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Men's Underwear

Select from our 6 styles.
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Men's Underwear Air

Feather light, feature
packed & luxuriously soft.

Air Mesh Boxer Brief


Air Mesh Trunk


Men's Underwear Second Skin

Superior softness via
skin-friendly natural fibers.

Second Skin Boxer Brief


Second Skin Trunk


Second Skin Trunk, Luxe Rib


Second Skin Square Cut


Second Skin Relaxed Fit Boxer


Second Skin Brief 2.0


Second Skin Boxer Brief, Fall Stripe


Second Skin Trunk, Fall Stripe


Second Skin Trunk, Fall Print


Men's Second Skin Trunk Mystery 5 Pack

$160.00 $136.00

Men's Second Skin Trunk Mystery 3 Pack

$96.00 $86.00

Men's Underwear Cool Cotton

A cooling smart-fabric made
of natural Pima cotton mix.

Cool Cotton Boxer Brief


Cool Cotton Square Cut


Cool Cotton Trunk


Cool Cotton Trunk, Fall Stripe


Cool Cotton Relaxed Fit Boxer


Cool Cotton Brief 2.0