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Women's Bras

Tommy John Bras and Bralettes are the most comfortable on the planet. Soft, breathable, supportive and stretchy fabrics ensure comfort all day. No more slipping straps, no more pinching or bunching, just all day comfort. T-shirt bras, wireless bras, hardware-free bralettes—no matter the style of bra you need we have you covered with all the support you could want. Demi bras, triangle bras and scoop neck bralettes come packed with innovative features like Built-In Power Mesh for lift and stabilization, extended plush back clasps for fit flexibility, that are perfect for daily wear, and even breathable perforated cup liners to guarantee against boob sweat. Cool Cotton bras and Second Skin bras give you all the options for support you could ever need, these are bras and bralettes that truly go from day to night and work with office outfits and evening outfits.


Why should I invest in a Tommy John Bra or What does Tommy John know about bras? 
Wearing a bra can be more supportive and comfortable, both physically and emotionally. Thankfully Tommy John makes the most comfortable Bras on the planet, so whatever Bra or Bralette you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. 

What types of Bras does Tommy John offer?
All of our bras are so comfortable and can be worn every day - but there are many options to choose from, depending on your preference or the outfit you’re going to wear. Some of our Bralettes slip over the head, still providing the support you need but with extra comfort because there’s no hardwear to irritate your skin. 

How are bras supposed to fit?
When wearing a bra, making sure all levels of support are present is a #1 priority. No gaping cups, no pinching bands, and no slipping straps, ever. Our Bras are made with Fit Flexibility, that means the fabric stretches to accommodate any fluctuation in size that may occur during the month. But don’t worry, they always go back to their original shape, keeping you completely comfortable and supported. 

How do I care for my bras?
Always hand wash in cold water. Hang them to let them air dry. Never put them in the washing machine, or the dryer, no matter how tempting and easy it may seem.

How to get my lingerie to last longer? 
Store - Lay flat in a drawer, and if multiple, be sure to lay / align cups so not to crush or damage the pads - this will allow the bra to maintain its intended shape.
Wash - yes, wash them! By hand! Recommend every 4-5 wears. 
Rotate - give it a rest, change the bra you’re wearing to give your bra and the fabric some recovery time. 
Replace - every 4-6 months...

How to measure for bras?
We recommend choosing the size you typically wear in other brands, but you can certainly verify your size by measuring your band and cup size. First, figure out your band size by taking a snug measurement around your rib cage directly under your bust. Then, find your cup size by measuring around the fullest part of your bust. Be sure to round up numerically and use the Tommy John fit guide to validate your size. If you need more help, check out our helpful guide using bra sister sizes.

Still unsure? Use our reliable bra size chart to find the perfect fit. Or, reach out to one of our bra fit experts, who are always available on live chat, or by phone to guide you through the proper fit process.