They also have moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology so you can feel your best at all times. 

Next in our arsenal of comfortable men’s pants are our Go Anywhere® Everyday Tech Pant. You spend hours in the office, so why not wear comfortable clothing to make the day easier? At Tommy John, we’ve created the perfect work pant that’s stylish, professional, and impressively comfortable. 

When it’s time to slip off those work pants and relax for the night, throw on our Go Anywhere® Quick Dry Shorts. These stylish shorts are perfect for everyday wear. Made with our signature quick-dry fibers and 4-way stretch technology, these bottoms are the perfect piece of clothing for chilling and relaxing.

Haven't found the perfect fit yet? Our men's pants and shorts collection comes in a variety of different fabrics and styles so you can find the perfect piece of clothing for your wardrobe. Shop our pants and shorts for men today to experience superior comfort and style.