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Smart Fabrics

Here's how our proprietary fabrics keep you comfortable in any eventuality.

  • Cool

    Designed for Daily Wear.

    Our Cool Cotton collection uses an exclusive, breathable smart fabric that wicks away moisture to dry fast and cool quickly. Less sweat, more confidence.
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    Cool Image

    Cool Benefits and Features

    • Breathable, lightweight
    • Cotton stretch fabric
    • Keeps you 2–3x cooler than normal cotton
    • Dries 4–5x faster than normal cotton
    Cool Image
  • Soft

    Designed for Daily Wear.

    Constructed from an exclusive, non-pilling micro modal fabric that’s sourced from Beechwood trees. So soft and luxurious it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all.
    Shop Second Skin
    Soft Image

    Soft Benefits and Features

    • Silky, luxe
    • Micro modal stretch fabric
    • Non-pilling
    Soft Image
  • Light

    Designed for Daily Wear + Travel.

    Minimal weight and maximum breathability make our Air selections essential for frequent fliers. Our quick dry technology allows for items to be rinsed in a sink and worn again in less than 4 hours. The perfect travel companion that truly respects your personal space.
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    Light Image

    Light Benefits and Features

    • Futuristic, lightweight
    • Mesh stretch fabric
    • Quick Dry + Durable
    • Anti-microbial + Anti-odor technology
    Light Image
  • Move

    Designed for the Gym + Performance.

    Our 360 stretch fabric ensures your underwear won’t ride up when you work out, but still remains supportive in all the right places. Mesh cooling zones, anti-microbial and anti-odor technology keep you dry and fresh.
    Shop 360 Sport
    Move Image

    Move Benefits and Features

    • Soft, moisture wicking
    • 360 stretch fabric
    • Mesh cooling zones
    • Anti-microbial + Anti-odor technology
    Move Image